The Normal Distribution = Bell Curve, - Exceptions?

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The Normal Distribution = Bell Curve, - Exceptions?

Postby Prismatic567 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:13 am

The normal distribution is the most important distribution in statistics. It describes a symmetric bell-shaped distribution. People's heights, weights and IQ scores are all roughly bell-shaped and symmetrical around a mean. This bell-shaped pattern is seen a lot and is why it gets the name normal. Most statistical tests in some way assume data to be roughly normally distributed (even when they're not).

The normal distribution is actually a family of many different bell-shaped distributions. Each can be described by two parameters: the mean μ and standard deviation σ (recall that these are the most common ways of measuring the center and variability of a distribution).

For example, adult male heights are on average 70 inches (5'10) with a standard deviation of 4 inches. Adult women are on average a bit shorter and less variable in height with a mean height of 65 inches (5'5) and standard deviation of 3.5 inches. If we took a large sample of men and women's heights and graphed the frequency of the heights we'd see something like the following:


Note: I don't think the average male height within the world is 5'10 [this may be applicable to the 'West' and some Africans]. This is not critical at present as my focus is on the principles of the Bell Curve.

The common variable that conform to the Normal Distribution is human height.

I believe almost all [could be 100%??] human variables conform to the Normal Distribution.
Since I am doing a project on the potential of humans to commit evil, I believe such an evil potential to commit evil will conform to the standard patterns of the Normal Distribution.

Can anyone name me one or more human variable[s] within ALL humans that is not likely to conform to the Normal Distribution, highly skewed?

Note: The results of Normal Distribution are merely rough guides and not expected to have high precision, thus we have to take into this limitation into account when using the information.
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