After my mania cleared!!

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After my mania cleared!!

Postby Ecmandu » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:38 am

There is one thing, at the bottom of the ring of onions that nobody wants to see!!

An astute and sensitive person will act with aggression inwards and outwards to ignore or avoid having one simple thing come into their consciousness!

This one simple thing is that there is a stratification of number of sexual partners that is higher on the male side than the female side.

In summary, this means that 80% of males will have an average of 8 sexual partners in a lifetime, while 80% of females will have an average of 15 partners in a lifetime.

This causes agitation on the male side for two reasons:

Men would like to have the variety that women experience and appreciate.

More profoundly, if any person or wisdom tradition had stated this, the species would improve communication to equalize these numbers, which would cause more honest communication in general, which would reduce over-all aggression in the species as a whole.

The reason it is so hard to confront this truth consciously is because the person immediately realizes that had it been a wisdom tradition, the species would not only be more peaceful, nobody alive today, would have been born… so people have to work with the paradox of feeling gratitude for being somewhere, that if went well, would not include them!! This is the existential burden.

People will argue that women look for the best genes, and that's why they stratify their sex so hard, but this is demonstrably false!! Birth stratification has almost a 1:1 correspondence in this species (meaning one mother and father for every child) - completely separate from the number of partner stratification that allows females to have more sexual intimacy with different personalities, sexual styles and body types (which males would also appreciate). Women just do it to have fun!! And I don't blame them!! Males would like that same fun!! We need to have community aspect towards approaching sexuality transparently to reduce the stratification to broaden our communication \, not division, on all fronts, sexuality is very universal for the human species.

What it means is that there is a big hole, where all of our heroes are supposed to be… because no peace teacher taught this!!

I hold it against both sexes that they have not embraced this simple truth to better themselves or our species.

In a political sense, I will comment on conservatives and liberals…. they are axiomatically defined as what you conserve (meaning you have to not destroy the environment or the planet) and what you allow (meaning you have to not destroy the environment or the planet) - They mean the same thing!! The media is all propaganda!!

I will also tell you the factual answer of pro-choice. We know for a fact, that you can force every women to have 30 pregnancies in a lifetime, which is about 50 offspring would WOULD NECESSARILY BE HERE!! It would certainly make women miserable, if not all of us, and these are factual abortions!! Also, Some women don't like to be pregnant, and some of these women don't trust adoption services, they have every right to abort. Both of these things are abortion!! None of this destroys that life was affirmed in the cosmos… It's very easy to argue that uncontrolled birth is anti-life. Which goes back to my argument about liberal and conservatives.

I was just banned from a board I've never been banned from for posting this !!

For ILP!! Eternal recurrance is an asshole abomination (the eternal recurrence of people suffering as starving children in inner cities?) That's grotesque, and shameful!
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