My (hopefully) final evolution of path

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My (hopefully) final evolution of path

Postby Ecmandu » Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:00 pm

The path of fantasy becoming reality.

First I want to explain something about being someone who tried to destroy existence...

It requires love and passion for the absence of love and passion. Once it dawns on you, as it does everyone who attempts this... you realize that you want to sustain love and passion, that this was the value the whole time. Fanstasy becoming reality solves as life affirming, without harm or torment.

I believe this to be the universal evolution of being(s)

We all find this one. It has to be done with respect and dignity.

We need to evolve, and by evolve, I don't mean "work for a rape crisis center". I mean, change reality so rape doesn't occur again within our scope.

Do you honestly think a species millions of years our senior would have marriage and church?? Not a chance... they have mass media about how to and what to manifest, respecting our individuality.

After about 20 drafts of utopia, and life experience to expose me to a massive collection of "ingredients", I have settled on one that brings me optimism and encouragement - one I'm proud to submit.

We own our being, individuality is innate, we also have the ability to copy and paste.

To actually solve "no harm" to evolve, we need to use the copy and paste function.

An easy way to explain this is to immediately copy and paste billions of iterations of this planet.

Are you worried about harm coming to you, harm in terms of rejection in its multitudinous forms?

Love is ultimately beauty shared, everyone eventually realizes this... love and passion manifesting as fantasy becoming reality is the only path people eventually find, in the same way that I realized in my love and passion to destroy existence... I didn't want to destroy love and passion.

So how do we share beauty in an absolute sense?

We give each person their own world, a copy of this one, and we each copy our bodies and shape our hearts to be attuned or oriented towards appreciating and manifesting their fantasy, without violating our individuality, in our own world, where everyone does the same for us. We keep the same personalities and memories, we just molded the heart uniquely billions of times to experience joy giving people what we want to experience from them.

We could literally live on earth forever, being treated to our distinct fantasy becoming reality with the caveat of no harm. I'm not going to make a copy of myself that you're going to torment physically or psychologically, none of us are.

The point is to use our being to evolve beyond harm.

You can ask questions about the system I just described.

It's there to turn trauma and abuse into fulfillment and joy.
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