A Slave to One's Expectation = Sufferings!

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A Slave to One's Expectation = Sufferings!

Postby Prismatic567 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:57 am

iambiguous wrote:From my frame of mind, this in no substantive way has anything to do with the fact that Mary had reasons [deemed sufficient to her] for aborting the baby and John had reasons [deemed sufficient to him] for bringing the baby to term.

Now, in your head, they would hear you out and come up with the most appropriate decision. But in their heads [and I was privy to that] your intellectual contraption above would have had absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the conflicting existential narratives they pursued at the time.

Of course if the "Middle-Way progressive" behavior revolves around being celibate, then, sure, we can just blame it all of "impulse control". They could have chosen to become practicing Catholics.

Still, the "spilt milk" back then would have been either the dead baby or Mary being forced to give birth.

My suggestions were;

    1. you do the best you can given the ability and resources you have.
    2. Thereafter do not brood over the consequences
    3. Resolve to find measures to prevent future occurrences

If you are unable to do the above, then you are the one who is having a serious problem and thus will suffer for it.

So the critical problem is not John or Mary - either the dead baby or Mary being forced to give birth, or how it effect others,
the problem is on you to learn how NOT to have the above attitude [worry to death sort of] so you can avoid sufferings.

Once one have done one's best, one should avoid crying over spilt milk.
If one cannot overcome the above, then one will end up suffering all the time.

Views on the above?
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