logic of freewill

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logic of freewill

Postby ezak42 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:29 am

initial circumstances- being born human and on earth, the state of humanity, your location on earth and the contending of resources and influence.
choice is available but, regulated by biological function and mental capacity, tentatively.

being completely free with no discretion is a human idea- the only existence known and that can be measured, is this universe- no matter the degree, its completely proven true because, we/us/life are currently experiencing it, in the continuous moment of 'now'.
human existence is only a facet of the cosmos

because, humans are the only beings currently proven capable to have understanding and knowledge to an intelligent extent- able to contemplate their own existence.

ability to make decisions from the organization of information acquired thru senses
not just acting on pure instinct alone, but instead able to exercise empathy and concern.
everything existing evolved from necessity, to the point that humans can impose their will on the environment and its manifests

nothing can't be experienced. it can't exist, because something does- the universe.

energy in the universe is composed of patterns and sequence, never complete static. matter of all variants; vibrating, occurring together, creating motion and change. the universes existence is indefinite. infinity cant be measured like eternity cant be experienced.

on a conscious self-discovery, the universe has no mirrors or relationships to provide feedback or guidance- nothing other than itself for reference. universe has no prejudice, desire or concerns, its completely unfettered. the universe is an area of continuity, where all matter coincides. all objects in the universe share a mutual essence; a common origin. all that exists in the universe is necessary- human observation, perception and awareness is not vital to the universe existing.

humans have an inherent motivation to seek answers and elaborate. realizing evidence and determine methods to advance progress. the capacity to consider different consequence for applied actions; collective and individual to ascertain indisputable fact. nothing negates the universe from existing.

humans are a subsidiary to the universe existing. our importance is dependent on a tentative system of rules that governs the universe- 'laws'
the universe is devoid; no perfect vacuum; everything radiates energy and has potential for change. humans can acknowledge the universe is real because, we can analyze its nature. our confidence is that we rely on earth to sustain life and not be destitute. the universe and its manifests are exclusively physical. separation of mind and body is a human concept. personal being-oneself- their ideas and actions- help form the collective consciousness of humanity.

because, humans have overcome natural selection, theyre the pinnacle of life on earth- being able to control- to a degree- the earths environment and creatures. there is no doubt the universe exists. inherent attributes of the universe are that everything radiates and absorbs energy. the universe has many frequencys; absolute stillness is absent. energy is eternal- cant be created or destroyed- only conserved. potential is infinite- try to count irrational pi. the universe cant escape itself, it has no alternative. the process is involuntary. purpose is a human idea, the universe has no sentiment or program, it operates objectively. humans just happen to exist and can observe it.

humans are the only species on earth with technology advanced enough to ensure and satisfy convenience- like a constant supply of nourishment, with minimal effort.

unlike humans, the universe is not responsible for anything it manifests, there is no obligation. we are a universal contingency. humans reserve a faculty on earth, our weakness is suffering. maintaining a state of continual peace and love; showing compassion, despite contrasting situations or opinions. an explicit truth is the universe seems to exist. impressive breakthrus in science cause more understanding and purpose for the human condition.

because humans struggle, they can experience extremitys, trying to maintain the illusion of balance and contentment by acting rational. there is no temporary doubt that the universe exists. the state of the universe is permanent but, always changing. humans can articulate thoughts and apply them to reality thru expressing communication- mainly language. the rate social change happens is correlated with societys willingness to accept differences and compromise.

value of life is the fact that no one can choose who they exist as. like 2pac said, 'dont blame me, i was given this world, i didnt make it'. mortal humans all succumb to death. currently, theres no possible way to revive someone back to life once their presumed dead. hence, one life to live. humans are partly responsible for earths environmental condition, as our influence extends that of all other inhabitants, we generate the most stress and problems. thru association, humans have agreed to form community.

supporting eachother to nurture the concept of love and affection, begining in the womb, maximize positive energy and suppress negative.

accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. lies are used to subjugate and diminish people of their earthly heritage and work thru generations.

humanitys exact future is indefinite but, we do have partial control over its outcome, of both individual and collective entitys.

beware; beliefs are merely ideas and opinions of fallible human minds; they appear as truth but, under investigation are not. its better to reside in the realm of anxiety and not-knowing, rather than succumb to the slumber of beliefs. live life thru your own experiences, or discard all beliefs and become a vessel for true knowledge.
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