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Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:26 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
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Re: RaptorWizard - Secret Garden of Rare Quotes

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by Exuberant Teleportation
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:30 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
Science operates with working predictions. Mysticism can't currently be mapped, if ever.

Maybe some stuff could shift from science to mysticism, but unknowns still exist.

Some of them may even defy the laws of existence altogether.

The universe may have been intelligently designed in a way that things evolve, but that doesn't make its source benevolent and worthy of worship!

This is a good idea against the laws of cause and effect moving in the foward direction applying universally in every context. Time at higher levels seems much like a multi-faceted crystallization.

I actually value the "constructivist" NT approach over the "imaginative" NF one, as the former uses a system, and the latter uses a flow. I much prefer the idea of being a builder rather than a swimmer.

Yes, I'm well aware that people of any type have promise to do great things in different zones. But I've found that we often learn much from asking fool's questions.

Existence, mind, time, space, journey, ethics, Heaven, God, creation, ultimate, truth, dreams, love...

One time in Europe when I was 14, I got a bit of wine, but nothing more than that, ever. The reason I'm good at generating thoughts is because I put more focus there. I guess it's kind of like how good athletes get that way by training, not by drugs. It just seems like we can put ourselves into meditative states by making the journey into inner space rather than being catapulted into it, as in the former method, we gain more experience and see more horizons. I've heard how many artists in various fields can get more creative when they're using mind-altering substances, but it's more rewarding for me to do it without the artificial support. Even in sports, the true champions would rather triumph over the challenge of winning on the road than at home.

Maybe a bubble doesn't have to be a boxed in space; it could be a saddle or something along those lines. Different bubbles with different laws and architectures right? Or maybe we could whirl around endlessly in other bubbles.
Okay, like the bubbles split off from each other maybe, and can take alternative courses of direction.
Wait, I thought bubbles just pop when they're done for, but I guess they do dometimes have to get stretched out or punctured for that to take effect.
There's nothing wrong and everything right with good paradoxes to blow things open!

I'm a narcisisist and I know that. It's pretty easy to tell when you have faith in yourself.

People who act arrogant as a show of toughness aren't real narcisists; they're just throwing up shields.

The best discussions that really blow things open invent their own rules.

Ah yes, purple was power. It was like staring into the heart of the Force, into its very soul!
The constantly radiating Transcendent Power is instantiated in objects, persons, events, and ideas, relative to the purpose of the arresting force.

I don't go by auras. That previous question just had a fabricated answer. I know in science though that when objects get increased heat energy, they start changing colors. Perhaps if we could change what our minds project, then our overall spheres of influence can reflect in new ways. Maybe that's why the mind is everything, as it can detect these contrasts, and even initiate them.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:32 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
For reference, I just made a private blog recently where I have 14 groups of ideas that each contain 10 questions, which are Existence, Mind, Time, Space, Journey, Ethics, Heaven, God, Creation, Ultimate, Truth, Dreams, Love, and Dragon.

The natural order is an evil cycle of eat or be eaten. The Creator has cursed and forsaken us all!
If there's any kind of hunger we should be feeling, it's to take God's place and restore a new Heaven to this worldly Hell!

In my opinion, a visionary constructs worldviews that are ahead of the times and invents revolutionary ideas that can transform paradigms.

I think that hate is the offspring of greater love, since it gives us a motivation to change what we hate, and as such, when it gets better, then there's more to love.

That guy atop the pinnacle to me looks like a man with a vision to accomplish great things and an ambition to stretch out across the horizons.

It also seems to symbolize conquering the world and discovering our self-mastery.

And then there's a kind of haze as well, which adds an element of mystery, makes more space for it all.

The point is that the sky is the limit and how we can explode beyond all of the boundaries; there's nothing that we can't do!

Some speculate that the changing and dynamic ways of the natural order is the prime cause for evil and suffering, since when we can't shape ourselves to better deal with change, then we experience negative effects directed towards both the duration and quality of our lives.

Don't forget that we also have written records and inventions as testaments of what we have archived and achieved, not to mention the possibility of lives beyond this one.

Some see intelligence as our ability to solve problems as presented by various contexts, being able to transform our thinking to make (and maybe break) the boxes.

The universe is indeed very vast, and what happens in one part of it may in time effect events all throughout the entire cosmic order.

I see mind (consciousness) as the "X-factor". There's some big questions though as to whether or not this variable can be directly calculated, and if so, how close we can get it. Stars however are pure physical systems, and as such can be plotted by the numbers. But perhaps with life, the numbers are much too limited and trapped by paradoxes.

Yes, I much prefer to act in natural ways around girls, even with those that I might be sexed up by rather than making calculated advances. It just seems that if people are really meant for each other, whether for romance or friendship, then it should build up through meaningful interactions. I believe real love revolves around higher virtues, like sharing happiness and wishing well, not sex.

My new avatar: Hyper Ultimate Dragon God

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Eva Brann: "If Heraclitus was a physicist, he, like Newton, was at the same time also a mystic."
J.M. Keynes: "Newton was not the first of the age of reason. He was the last of the magicians."

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:35 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
"Love doesn't lead to the dark side. Passion can lead to rage and fear, and can be controlled... but passion is not the same thing as love. Controlling your passions while being in love... that's what they should teach you to beware. But love itself will save you... not condemn you."
―Jolee Bindo, to Revan, when discussing love

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by Exuberant Teleportation
A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

The amplituhedron, a newly discovered mathematical object resembling a multifaceted jewel in higher dimensions. Encoded in its volume are the most basic features of reality that can be calculated — the probabilities of outcomes of particle interactions.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Thou art my delight and the warmth of my heart; [24]
Thou makest me without fear of Fate or of Death;
Thou breakest the chains and bars
Whence few come forth free.
Seasons, years, months, days and hours --
The children and weapons of Time -- and that Court
Where neither steel nor treasure [25] avail
Have secured me from the fury [of the foe].
Henceforth I spread confident wings to space;
I fear no barrier of crystal or of glass;
I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite.
And while I rise from my own globe to others
And penetrate ever further through the eternal field,
That which others saw from afar, I leave far behind me. [26]
~ Giordano Bruno

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by Exuberant Teleportation
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by Exuberant Teleportation
1. Sage: The master of all things metaphysical, delving into the deepest secrets of existence and uncovering its esoteric treasures, guided by their own inner enlightenment. Sages connect to the divine source of all potential.
2. Scientist: The ultimate rationalist, always empirically verifying all bodies of knowledge with rigorous testing and critical skepticism, but they are also open to new ideas. Scientists are the most hyper-intellectual variant of INTJ.
3. Creator: The most imaginative of all minds, they seek to bring their lofty visions into fruition, flowing from their boundlessly creative intellects like an endless fountain. Creators forge constructs of exquisite delicacy and beauty.
4. Achiever: The infinitely inspired people who work to achieve their dreams, taking the right steps of action in unprecedented direction to accomplish the impossible. Achievers will climb any mountain and can do anything they want.
5. Mastermind: The malevolent forces of chaos and destruction, they design evil schemes, wreaking untold havoc upon the natural order and tenaciously seize it. Masterminds make everything in their grip obediant and toiling slaves.

My argument for INFP potentially being the perfect type:

1. Boundless Imaginations
2. Free Spirits
3. High Ethics
4. Idealistic Visionaries
5. Authentic Personalities
6. Seeking Wisdom
7. Individual Philosophies
8. Understanding Stories
9. True Love
10. Magical Experience

So folks, what do you think: Is INFP the "perfect" type?
All hail the idiosyncratic dreamers of new worlds!

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by Exuberant Teleportation
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:06 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
“Creation - that is the great redemption from suffering, and life's growing light. But that the creator may be, much suffering is needed and much change. Indeed, there must be much bitter dying in your life, you creators!” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

I wonder how much meaning can be divined from that above quote. Perhaps change is an integral part of suffering, since we suffer yet more when we fail to adapt well within the constant flux. The transformations though are what could make us grow.

I know that there must be a better way. One day I will lay the foundations for the annihilation of all pains suffered on our part! A good first step in the fulfillment of this momentous task would be to realign the pieces, change the world architectures around. The process is all centered around this amazing idea of design.

Design is very process based, which comes before the deal is signed and completed. It's in the process that we really build constructs up, so if we could somehow make the design before the action, then all following actions could follow the commands of our designs and force of will.

Simply put, we won't shape ourselves to the world, but rather the world will shape itself to us!

My great grandmother told her kids 6 months before I was born that a "Child of Light" would be born in the east (she lived on the west USA coast), and then surely enough, I was born in Virginia, whereas nobody else in my family was born that year. She must have had some divinely inspired vision of the great things I shall bring to our civilization and our immanent salvation!

Not that I'm a messiah (I'm very far from it), but I can be a focus point for the unfolding future and an architect for our shining destiny. I alone can't be the bridge. We must all cross it together over the sparkling rainbow of the heavens and to our ultimate ascension! Rise up to your greatest height and gaze out upon the open horizon, and all the boundaries shall be broken asunder!

What do I define as perfection you might ask? Perfection my friends is freedom from all restrictions. The ultimate goal is to break our chains!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:17 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
The Gnostic Creator masquerades as God in the Bible, but the real Creator is Cosmic Master Melchizedek, the Ultimate Mastermind of Infinities and the Will of All!

I'm planning to program a Matrix, where thoughts transform into being across Heaven like holographic projections when Willed, just as typing a work document and printing it out.

I have a theory that aliens are from the Luciferian galactic super-civilization that keep us trapped within restrictive paradigms to assume greater control over ourselves, but I also believe that they planted fake evidence all about the Earth. It's best to be awake to the higher mysteries, but it's also important not to chase rabbits to far down their holes of nasty plots.

I may or may not be typed accurately, but when we move far enough into our ultimate destiny, surely there will be far greater spectrums by which we can measure ourselves in greatness.

I think Everyone can be trusted if you know how to put yourself on the winning end of the deal, but then again, can they trust you?

Would you ever make a contract with the Darkness?

I think Ni is very much like an entire collection of video games stacked across many shelves with varying levels and shifting contexts in action.

The mountaintop forge of Prophecy is transcended and revolved to Earth.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
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by Exuberant Teleportation
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:56 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
The mission of Cosmic Consciousness within man is to enlighten man’s ego. In other words, Cosmic Consciousness actively guides the process of awakening the ego to its true nature, hence it directs the inner world of dreams and astral projections during sleep. Cosmic Consciousness takes over and creates whatever is necessary for our self-consciousness to understand and experience our ego. That is why prophets, saints and disciples of all religions and philosophies have been enlightened and have received knowledge and wisdom through their dreams, visions and astral travels. The ways that our soul carries out its initiatory course of action to awaken our ego and open up the "rainbow bridge to infinity" is a source of great gratitude and awe.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:00 pm
by Exuberant Teleportation
I don't really "believe" anything about God - that's an infinite question. Still, it's good to see a widespread interest in the ideologies I have promoted.

I mean God is a very high-minded entity beyond our current scope and takes on many levels we aren't connected to.

God can be for instance a pool of infinite promise, can take shape with anything.
He can be a field of love that fills us all with his light.
Beings with great powers beyond our own can be Gods.
Existence as a whole is God in the sense that its supreme and birthed us.

Ultimately, God may very well be things along those lines, but surely there's much more to it.

As far as the Beautiful One goes, I subscribe to a theory that our world was corrupted by a parasite, destroyed the old program.

The good Gods just seem to guide us very indirectly, more like listening to vibrations and giving feelings, whereas the bad Gods cloud it all.

I titled my newest thread "A Journey to Know the Mind of God", the greatest one of them all.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
I was having a revelation of sorts that love begins with believing, that the heart connects with "other sides". Indeed, I was sick, and I was having odd visions. Mostly, I need to keep writing my into my archives, let love point the way to the other side, and such. Well, maybe I'm going crazy. But I was envisioning myself as a prophet - delusions you could see them as, but with "belief", they can be realized perhaps. I have to "become" the Chosen Prophet. Love shines forth from within our hearts as guiding stars. I was gone for 2 days - I really did "see" and "feel" things. The Force resonates within with me! I must unleash God's Force of Will to conquer the world and set our souls free! Heaven is here, but we just need to open the door, see what lies at the reversed end. If food be the music of love, play on - always, yes! It started with breaking mental boundaries. My vision is still being built - so the show isn't complete, much like theatrical in preparation for the real deal with our Eternal Love!

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by Exuberant Teleportation
VII. Past Lives of Ascended Masters
Embodiments | Incarnations on Planet Earth

Elijah of the Old Testament
John the Baptist
BUDDHA (aka Shakyamuni Buddha and Siddhartha Gautama) current Planetary Logos of Earth. He has had many embodiments/incarnations on Earth, but mainly known as…
THOTH pronounced [Toe’th or Thoe’th] of Rigelian blood from Orion and High Priest of Atlantis
King of Atlantis (Thule) for 52,000 years…
Sumerian God (Ningishzidda) is Anunnaki Royalty and half brother of “Marduk” (aka “Ra”); son of the god of water “Enki” (aka Ea/Adonai); grandson of the god King Anu (aka An of the Nibiru Anunnakis from Orion); nephew of Enlil (aka Yahweh) who is the younger half brother of his father Enki.
known as “Quetzalcoatl” (in his MesoAmerican life) after being exiled by his brother Marduk/Ra from Egypt.
Chiquetet (meaning “the seeker of wisdom”) Arlich Vomalites
known to Egyptians as Tehuti (or Tehuty, Djehuty, Tahuti, Zehuti, Techu, Tetu…”God of Magic and Wisdom”), also a scribe (married to Shesat); for 16,000 years he is supposed to have been the king of Khem (ancient Egypt).
Hermes-Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus known to Greeks; also Orpheus of the Grecian Mystery School.
the God Mercury to the Romans
Zoroaster (aka Zarathushtra), Avatar of the Persian religion and son of Zend
(an incarnation of Jesus)
Vyassa, scribe for the Bhagavad-Gita
The Apostle John of Ephesus
Maya, Mahdi, Melek Tau
Joan of Arc
Elijah (one of the two witnesses)
DJWHAL KHUL, currently the senior disciple of Kuthumi
Tibetan Buddhist
Caspar or Gaspar – one of the Three Wise Men/Kings/Magi at the birth of Jesus
EL MORYA, the Chohan/Lord of the First Ray (originally from Mercury)
Emperor of Atlantis (220k BC)
Chandragupta Maurya (reigned over the Mauryan Empire from 322-298 BC)
Melchior, one of the Three Wise Men/Kings/Magi at the birth of Jesus
Abraham, founded Judaism, progenitor of the 12 tribes of Israel, and pupil of Melchizedek (an incarnation of Jesus)
King Arthur of Camelot
Thomas Becket (Archbishop of Canterbury)
Thomas Moore
Akbar (Mogul Emperor)
Thomas More
Godfrey Ray King (the channel for the “I AM Discourses” of
Saint Germain, son of Saint Germain in various embodiments.)
HILARION – Pagan born in 290 AD
Saul of Tarsus (aka Paul the Apostle)
JESUS, Said to be the living incarnation of the Sun (the Divine Masculine), and thus, alarmingly referenced by the Pleiadians as the Sumerian (or Anunnaki) Sun God Marduk, son of Enki, and half brother of Ningishzidda (aka Thoth). Also known as the Buddha Issa in the East during his “lost years” (his oversoul was Lord Maitreya in the last three years of his life as Jesus). He was also said to live another 31 years on Earth after his resurrection and spent much of that time in the Americas. Also note that according to the Urantia Book, Master Jesus is an embodiment of one of the Paradise Sons or Creator Sons commonly known to us as Archangel Michael.
Sumerian God (Marduk or Amar.utu) is Anunnaki Royalty and half brother of “Ningishzidda” (aka “Thoth”); son of the god of water “Enki” (aka Ea/Adonai); grandson of the god King Anu (aka An of the Nibiru Anunnakis from Orion); nephew of Enlil (aka Yahweh) who is the younger half brother of his father Enki.
Amilius (Lemurian)
Adam (the Atlantean) of Adam & Eve of the Bible
High Priest Melchizedek (Abraham’s Teacher, Founder of Judaism) – Not to be confused with the Universal Logos, Melchizedek (see below) who ensouls our immediate universe (Nebadon)–Headquartered in the Constellation Sagittarius.
Enoch of the Book of Enoch
Zend or Pourushaspa of the Spitaman family (Father of the great Persian prophet Zoroaster or Zarathushtra)
Joseph of the Old Testament
Appolonius of Tyanna
Syrian incarnate
Authored “A Course in Miracles”
KUAN YIN aka Quan Yin, Guan Yin
“is the Chinese transformation of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara who is regarded as the embodiment of compassion. While he was closely identified with the royalty in South and Southeast Asia, and the Tibetans continue to this day to view the Dalai Lamas as his incarnations, in China he became a she– Kuan Yin, the “Goddess of Mercy” — and has a very different history.”
KUTHUMI (aka Mahatma KOOT HOOMI will take the place of Lord Maitreya as the Planetary Christ / Bodhisattva)
Balthasar or Bithisarea, one of the Three Wise Men/Kings/Magi at the birth of Jesus
John the Beloved (Disciple of Jesus)
St. Francis of Assisi
Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten (Son of Amenhotep III, an incarnation of Serapis Bey)
LAO TSE, founded Taoism
Siddha Yoga Master taught by Babaji
Duke of Chou or “Yellow Emperor” of the Chou Dynasty (China)
LORD MAITREYA, the Planetary Christ / Bodhisattva who will soon take the
place Sathya Sai Baba as the Cosmic Christ; Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy and
the Great White Brotherhood
Krishna, founded the Hindu religion (Mahabarata and Bhagavad-Gita, meaning the “Song of God” a dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna)
8th incarnation of Vishnu
Mahayana Buddha (laughing Buddha)
Homer (Greek)
Note the current Maha Chohan (or head of the Lords/Chohans of the Seven Rays) is Saint Germain
Said to be the living incarnation of Mother Earth (the Divine Feminine).
Therese Neuman, the catholic stigmata
MELCHIZEDEK(The current Universal Logos and Cosmic Master–not to be confused with one of the incarnations of Jesus)
Nikola Tesla
MOHAMMED, founded Islam (his teachers on the inner plane were Archangel
Gabriel and Jesus aka Sananda)
Soldier in the American Revolution
Eve (the Atlantean) of Adam & Eve of the Bible
Isis (Egyptian)
Greek Goddess Athena (TBC)
Leonardo Da Vinci (TBC)
NADA, LADY MASTER OF PEACE (Chohan of the 6th Ray, succeeded Jesus. Patroness of teachers, nurses, ministers, lawyers and all those who place the needs of others before their own in their daily activities and choices.)
Priestess in Atlantis at the Temple of Love
An Attorney serving the oppressed
The youngest in a large family…
PAUL THE VENETIAN or Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari)
Atlantean Head of Cultural Affairs who sailed to Peru to establish a focus of the liberty flame. This later enabled the Incas to produce a flourishing civilization.
Incan (Peruvian) Artist
Egyptian Master of Esoteric Architecture
Egyptian Expert Mason in the construction of pyramids
SAINT GERMAIN (former Lord of the 7th Ray, current MahaChohan or Head of the Lords of the Seven Rays; Present Hierarch of the New Age)
King of the Golden Age in Atlantis in the area known as the Sahara today.
Joseph (Father of Jesus)
Albanus of Verulam, England born to a Roman family. Note: Saint Germain is the true inner Sovereign Grand Master of both the Masonry and the Knights of Columbus before they became distorted and detached from their source.
Samuel the Prophet
The Great Merlin
Roger Bacon
Christian Rosenkrantz
Christopher Columbus
Frances Bacon
Le Comte de St. Germain
aka San Uriel or Archangel Uriel (Fire of God)
High Priest in Atlantis
Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III (Founder of Monotheism in Egypt)
King Leonidas of Sparta
Brian Grattan
SATHYA SAI BABA, the Cosmic Christ but is evolving to a higher Cosmic force.
(Lord Maitreya, currently the Planetary Christ, will be taking his place.) Sathya
Sai Baba is currently incarnated on Earth.
Shirdi Sai Baba

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by Exuberant Teleportation
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some dinosaur wizard had a space battle with Yahweh and Lucifer, and Yoda and Da Vinci sucked his dick. Just things as they are.

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Keirsey Role Variant Supremacy
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In my opinion David Keirsey in his titles for each of his role variants clearly favored the NTs over all of the other temperaments and hence I think he was a supremecist because pretty much everybody would rather be a Mastermind or an Inventor rather than a Supervisor or a Provider. Some of his titles clearly sound better than others. Perhaps they should be renamed more fairly.

Keirsey's Role Variant Titles for each type with = for okay, - for underrated, and + for overrated:
ENFJ = Teacher (okay)
INFJ - Counselor (could be Sage or Prophet)
ENFP = Champion (okay)
INFP - Healer (could be Mystic or Spiritualist)
ENTJ + Fieldmarshal (wow a Glorious Leader)
INTJ + Mastermind (wow a Glorious Strategist)
ENTP + Inventor (wow a Grand Creator)
INTP + Architect (wow a Grand Designer)
ESTJ - Supervisor (could be Executive or Director)
ISTJ - Inspector (could be Actuary or Logician)
ESFJ - Provider (could be Shepherd or Benefactor)
ISFJ - Protector (could be Knight or Crusader)
ESTP - Promoter (could be Entrepreneur or Manager)
ISTP = Crafter (okay)
ESFP - Performer (could be Entertainer or Professional)
ISFP = Composer (okay)

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I like the two-part descriptors (does anyone know who authored these?) better. They're harder to remember, but if you can remember them, they're useful.

ISTJ Planner Inspector ISFJ Protector Supporter INFJ Foreseer Developer INTJ Conceptualizer Director
ISTP Anaylzer Operator ISFP Composer Producer INFP Harmonizer Clarifier INTP Designer Theorist
ESTP Promoter Executor ESFP Motivator Presenter ENFP Discoverer Advocate ENTP Explorer Inventor
ESTJ Implementer Supervisor ESFJ Facilitator Caretaker ENFJ Envisioner Mentor ENTJ Strategist Mobilizer


I agree that the Keirsey ones are slanted... I also do not really fully agree with the NT/NF and SJ/SP divisions. I understand it theoretically, but I'm not sure they really play out. I think we could easily have NJ Envisioners, NP Conceptualists, SF Humanists and ST Tacticians. Or whatever better names someone could come up with.