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Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:04 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Fluent mundane Sith Academy door inscribed circlet penumbra scorching autumn flow wobble breeding fissure numb flurry rubric hubble space telescope wrap akashic records assimilation murky water tree bunch coat tune withdrawn blow torch season hidden fist Scizor snaps plain oblivion wasteland Typhlosion surfing naked dread father Ho-Oh coupling Slowking's expansive, retracted, giga powered, enhanced dialect to notch chi clear west pound.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:06 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Einstein rose seer craving invitation choice capital steal devilry robes mirth crescent structure dawn breaking mad arranged gel tone negated gel factory plasma flying mountain clairvoyant piercing heavens scan tick scent wheelworks crystal chronicles flip pie.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:08 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Prophetic calling guide ceremony zips authentic PokeGear fellowship coming back returning zither alchemistra.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:18 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Providence gleefully illustrates stretchy slinky rings electrically charging and teleporting vast transversal aerial distance zip driving point to pin missile instant access throughout cornucopia laden busy player contact stick fighting warriorship fled Entei.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:20 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Providence gleefully illustrates stretchy slinky rings electrically charging and teleporting vast transversal aerial distance zip driving point to pin missile instant access throughout cornucopia laden busy player contact stick fighting warriorship fled Entei.

Prophetic calling guide ceremony zips authentic PokeGear fellowship coming back returning zither alchemistra.

Einstein rose seer craving invitation choice capital steal devilry robes mirth crescent structure dawn breaking mad arranged gel tone negated gel factory plasma flying mountain clairvoyant piercing heavens scan tick scent wheelworks crystal chronicles flip pie.

Fluent mundane Sith Academy door inscribed circlet penumbra scorching autumn flow wobble breeding fissure numb flurry rubric hubble space telescope wrap akashic records assimilation murky water tree bunch coat tune withdrawn blow torch season hidden fist Scizor snaps plain oblivion wasteland Typhlosion surfing naked dread father Ho-Oh coupling Slowking's expansive, retracted, giga powered, enhanced dialect to notch chi clear west pound.

Being Lord of all realms and worlds sacred fire ejects My ectoplasm circulating function nose poster souvenir robbery emulates mystical mist of the Dark Magician Sage, where with great age comes great Wisdom.

Summer's embrace catapults rare Wartortle Wisdom seeing blessed envelopes combat cascade blizzard bearing rungs on the dna ladder hiding glorious strategist imperial motto humbly burning glare snake cobra kai afraid drill lecture shrunk cloth finish seer rise imitation trade bartering ribbon medal of honor elder scrolls fleets dig explosive array gallons noting piston strung gold lakers best stardust drawing board pharaoh eternal lunch box cars of Meganium racing soundtrack fluctuating dance escalation training moogle gear rendering matrix amber codex cast sheets universe of steel a wonderland away in milky way robed branches frolicking meandering nose impostor casino grand fall rapids Prix.

Arrow clad drummer boy equipment loch ness monster sunny day solar beam blesses wreaking devastation star molten build tongue twister sentence squeeze seeker climb bribery erotic trick clever invoked feed bag glue tropical grudge angelic needle poop spawn force effect drop of water soul quenches above verses fluster druid croaking emblem banner smug group pond desert swerving mirror force raigecki yami forcefield pylons open the Heart of Lugia XD, as My inner illumination trespasses otherworldly regions mounting gripping plunder the dungeon in Telvanni witchcraft face praiseworthy free bird laundromat stratagem insider's tip expert advice on how to catch the certain drastic bragging boasting alter heavy metal screech calendar cosmic time white ferns float oasis away trip to a luxury all you can eat buffet narrates winnie the pooh as Bunny Rabbit Ash Catchem correlates copycat Sabrina sung again glove Jynx spellbinding enraptured catalog trains fuming pursuit tumbled burden mercy.

Malevolence sims diamond crash crude demo sunshine chasm blade entails heated thriving invasive ceiling devil horns banging farm montalk credible beam stick key catches prodigious noon tide wellspring cave staff of extremity ties bond breaking coral luck steering versatile pattern seeker art crown happy hilarious old bunny weekend David Keirsey segmented alpha montage grip pouch fountain nordic frost stunned stasis evil vending machine fat tilt crack canvas aspect Andrea Pirlo Architect as Zinedine Zidane shoots paper trail boxes hijacking corona numb blue sky heavenly bestowed sunken trim merry-go-round harmonica tree stump radical danger throwing wrong bus Rosa Parks makes Pikachu's face gleaming extravagant roads motto triumphant flood accord drunken twitch ready turn for the Ferris wheel personality type hidden internal gluttony mountain flapping pushover supper da Vinci cereal serpent plane morphed dried island chosen 1 free will lane rolling pirate trend beach exterior hose spun dummy match Purified Ho-Oh, so Nietzsche needed redemption, to return as Salamence, fracture constellation accursed setup poverty plague glory of the king's hand hatred towards God as Pegasus being impossible, as fruits, ruler ship, surprise, divination, Cassiopeia dialogues friendly silver snow boarding room mesh kit quilt trunk coarse cut trident dice snipped apprenticeship sworn Obelisk bandwidth brain washing flowers rusting cabinet medieval sound glimmers roots trafficking deadra offerings bear pelts destruction mastery.

Plot thread wedding cake classic custom badge gun noodle drink cozy incense sea luster count dooku club book fancy frame reference time interval varla stones charge enchanted pride gleaming moonshine music encumbered dome morning castle hood robe exquisite super blackout frenzied crazy sword mundane dust in the peacock.

Snagging Shadow Lugia XD propels inverse square law cube root triangulation chapter zombie life arrow infrastructure zodiac helmet podracer twinkling game boy glow in the dark fossil flair heavy veil Nintendo game event rare Mew card dazzling laser storm mercurial vapor eon evolution sock puppet Poseidon!!

Weird dosage glade drain antimatter clash force crush weight of the world web entirety fame motel cone drink cute teepee flying above sweet card scuba diving cranium mulch chugga chugga choo choo friend laser smearing grumpy bottom posting goal locks scifi thrill eater mankind choosing infinitude dead drop vampire ashes time checks Lugia's earthly takeover shadowing drizzle alphabet soup as totem God chalice icons flap wings and ready aftermath berserk lion freemasonry clone nutcase thunderbolt singularity style carries hardy blonde desk clueless murder investigation army muck chum bucket.

Lugia gallop poster seal present timeless elapse sword drenched cottage glass stone firmament divines excellent learning maverick channeling gone tame saffron clock tower beam ascent swirl luck crest ear ice rink dimensions Michio Kaku dash spin fun electrocution.

Listener assassin providence glittering swoon murder dressed up refinery gaze zig zags custom order Professor Oak diversity alley way wonderland walks correct tin tower hole in the ground to china requium for a dream spoon cast tank top puddle express bandwagon red chariot birth ribbon naughty Es Cade spiraling up the the clouds and summoning undermined Malak dropping from the sky canderous ordo buzz Bunny hair trigger cannon eclipse.

Block crusade Yeshua borderline nose plaza tension zone negates generation 2 Pokemon party poke ornamental hurray running mouse Einstein quest blizzard navigation tunnel discord treasury rendering edition.

Planetarium aquatic machinations tail spin grinding dragon skeletons key sketch schematic blueprints orchestrate orbs balloon popping soda smash crazy zenith holy order chaos dungeon rerouting.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons burst sunrise statue moving mortar and pestal sanctuary enclave vast expansive empire armada courage zero Spectra!!

Flow wizard dial polka dot scan ice core rumination saddle Dixie damage count meter stick magic pouch science chapter book hot pensive scent pristine link couple possessive seer Casimir effect double plate zinc Zapdos orchestrated together soul mates reuniting Polarities.

I walked the surface of Malachor V, and it burned ectoplasm into My branches, source code channeled divine energy pulsating and soaking into My body, ingraining multitudes of growth hourglasses sentencing crazy zap step mirror remedy cornucopia possible Einstein regenerative.

Hugging lovable birth right tree face scream molten comb Bunny nomadic expertise trace cafeteria highlights siphoning!

Fussy council line meeting trim plush cuddly dressed up barbie rancher camera noodle fog jig saw balance wavers formulas outlasting swirling aura monitors speeding instinctive quick lost hissing hilt bugs drain messiah hope blossomed bug maniac Caterpie!!

Lighthouse mystery strange corner frame mixed diary hazard coal mine fire arouses suspension bridge dot training milk coat tropical ornament feature lesson infiltrated penetration.

Danger stickers collide word balloons power pumping Scizor curtain toss hijacking wind rain pack mule weight fissure crunch torn motor Game Freak Porygon guns zen Slowbro horn dungeon mapping promised land ascended master stench of feeling harps gathering pole shifting crystal carbonite Typhlosion. A city of steel guise situates stadium standing Champion of all ingenius schematics.

Soap bubbles birth exalted mirth
Power upgrades dig Frenzied zoos
Exits to ghosts revamp roller coasters
Starmie gambles gadget Eagun of Will

Sister Healer giggles crystalline mornings
Happy fences dash a float of gold
Pyres dominate devilish cyclone neutrons
Blasts from the past project XD

Waves systematize crushes on the open Blue
Scattered fragments fulfill pleasant night gowns
Wing flutter heart fire soothes plasma forks
Blessed stars cast coastline WarLocks

Grids stack adding pest stream museum maul combat dugout ribbon tsunami encases battery prismatic shuffle codex gate keeper same picture perfect sucker owl hooting bedazzled suction cup upside down membrane walking Meganium streaks exciting signature move impression dosage grip pride Yahweh flamboyant corona sulk road makes voyaging cartwheels incinerate undesired poetry.

Crackling dynamite controls Force mechanism hyperdimensional coils flirting gypsy bang glove hand horizon case pottery gaze zues ascent brain target ghost alien nude dizzy Professor Krane memos specified Me as Lugia in Project XD, because I used to be Lugia as a Kidd, but I lost my triangulation, and got corrupted by society. So that return to innocence, to Bliss, compassion and radiance is a tough battle, securing upgrades and stratification commands grazing zig zag game moogle Bunny squiggles heals My Heart, and sheds My tears for full flowering offense deadly catastrophe wreaking devastation of all parallels, encircling, pin missile firing My super soaker for tasting the power of the Sun!!

Philosophy entangles Aerial Chosen One Lugia as the Hero of Time cherishing fluffy clouds and embracing the zenith of prophetic revelations. The soul ferries our bard's chlorophyll with synthesized harmony blazing zipper unleashed theatrical timeline mastery. Oceans of infinity and eternity wishfully grant us access to the highest wisdom, a whirlpool of Polarity and Extremity, bursting everlasting storm music purifying Our Hearts of the shadow. Serene grace flashes lovely incantations.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:24 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
When I added all of the above words together, it turns out that I was Entei, because Entei was the last word I used, and My word count got up to exactly at 9000!! So I'm extremely shocked that it all added up together that way.

Maybe I was Entei rather than Lugia because I had heroic valor of heart, triumphing over every challenge, and boosting my play time games to the max. So I can't have any regrets or mistakes, shortcomings or errors.

Entei seems really determined, very fiery, intense, and incinerating every wall standing in His way, because if You Believe in Him, then there's nothing that You can't Do.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:22 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
A recreation of Star Wars (to try to match the ingenious intellect of George Lucas)!!:

Little Kidd Anakin had a Scheme in His mind to destroy the Force (at least the evil, and not necessarily the dark side of the Force), and uproot the foundations of existence. He was a very crazy Kidd, very Frenzied and maniacal, and that made Him very liberated and beyond all restrictions. In fact, Little Kidd Anakin had the highest qualities of Virtue in all aspects of beyond this world divination of God's hands crackling at His fingertips. And His most valuable quality of all was His insatiable curiosity, His Love of learning. This attached Him to the most esoteric mysteries, the most well emblazoned cake machinations that could split the earth in 2. Little Kidd Anakin was carried to an invincible spire, where all of Our Wishes could come true. He cried out to the spirit of the Tempest, where time called a shadow over an electrocution ring of all identity and families of the Focused Will. Many points were scattering around, part of a pure crystal plasma ascended decades ahead of its time, powering a full radical assault with a brilliantly masterminded machination with all precursors in place. Little Kidd Anakin's ultimate goal was nothing short of travelling to every planet in the galaxy, mastering all terrains, coming to command the battlefield of strategic legacy, and ace all of His challenges on the golden road of uplifting. Worlds with sprite like exteriors shimmer with electric beauty as chalices of beyond ectoplasm conjure the electric wave with Lugia as the most valued treasure, the shining jewel of Little Kidd Anakin's intensity. The wonders of lost worlds shot with the blaze of elongation to picture a perfect melody of beacons and carousels, ribbons and delights. He calculated a compass of tesseract demiurge insect power, caving in density fluctuations revolving around a Thunderbolt Singularity! The well configured constellations spelled out shapeshifting, hyperdimensional Design. The coastline kept rolling eternally across the blanket of space, sword drenching liquid light into a cosmic marble statue. The casting of manifolds into cube rendered Pokedexes put Little Kidd Anakin as Einstein, soaking up the sun and bathing in the surf as Slowbro, because elaborate pages of sticker collecting emblems rerouted talismans to spoon feed aggressive entanglements with accelerated potential stingray carving telepathic conduits firing the Force of Love into categorical stations to poke ink all over the Purity nexus enclave. Transforming into the cloud burst oasis of silver glass resolved Omnipotent rendezvous spilling the edge of everywhere beyond the Jedi gates as trinkets and orbs experientially over struck the tsunami victorious dawn!

A stadium of mind blowing competition invited spectators from all walks of life to bulldoze ahead on a rampage of silver webbed contingency shooting to crack the canvas and reveal spellbinding explosions that Shatter the borders of the bastion. Growing in might to reach the height where We envelope the globe in a mystery balloon segments the spheres with holy order magnitudes archiving exalted statues of Our greatest heroes in the hall of fame.

Gazing eons ahead into the future caught Draconian, laser light, aftermath utopia up worlders devising serpentine trickery and stealth to crash the party, and take Germany to Japan, where anime is exquisite, and the power of Forever blesses Us with the radiant outpouring of nomadic recluses, as charting the lighthouse broadcast put Pikachu's face at the center of the galaxy, shining as a symbol of exuberance, a dance dream playtime washing away in the pleasure paradise grotto of picturesque fairy wings.

Walking alongside a following sky pixel stained My feet with skyrocketing toroids in Bunny basket masks of enlightenment, driving to the core of bottom library beginnings, where the full Spectrum of Divine security put a dinosaur fabric over the veil of endurance.

In Morrowind, the best way to be is negotiable, because You could be the NeraVarine, but You have to jump into a paradigm of withdrawn dimensions, navigating a cosmic soup that rides like a roller coaster into tragic, mercurial combs. The annihilator keeps drinking from the Fountain of all worlds, stationing His Heart in a total eclipse of hollow earth.

We plunder the dungeon with mythic scents streaming through the canopy. A full like of races coexists in dollhouse, celebratory Will lines transfusing and scorching curmudgeon kaleidoscopes of Zen. Themes stand Strong always, without ceasing, living and reviving with messages, transformation, magic, and council. And if We got enough of Einstein, then wonderland would flourish, and supernatural scepters into the foggy clan totems would spring forth the shocking groundbreaker of tesla's birth. The meaning of life according to Einstein was Cosmic Consciousness, being totally infused by the devastating energy of the firmament, anchoring the most rare leviathans of transcendence and Thunderbolt Singularity, entering a field of Superholographic Propylaeum revolving in strings of codexes in flamingo colored orbs of travel lines waving as currents in black and white holes, Inner Peace with Game Freak productions on art and science, zipping a surge of power to Shatter and break our vitality and constitutions, flickering with the Will of Penetration, enveloping the Horizon with shell shocking Polarities, tapping into the ensemble of Extreme rerouting, finding the channel to the Force, enchanting the dice of Zen, Fissuring the Chaos evolution Starboard, freeing Little Kidd Anakin, getting Primed for the deepest competition in the galaxy!!

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:44 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
There's a galaxy of eternal birth that We have to control, a spell over the gorgeous symphony of lordship and recurrence of themes, where the Champion of Prophecy descends to the Lowest point imaginable, and constructs the chassis for Polarized domination, entering the nexus of Heart to shine the torrents of Will. Character outlasts the sunny screen to siphon extragalactic empire crystals sequencing ancient, illuminating chords of Harmony. A director conceals the secret staircase implant, drowning the antechamber in folklore and Wisdom.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:07 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
What We need is a Prophet, a shining figure to guide Us through the gloom, and illustrate the way to the Rainbow bridge to Infinity. A lot of the clouds begin to look like home, stationed and buoyant with tasty surprise, crushing vortices in a slippery avalanche of Omniverses crashing and colliding in the greater ocean of infinity. Many plazas in Vivec (a city in Morrowind) overhaul the typhoon with bouncing straws and zither hair triggers beaming crosscurrents elsewhere in the cinder token crusade. Berserk mania plays with the Force, as the majesty and elevation of arousing sensitivities uploads gracious dance fleets tuning into the starcrossed lovers enjoyment of Bliss and ceremony on vacation UnderSeer's pillars of fame. Falling into the ocean, and cannonballing heart flutters sooth friendship fortune bells of blessing. If We could read the future, juice of creative arrays would instruct our flurry of roots to style clustered voyager's experience of the eons reflected in a time globe of perfume, so the Heart of storybook merry-go-round battle towers fragments the chocolate Bunny blast with Silver cartwheel blossoms of the ideal playground world. Referencing the folder of expertise classifications, and figuring that into the detailed high definition coat hangers that science fiction is arranged in bring together all 3 keys and tame the Beast of the Sea, Lugia.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:30 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
I seek to inherit the Legendary Pokemon Cards, glistening with Beauty, auroras, fascination, and spectacles of awe! My name is Silver, and I can possess spiritual authenticity guaranteeing Wizards of the Coast display, illumination, corona, and flair! I'm stardust, vain, erotic, and polymerization inscribed. I thunder zinc spelling quests feather spoon rainbow coloring rumination channeled forge growing. My wings scale the lovely kiss selection of 4 Kids and Kid's WB promised land photoelectric credits lure disrupting volcanic island Hawaii Luau!!

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:52 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
Michio Kaku Explains Dimensional Hyperspace

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 3:36 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
Wavy, chronology afflicted beast strobe light gun zoo mesmerization shower cancels foggy, tears after the cloudy weather zenith sponge ground pound dummy mercury ascended temptation sign of prophetic galleries shining aftermath soul thirst fuzzy lunar.

Devilish, wild, profound captured sequences eradicate contextual force of will channel draped revelation. Anchor head drastic water birth thread ties launch codex box stasis renders prolonging throbbing heart radio dialect scoundrel quick station crash upload door portrait.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:08 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
When I looked into My Pokemon's eyes, their spirits took off into the big bang, flooding universal sanctuaries of elevation and serenity, compassion and radiance to envelope the world in a big fireball of grace and swirl, integrity and devastation!

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:09 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords/Force powers ... rce_powers

Light side powers

Heal Improved Heal Master Heal
Force Aura Force Shield Force Armor
Force Valor Knight Valor Master Valor
Force Barrier Improved Force Barrier Master Force Barrier
Revitalize Improved Revitalize Master Revitalize
Stun Stasis Stasis Field
Stun Droid Disable Droid Destroy Droid
Force Enlightenment

Universal powers

Burst of Speed Knight Speed Master Speed
Force Resistance Force Immunity
Energy Resistance Improved Energy Resistance Master Energy Resistance
Battle Meditation Improved Battle Meditation Master Battle Meditation
Force Body Improved Force Body Master Force Body
Affect Mind Dominate Mind
Force Deflection Force Redirection
Force Push Force Whirlwind Force Wave
Force Suppression Force Breach
Throw Lightsaber Advanced Throw Lightsaber
Mind Trick Force Confusion
Beast Trick
Breath Control
Force Camouflage
Force Sight

Dark side powers

Wound Choke Kill
Slow Affliction Plague
Fear Horror Insanity
Shock Force Lightning Force Storm
Drain Life Death Field
Drain Force Improved Drain Force Master Drain Force
Force Scream Improved Force Scream Master Force Scream
Crush Opposition

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:14 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Being a Master of the Force, wielding the full, unleashed, invincible armada of infinitude across the whole spectrum for draping worldly fissures chaos taming leviathan overlord jump to hyperspace ultra magnetic catch em all makes Me Lugia, because My Polarities and Extremities made Me the True Darkness!!

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:40 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
Power covers extraterrestrial mountains crashing enclave versatility with Force balance combat cascade dungeon dressing oblivion orchard frenzy blaze catastrophe engine shield Cosmic Force Aegis.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:50 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
Fringe gallop extraordinaire glimmering sight sharing fashion showcase evolving radio telescope Hubble space capturing divine might reverberates eons ahead cave voice vacation sunny drove Lugia as Anakin's Starfighter podracing a long neck ahead of the finish line.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:08 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
Playgrounds of swirl and flying magic grace cinder valley ocarina fountain tamed levity spoon fissure dusk craze zap polka dot bowtie prisms veiling androgynous Lugia folders colliding each end, both segments uniting outburst chord dried festival plague Greevil Nintendo highlight zenith folklore chronicles archiving exquisite charms bubbling magnitudes understood foundations pylons zone quest archetypes stream meandering routes submarine as the skies of outlasting fullness submerge outlandish NeraVarine encyclopedia Pokedex skip pursuit sunken tolkien lucas.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:14 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
Bunny credit pool joy splash craving channel lip potion suction dig grail vortex incinerate sandbox candle Busch Gardens.

Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:20 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Arch Magus future sight casting clockwork hijacks blaze spring of the Polaris Flower, Meganium conquering divine threads beaming roads button mashing comb brooding accessory gadget swim plus cotton cuddly brush of death pinches bubbles seeding extragalactic hieroglyphics mystery sounding cloth fission zooey deschanel Polarities and Extremities of Lugia as the emblem, totem, brace of endurance and willpower hyper ventilates transcendental inspiration quilts fire robing dragon gluttony peacock Ho-Oh.

I must Master radiance and finality, crusades and relics, time and mazes, puzzles and games. Mountain dwarfing zone exothermic rumination sequential masterminding sequence contingency stratagem bathes folklore sheding all emblazoning capturing of fate seizing infinity All Spectra Everywhere Thunderbolts antigravity fables of outlandish NeraVarine evolves into Darth Nihilus powering gloom possessive science chapter discord running lineage ancient archaic ramblings gambles dice in Thunderbolt Singularities of Superholographic Propylaeum doubled both ways all across Infinities-Ultimate.

All Worlds of Light imagine case spelling bee chronic treasure magnet zeroing keys extending pressing controllers.

The Highest Societies reach unprecedented growth uprooting trifecta Rainbow bridge to Infinity gallop, sponges, branes, catapults kingdoms, shining legacies, blissful occasions, and authentic experience thunders crazy Final Annihilator (Darth Nihilus) Exeggutor Lugia XD Gale of Darkness in Star Wars the Old Republic!!

Force entanglement ride plasma shackles to carnival blastoff cornucopia pleasure island laughter grove meadow cove brilliant outlasting canopy drapes file language makes Einstein's library!

Your question is the most difficult in the world. It is not a question I can answer simply with yes or no. I am not an Atheist. I do not know if I can define myself as a Pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. May I not reply with a parable? The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe. We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written those books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of the human mind, even the greatest and most cultured, toward God. We see a universe marvelously arranged, obeying certain laws, but we understand the laws only dimly. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that sways the constellations. I am fascinated by Spinoza's Pantheism. I admire even more his contributions to modern thought. Spinoza is the greatest of modern philosophers, because he is the first philosopher who deals with the soul and the body as one, not as two separate things.

The Divine Intellect of Spinoza zipper claymore ashes to guns pulverizes meteor asteroid rare rocks devil's classic universal hourglass shaving cards diagonal lingering fog crosses hair feature plumbing pipe dreams siphons SolitaryWalker as Yoda!!

@SolitaryWalker has illuminated our way to destiny on an epic quest towards enlightenment and the complete liberating power of God's divine mind, achieving infinite mastery of creation!

Threads started by SolitaryWalker:
What is Philosophy? -
Why I do not believe in God -
What I believe -
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Feel free to discuss any of the above material in order to synthesize this awesome information into a greater system of epic proportions, a new grand arcanum of philosophical cosmology.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What is Philosophy? thread:

A question of great importance would be to clarify and define a universal definition for philosophy. I believe philosophy at its heart to be a quest for wisdom, though what one man sees as wise may be deemed foolish by another man. Though I do agree with SolitaryWalker that we must be careful about our perception of wisdom, and that in this quest we seek to advance our understanding, he holds understanding is the sole purpose, and that using philosophy to some other end is incorrect. Philosophy should also be a means of achievement, that is, it should make us grow in greatness. He is right however when he further asserts how philosophy transcends the empirical nature of science, and that a metaphysical assumption must first be made before it can be empirically validated via experiment. Again though, SolitaryWalker incorrectly asserts that philosophy is purely about truth, rather than also accomplishing our inner desires, as he says how our prejudices (ironically from his own prejudice) pollute the truth. Some things however transcend truth, and that the ultimate meaning will be found within, with what is important to us and our beliefs, as reality is indeed shaped by our focus. He is gravely mistaken in asserting how philosophy does not keep in perspective any of our personal ends (the funny thing is though that he says personal growth follows from our inquiries, so in essence, he contradicts himself, since all along then it did indeed have a personal element). I do agree on his next point about forcefully dispelling ignorance being secondary to advancing ideas and offering the opportunity to learn. Again though, he aims to get solely at the truth, in rejection of all passions and inner desires. If anything, he needs to learn the critical distinction between passion and attachment, passion impelling us forward, and attachment restricting us, since passion is a vision of what we wish to be, but attachment is a lingering fog clouding our vision. Passion if used properly can be controlled, whereas attachment binds us by its strings and limits our personal freedom. His argument for philosophy and its power of explanation is indeed superior, as he correctly asserts, to the religious book of dogma. He then says how religion deals with questions incapable for rationalization, such as what happens when we die, which he claims cannot be reached by metaphysics. Again I am in disagreement, as if anything, nothing possesses greater power than the illumination reason can cast upon our world. All in all, SolitaryWalker has brought up some very interesting points, but we cannot accept any such assertions without a challenge.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Why I do not believe in God thread:

SolitaryWalker begins with an axiom about the Universe being infinite, and somehow links this with rendering the existence of God impossible independent of our world’s existence, and then defines infinity as the continuous, incessant flow of entities. He also thinks not all things in this world are continuous, in spite of facts and evidence to the contrary (Newton’s Laws of Motion, an elaborate cause-and-effect cycle from which everything must always follow from a previous state of being and necessarily transform into another state of being, a dynamic system always proven to “continuously” occur, these laws also very possibly applying in basic principle within the non-physical realm). This would, according to SolitaryWalker’s classifications, render all parts as comprising the same entity, and if so, it would follow that God exists in the infinity of all things within this world. At least SolitaryWalker detailed the implications of what God’s existence could mean, though because of his blunder regarding the continuum principle, he concluded (falsely) that God does not actually exist (and he is most likely right about a personal God being invalid, but he also rejects the existence of a God who manifests the infinite creative power of his mind within all things, even though his axiomatic reasoning described how such a God could exist). He says how a first cause that could have rendered our world’s existence possible must have been infinite, that is, it must have followed from the flow of a previous entity, and that entity another one, and so forth without arriving at an acceptable first cause (and if this entity is God, then we would ask who or what made God). But perhaps the point of greatest confusion would be to even arrive at a definition of what God is, whether he is a Creator, an infinite divine mind, or whatever else. SolitaryWalker says this world is an unconscious representation of the infinite realm, and that the finite limits of the human mind by which we are all designed translate the infinite into finite terms, that is, our minds only perceive a dim shadow of the much more luminous world above and beyond the current dimensions of our comprehension. SolitaryWalker says either God exists in this world, or not at all, and that no evidence in favor of his existence has been found, claiming it irreconcilable with the laws of nature. This philosophical world SolitaryWalker has created for himself contains restrictions of his own making, further evidenced in his assertion that the universe is a closed system of causation, which makes the laws of nature possible. Very interestingly though, he recognizes that this would mean if God existed, all things could be altered with his will, and then further says how the realm of the infinite could flow into the finite realm our minds perceive. Though SolitaryWalker concluded how the infinite intellect of God cannot exist outside of our known world, the conclusion I arrived at is inescapable – the higher levels of creation are liberated of all limitations.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What I believe thread:

SolitaryWalker asks the question as to why people even ask big questions in the first place, such as, what is the meaning of life, what is truth, what is virtue? He postulates people do so to seek self-affirmation and comfort in a hostile world, and that everything we do is necessarily inspired by selfish motives. Surely though, the quest for enlightenment should transcend such things, as if life is just all about fulfilling our own comforts, then we would indeed be in a limited position. If anything, I would think we always need to be on the leading edge, as we push the artificial constraints our own minds have been contained by to the limit, the tenacious drive towards achieving complete self-mastery being far superior to seeking only mere satisfaction with our current conditions. SolitaryWalker claims whether it is a rationalist seeking truth, an artisan seeking entertainment, a guardian getting things done, or an idealist accommodating others, that it is all simply what makes them happy. I hold though that happiness is insufficient in advancing our own ends, since when we are happy, we are content with letting things be, without the motivation to change and transform our world into altered and improved states. But worse than anything so far said, SolitaryWalker arrogantly asserts how the artisan temperament only cares for energized entertainment and concrete activities without seeing what he perceives to be the big picture, and of course, he is wrong. Though, as a generalization, he is right about the interests of the artisan, his whole idea of such endeavors being inferior and short-sighted is a testament to his own ego, since he views what they do as unimportant and insignificant. All people play important roles in the progressive development of humanity, which SolitaryWalker would realize if he actually saw the big picture. Artisans are constant in their creations, just as guardians are dedicated to their duties, or how idealists are inscrutably awakening their imaginations, and the rationalists relentlessly focusing their reasoning, each of these feats coming together to produce the diverse and dynamic system of humanity, ever increasing in accomplishment towards the echelons of infinity. The next points risen however on our sense perceptions and how they present themselves in a finite way to the brain indeed seems to limit for us what can be experienced. Perhaps though there is an escape, as SolitaryWalker goes on to say that the internal world and its imaginative prowess may actually open the window to outside realms incapable for experience within the physical, and if so, it follows that only through intuition can the infinite be reached, as we look through the off limits zone behind the fence. I am in complete agreement with his conclusion on the meaning of life that it is the quest to achieve the highest degree of perfection possible. It is by perfecting our inner being that we will find full liberation from the finite world, perfection, to add my own opinion, consisting of a state without restrictions, as SolitaryWalker ends this section saying that our task in life is open-ended and aimed at infinity, and that this epic quest will never come to closure, as we strive for the unachievable.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's My Metaphysical System thread:

The pursuit of physics, as SolitaryWalker’s article says, should be able to solve the ultimate questions of cosmology, those being: what is the world, how does it work, who made the world, what is the purpose of the world, what is our purpose, what is the ultimate nature of reality, what is the mind, does it exist independently of the body, what is the ultimate stuff they are made of, and how does this fit into the larger cosmological framework? These questions could finally answer the mystery of what life is, what the universe is, how cosmology works, and how we are related to it. Clearly there is purpose to such questions, as they show that there is mystery in life, these things being currently incapable for reliable knowledge, and that these great life mysteries are identifiable, and although we do not know the nature of these mysteries, they can be speculated upon, even if reliable knowledge of them eludes us. These metaphysical questions could perhaps be experienced and understood within the realm of human imagination. Hence, there is epistemology, the study of knowledge, and metaphysics, the study of ultimate reality. We must have metaphysical beliefs in order to ask meaningful questions, which can be verified into epistemology by science. Though the ultimate reality may possess a changeless stability, there may be a mysterious, ever changing force trapped within the essence of things, constantly in motion. The ever-vibrating force of entities seems immune to change. In order to grasp the changeless then, one must have access to infinite and eternal vision. In our phenomenal world then, it seems we have a combination of change and changelessness, though a more sophisticated sight could consist in constant change. The way force vibrates could also be a diagram of how our minds that are within time tend to perceive what is changeless and outside of time. Perhaps materiality is just a construct of the way our minds perceive the ultimate reality of immateriality. Our real selves then may receive salvation with God in the kingdom of heaven as we break away from the phenomenal world and unite with our real beings. Through science man should find meaning.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Faith of a Rationalist thread:

People perceive the world as they see it through their confined perceptions, and as such, philosophers who dare to challenge the societal paradigms of their time, like Giordano Bruno (RaptorWizard’s favorite philosopher) or Benedict de Spinoza (SolitaryWalker’s favorite philosopher) were branded heretics, the first being burned at the stake, and the second receiving ridicule from the stupid multitudes. Our state of existence is so wretched that non-existence would be preferable to it, and as such, the world is by no means what Leibniz termed ‘the best of all possible worlds’. The unspeakable suffering of mankind cannot be denied. Mankind is ever in search for a life of paradise. We must then increase our perception on the problem of evil, the essence of knowledge and how salvation could possibly be achieved. I as of right now oppose the proposition that we see beauty everywhere in this world, incapable for our grasp. Perhaps perfection only exists in the heavens, a realm currently outside our comprehension. If we were to all enter paradise, surely its perfection would proliferate under the happiness we would all share together, rather than losing its perfection upon our entrance, as SolitaryWalker incorrectly asserts. SolitaryWalker says salvation comes only when the intellect takes primacy over the will, and that the will is in motion, the will being the foundation to all existence. He also thinks that not even the brightest of us will access full truth and knowledge, but if nothing is even true or false, understanding even to begin with could perhaps only be found in empiricism. Some would also hold enlightenment to be a vision of the world objective and independent of prejudice, and that we must not deem the world to be what we can accept via personal taste, the limits of our vision not indeed being the limits of the world. The real universe is outside our perception, the poverty of our imaginations perceiving the infinite existence as finite. Perhaps everything exists only in the way we with our vision perceive the thing to be, in accordance with our reasoning faculties. Matter as well as all things nonphysical may be manifestations of a fluctuating force, a will objectifying itself. Perhaps the point of greatest importance is that the way we perceive the world will always be finite as long as we impose restrictions upon it. Spinoza’s doctrine of salvation comes through contemplation. We must believe reason to be the light of the world, the ultimate end of philosophy.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's God, Public Morality and Evolution thread:

SolitaryWalker begins by asking perhaps the biggest question in existence: what is God? He says God by tradition is often seen as an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent being. Such extraordinary qualities however put God’s identity as a person into question. He also under his doctrine demands worship over personal achievement, but worse yet choosing the dark path of Satan. SolitaryWalker conceives human beings who show genuine compassion to often be incompetent in logical analysis and objectivity, and that the inner quest to perfect all things would be a heavy burden, like for a being who mastered light to also master darkness. Really though, I conceive it to be possible to achieve a perfect balance between such opposites, should we see things from all angles, reference points, and which from the contrast, we could divine our knowledge. God with all of his supreme knowledge is also commonly depicted as the symbol for supreme power, as infinite greatness is also often equated with a person of sublime power. I agree perfectly with SolitaryWalker on his point of how Carl Jung said that in our philosophical, scientific, and theological studies, we gain more insights into the workings of our minds rather than the workings of the world. We project ourselves onto what we see and in effect anthropomorphize all things. Plato argues the average man must be lied to in order to keep them from falling off the safe path, a tactic I for one would not subscribe to, for not only should the truth be free, but it should also set us free. SolitaryWalker is right in regards to God and the way we see him having been the cause for corruption all throughout human history, how manipulative people have twisted ideas in service of external agendas. SolitaryWalker in regards to God concludes that he is best defined as the primary essence of spirituality, or the other world, and then asks if it is possible for us to know the other world. He follows by asking what was the beginning of the universe, and that if A created B, asking what created A, rendering A incapable for a Creator, assuming that it could not have come from nothing. This may mean it has always existed, without beginning or end. This view of time could be defined as the infinite realm, a view from which all things could be seen.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Problem of religion thread:

Religion could be defined as an ethical doctrine, a world cosmology independent of empiricism, a spiritual eschatology, and fundamentalism. The fundamental beliefs religion harbors in these areas incapable for change could discourage critical thought, encouraging people to believe their views are unquestionable. Religion could thereby discourage people from being open-minded, which could compel them to only deem themselves and the sacred texts of their divine authority right. As such, they are caught completely off-guard when presented with critical opinions conflicting with their own. They so aggressively defend these irrational stances, despite facts and evidence as well as reasoning to the contrary, since if they do, the religion promises them greater reward to come. Such religious stances have and could continue to entail violence. We must instead follow the following:
1. The requirement is not to change the system, but rather the people.
2. The measure of man based on the state of our planet is pathetic. We need to change the nature of humanity to rise above and beyond.
3. The spread of information would help establish world peace, it resulting as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment vision.
4. When discussing global issues, we must put personal prejudice aside.
5. Individuality is a point of great importance independent of the environment.
6. The ancients were misguided due to lack of technology, though the world could become greater in our lifetime, despite doubters. We must achieve a perfect community stretching across the Earth with universal acceptance and individuality.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Typology as a philosophical discipline thread:

We must wonder whether typology is even a logically consistent enough of a system to accurately order people into set psychological categorizations to begin with, let alone adaptable enough to account for the vast diversity of people in the world. Due to external factors and conditioning, perhaps one could act contrary to their true nature, their true personality, and even test as such. After all, people can indeed act differently than their natural personality would dictate, based on adjusting to the environment. Due to this lack of behavioral consistency, one can conclude Keirsey’s typology to be incomplete, which is based solely on behavior. If even a fully self-mastered man were to accomplish qualities stereotypically associated with different types, the foundations would further fissure. Perhaps though, the psychological states of people and the patterns of their reasoning as well as thought dynamics could be greater concepts from which to construct a typology, founded from a philosophical framework. Philosophy could be defined as a primarily conceptual and abstract study of the world, asking such questions as follows:
1. Is it possible for the mind to divine free will, to control cause and effect?
2. What is the nature of consciousness, the ways in which we see and perceive things?
3. What is the ultimate nature of reality, the existential system designing all creation?
4. What are the foundations of thought, the forge from which the mind constructs?
These questions all address the mental makeup of an individual, and as such, these things are more difficult to directly detect. Typology is thereby a study of solidified patterns of thought, and one’s natural tendencies, not consistently contingent with environmental circumstances.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Universal Feel? thread:

SolitaryWalker asks whether a universal moral law should be imposed upon all people, termed universal feel. There are 3 different arguments we can approach this with: if we must correct those who act wrongly, if there is no choice but to correct them, of even if wrong choose not to do so. Perhaps certain experiences throughout a person’s life have shaped what these values and what violates them are. Some may even divert greater focus on well-reasoned thought-experiments rather than value centered-thought. We must then see how creative and idiosyncratic visionaries construct their worldviews. Certainly many mystics across the globe have already conceptualized what many may deem impossible. Many who see themselves as right often try to change other’s opinions to match their own. These people will tend to think negatively of those who disagree. The accumulation of such feelings may lead to hostility. Due to these possible contingent consequences, an established system of ethics may be a mistaken idea.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Theorem of Feel thread:

SolitaryWalker wonders how desirable it is for people to believe in things that are not supported by an argument. He begins by describing the process of logic, saying it deals with chains of reasoning. The formalities behind logic seem like mathematical operations, a much more abstract and theoretical discipline than the dynamic and transformative discipline of cosmology, in which case I support the latter discipline while SolitaryWalker seems to prefer the former. One thing that both disciplines have in common though is that when they show us our short-comings, few are able to do so without simultaneously losing self-respect. However, even the most disciplined among us will wish for a brighter future, perhaps putting too much faith in beliefs like karma. This feel method has been historically a consistent craft of manipulation of others to their delusion and detriment, even in service of altruistic causes.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's I am an atheist but... thread:

Do we really wish to destroy the popular myths of society in order to enlighten and awaken people? Although I believe the truth should be accessible to everyone, some may be disturbed by new discoveries, and their emotions may override their rationality. Perhaps one such belief that may be dangerous to dispel is the anthropomorphized view of God. If one were however to sufficiently handle the truth, it could result in inner peace and less mistakes, since we would have proper knowledge and beliefs by which we can direct ourselves, since if we take the right actions, then good consequences should follow. As such, false beliefs could lead in the wrong direction. As of now, man obeys the laws of nature (perhaps the progressive development of man could change that). If then we wish to control the laws of nature, every man must receive universal enlightenment.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Essence of Human nature thread:

Sartre says we are defined by the choices we make and how we deal with the consequences, and that bad faith is our restraint from improving our circumstances. It would follow that we could counter all adversity through pure resolution of will, which SolitaryWalker says cannot be the case due to the limits of human power. He says Sartre’s false belief could have sprung from his own overestimation of individual freedom, as Sartre says all choices spring from within. SolitaryWalker next defines human nature as unalterable dispositions that inhere within our psyche. He says the strongest of such tendencies is the will to feel good; making an axiom that feeling good is the foundation of human nature. This drive for well-being likely led to the evolution of our faculties enabling human survival, such as walking, breathing, or language. Machiavelli is quoted as saying that people are fickle by nature and will stand by you if you are winning, but once you cease to be winning, they shall abandon you. It follows that people will only employ positive sentiments to their advantage, more often than not. The greatest fear man possesses is annihilation, and as such, will commonly go further than necessary to preserve his well-being. As such, many believe God to be a means of attaining eternal life. Such potential divine reward will inspire many men to act positively.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Essence of Apriori thread:

SolitaryWalker asks if it is possible to have knowledge prior to experience. This could be possible if knowledge is innate, that is, if it is stored in our unconscious. If so, we could not only acquire knowledge, but also recover it. He defines knowledge as a true set of beliefs from which we can refer to choose. He also asks to ask to what degree one’s natural talents result from what is innate versus one’s influence from the external world. Newton saw the world as a dynamic machine of cause and effect, from which point A leads to B from which follows C to result in D and so forth. This view however cannot explain the source from which the first cause came, a question of how something could have come from nothing. Our minds translate the infinite realm into finite terms, which make such questions that impose limits incapable for explanation.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Origin of Feeling thread:

SolitaryWalker defines feeling as a cognitive faculty of emotive valuation, concerned with how we relate to the external environment, not how it is, thereby rendering feeling subjective. This could cause us to attach anthropomorphic qualities to things, a personal touch. This urge likely developed within man throughout our evolution as a means of self-preservation, to identify life-threatening dangers in the external environment. As a result our feeling has become stronger.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's On the virtues of passion thread:

SolitaryWalker says aesthetical judgments primarily reflect how we feel about things, which in turn he believes will effect who we are. As such, art could be seen as an expression of ourselves, an aesthetical reflection of our emotions and inner state. These emotionally charged impulses he claims are in complete opposition to analytical thinking. I disagree, as our thinking I believe should ultimately be a foundation from which our feelings can manifest and create a meaningful world for us, which is why thinking without feeling is like matter without energy. He further claims the wise and lofty will choose analytical subjects devoid of passion, such as mathematics, even though mathematics assigns limits to things, whereas passion breathes fire into the equations.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Popularization of Philosophy thread:

Rather than connecting the ideas developed by all the great philosophers into a greater whole, I would advise a less holistic point of view. Instead, we should at least be open to all those ideas, but we should also tenaciously chase those that fit our ideals in a radical and less balanced drive to fulfill our visions. Most importantly of all however, is to create our own individualized philosophy, and to walk the solitary paths of our own planning ahead.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's On the Human condition thread:

SolitaryWalker postulates that people are naturally driven towards self-affirmation; that we wish to feel good, doing what we believe leads to our well-being. I will say though that some things transcend immediate pleasures, and that some will make monumental sacrifices at the cost of their own well-being in this life to uplift the human condition. Also, those who choose not to be happy and content with the current state of things will have greater motivation to transform it for the better. He also criticizes others for seeking affirmation from the various people in their life, which I think is a misconception, since if a belief of ours gains greater universal acceptance, then it can be implemented on a global scale. Ideally, we should have a means by which we can all agree.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Utility of Philosophy thread:

Philosophy can be used as a model for science, the pure idea being tested and refined empirically. Science will give us the results of this process, and then philosophy can next synthesize the pieces together to form a greater product by constructing a blueprint of its unified design. This can help us solve the monumental problems of our future horizons, should we take the correct steps of action in our present position.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's How I think we ought to live our lives thread:

Religion is a means by which many find a life purpose and develop a cosmological map of the world as well as developing ethical systems and seeking what lies beyond this life. A critical weakness within religion however, is that all of these views are to be accepted on authority without question. SolitaryWalker defines this as faith which, according to believers, must be followed, lest the Gods unleash their divine wrath! He says that rather than blindly believing what we falsely perceive to be immortal wisdom, we must follow the liberating light of truth on a philosophical search for meaning. Meaning is found in independent thinking and letting our true self’s light shine.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What is spirituality? thread:

SolitaryWalker defines spirituality as a quest for another world, which he thinks suggests that these experiences transform spiritual prophets from within. Perhaps this could mean minds that are guided by the stars above are filled with celestial light which they can reflect upon their creations and make them sparkle with incessant fluctuations of world form, that is, finding a greater life purpose can be a quest in which we ascend to the zenith, a position of perfection from which we would have a higher perspective from which our reality can be seen and shaped anew. God is the greatest possible good but, unlike SolitaryWalker says, good fables lead to God.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Problem of Religious bigotry thread:

We will fulfill much life purpose in the open-ended quest to construct our own worldviews. It will not be found as a gift to us from someone else of a simplistic design. Those who are content are in a state of rest, a static and unchanging position which resists the currents of change. Change is the only constant factor ever present within the world. It makes life grow and lets creation take shape. These incessant transformations are the driving force in the progressive development of civilization and mankind.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What is God? thread:

God is the greatest possible good. Such a concept is beyond the anthropomorphized image of God most people of primitive times always tried to project upon the divine. SolitaryWalker thinks however that this renders revelation impossible, which assumes God cannot talk to people, but at least SolitaryWalker says perhaps prophets could translate their connection with the infinite realm. Revelation I believe could come from a non-anthropomorphized source, which could perhaps transform the unconscious mind from within. Such an example may be an all omnipresent living mind which sees everything and from which all things spring into being. Should this belief hold any realistic quality to it that exists in the world, it would imply a deep connection shared amongst every mind in the universe, and our universe with whatever other worlds may be. We could all be unified with the divine as agents of co-creation. Revelation could come from any mind in existence, should we tap into this inscrutable source and the power it may give to those who seek it on their journeys, as they strive to live with purpose. This source is not necessarily God, since not all of creation is good enough.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's In search for a better understanding thread:

In the search for understanding, 4 questions we tend to ask include the meaning of eschatology, death, immortality, and what the alpha and omega of all things shall be. In discovering the treasures such great questions have in store for us, we seem to consistently find the world is greater than previously conceived, from the round earth, to the solar system centered around the sun, to the universal expansion from the big bang, and next perhaps other universes or planes of existence outside our own. Our focus should not be to divide things into absolute qualities like true and false, but rather to open our minds and let our imaginations take shape. All things conceptualized by the mind may have a certain level of reality to them beyond existent and non-existent, the existent perhaps being the world of stability, and the non-existent maybe being the world of possibility. This is why our focus should unlock the transcendent power of the mind, lifted above and beyond the mundane limitations of this plane. SolitaryWalker believes the key to the world to come is this world first. As a starting point, we must not assign limits to a world larger than our present comprehension. SolitaryWalker then goes on a long rant about how traditionalist personality types thrive on secure boundaries in suspension of critical and rational analysis, implying he believes his own personality type (probably INTP) to be vastly wiser and superior. Such arrogance blinds the mind and restricts the alternate possibilities. He is right however in saying that we should never stop questioning what we believe, as our ideas can always be altered into higher forms. Perhaps if our wills became sufficiently powerful, they could transcend the system and become free forces.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What is truth (split from post poll) thread:

SolitaryWalker says we impose our perceptions on the world, that we see illusions similar enough to one another that we each see relatively the same physical objects. He also postulates the world may hold codes for its design that could be symbolized with languages like mathematics, and although I side with him in his general codifications theory, I believe mathematics is too definitive and absolute in its measures to embrace the endless possibilities present in the world. He also defines truth as our perceptions aligning with the outside universe, which would imply the mind transcends truth, the mind possibly having a higher reality to it that perhaps could flow outwardly and become truth. This would, in a sense, make some truth subjective, as its creation may have sprung from our own visions and dreams, unlike SolitaryWalker says. He believes to the contrary, since he holds reality is just there and incompletely translated into an imperfect understanding, whereas I have faith that, should our wills reach the right heights in power, that we could at a much higher level of alteration create the very essence of our lives and what we experience as reality. For me the world holds infinite promise for us.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Way to inner peace thread:

As a means for finding inner peace, which SolitaryWalker thinks helps to find our true-self, we must have an introspective focus on the world inside the mind. He and Spinoza also believe we are all parts of God, so when we look within ourselves, we can see the timeless and infinite essence of the divine. He says though that we should not live for ourselves, but rather we should live for God. Instead, I believe in self-mastery, and that our ultimate purpose is to attempt the great and impossible.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Mephistopheles? thread:

If we go back to the Garden of Eden story, God commanded Adam and Eve not to partake of the Fruit of Knowledge. They ate of the fruit despite the warning, and then their eyes were opened. The cost however is that they would ultimately perish, and that to postpone this, they would have to work to survive and suffer against pitiless elements. The implications of this are very difficult to see clearly, but I will speculate that there could be some higher power that wants life, at least at this level of existence, to be obedient and toiling slaves to the natural order, or perhaps it could also be challenging life to become stronger on a journey through the eons, even if the means of its accomplishment leads to suffering. In each of these instances, knowledge would aid us in our progressive development to overcome these systems, since it could give us the power we need to rise above our lowly stations, but this resistance could also bounce back upon us with greater adversity. I know not how long we shall have to endure this pain, whether it will last for 1 lifetime on earth, or if we will continue to face it for many lives to come, but the question of how to transcend this could be discovered in the finality and annihilation of all things physical. This world may be corrupted beyond repair, so to heal it, ruin may have to be unleashed upon it, for by destroying the old world, new worlds could be spawned by the will of life, worlds with ideal designs. In this way the problem of evil potentially could be ended. I make no unalterable claim that this is the direction life needs to take in the eons to come, or that such a momentous feat is even achievable, though it remains clear that we are in desperate need of a global transformation that life creates.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Dreams? thread:

Perhaps dreams may be reflections of our true self, visions of something that is important to us inside. They could open our awareness to worlds separated from the physical, allowing us to see things from a higher perspective. Not only though would dreaming access the other dimensions of creation, but also might manifest new things into creation, springing from the will of the mind. This would imply a chaotic realm, in which things could be altered; vastly different from the physical world that follows natural laws. The dream world then possibly is limitless, which would render all things possible. Here then if a person wished to move mountains, they would tremble at the sound of voice and crack asunder at command. That though was a mundane example. A highly developed dream world may be vastly different from the physical world, not only in restrictions, but also in appearance. This is why fables have values we make real and live.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's My Religion thread:

My religion, should I invent a good one, will chart the course for eternal life, world peace, universal enlightenment, and ultimate power. I do not expect the ideal visions for these lofty goals to be fully accomplished while I am here. I have not even discovered the directions we should follow to walk the ways in search of our destiny. This time may prove to be the most critical moment in human history that there ever was or will be, as the actions we take now will effect whether we start the fires of our own destruction, or expand to spheres beyond the terrestrial in an epic ascension to the heavens. I will wish now for a future sparkling with stars and rainbows dancing and singing with life.

I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite.
And while I rise from my own globe to others
And penetrate ever further through the eternal field,
That which others saw from afar, I leave far behind me.
Giordano Bruno (On the Infinite Universe and Worlds, 1584)

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When Dragonite came over the water, that was My Rarity, jewel, talisman, and prize. Nothing could be as astonishing, crushing, boundary breaking, and revolutionary as that ghost haunting the pinnacle of paradise. I struggled, labored, extracted the crab hammer of my liberty, and battled the oceanic torrents with spiraling Aeroblasts and sunken anchors of the dimly lit picture I have, in black and white of Bunny..

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:48 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Invoking enchanting tropical carnivorous scepter of ahead transversals scope proceeds careful Yoda fist of father time core rose doomsday desire sends rainbow waves of love permeating true bliss meaning directing coastline web botany express Solar Beam Wish!!

I Wish:
To see all Futures, to dominate the calling of Father Crow for expansion, legacy, everlasting true feelings rushing acentric Polarities dashing Extreme chasm burning noonday humunga dunga highest peak that I may be ready and ripe in the great dawn, piercing and glowing with annihilating sun arrows so that when I do seize that station on high, that I will be indomitable, inexorable, ever ascending more mirth and cradles of suspension as the bridge to Infinite shouts the chromatics of dizzy splash aura running in love cakes of birthday resonance!

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:59 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Lugia's Birthday Wish Extremities at each Rainbow Bowtie's End as Flora of Ore pointed at Polaris

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:41 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
The old Meaning of Life:

What does it mean to ultimately control existence? This is the meaning of life in my perspective. The meaning of life, the quest of Albert Einstein for the Creative Force of God and the Holy Grail Vortex of Walter Russell lights the immortal journey of Divine Destiny, the White Hole of Creation and Light and the Black Hole of Darkness and Destruction, the voice of hyperspace, controlling the cosmos and chaos of water, frost, fire, and lighting, channeling the electric fluids of the Ether, forging and annihilating material substances in eternally whirling cycles, unleashing the unlimited energies of stellar alchemical sorcery, ripping the fabric of space and time, opening wormhole warps to all possible planes of existence within the quantum realm of the infinite multiverse, harmoniously orchestrating synthesized superstring symphonies, humbly opening the eyes of knowledge, awakening the mind to all conscious perspectives of the multidimensional relativistic reality, hacking the Universal Supercomputer of Nassim Haramein, destroying old laws and programming new laws into the Existential Game, solving the secret codes of Leonardo da Vinci and the prophetic revelations of Isaac Newton, magically manifesting dreams, tapping focused willpower, shape shifting the physical world of infinite evolutionary transformations, taming the Storm Dragon of Hell, flying free, becoming one with the inscrutable source of Baruch Spinoza and from which springs the Perfect All of Gottfried Leibniz, sailing the oceans of Nirvana, sprouting the bubbles of Genesis, seeking the Higher Balance of Heaven, above and beyond the loftiest levels of the Tree of Life, the crowning ascension besides the Creator of Nikola Tesla, Cosmic Master Melchizedek, the Ultimate Architect of the Universe, the Arch Mage of the Arcanum, the Archon of the Eon, the Wizard of Wisdom.

The new expansion to the Meaning of Life:

Transcending the ancient Super Nexus of legacy, emblazoning points across all of the Pokemon cards, uprooting the black hole of Exeggutor feats, conjuring stratagems of stellar totem arrows, pouring out all of the special effects of kotor, ruminating into holistic ecstasy, rolling the chance cube of relativity, untangling the web of fatal threads, prophetic revelations of personal empowerment, finding the Lugia cartoon classics, hacking the hieroglyphics of hyperspace, wearing and wielding the Slowking Crown of Power, discovering the Heart of the Force.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
The Way of the Closed Fist tames the control harvester siphoning unlimited engines of brainiac Schemes pulsing radiant energy zipping acentric random flows of fun and imagination rerouting endless armadas blanketing the sky in discord, dazzle, speechcraft, and guile.