Perceptions of the World

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Perceptions of the World

Postby Wandering_Lands » Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:54 pm

There is a positive perception of the world, which has an optimistic view on life. Then there is a negative perception, which has a pessimistic view. Some say history is random; others say that there is some divine force in the universe, that's working to some teleological end. Concerning this teleological end, there are those who say that we are progressing to some 'higher divinity', while there is an opposite camp that say we are only degenerating, and perhaps some diabolical force is responsible for it.

All are formed from thoughts on the world; what it is, and what it could be as the mind desires. They all give their reasons for being true and valid, and yet they also have their shortcomings, as they do not completely make sense of existence in its entirety. They are not balanced, and are not open beyond their determined horizons, which is, for the most part, why there are so much conflicts in this world - why there is division and misunderstanding.

The start of actually exploring and put the pieces of this puzzle together comes with exploring beyond the separations of a concieved human thought paradigm. The real truth is, is that all perceptions do have their truths, that is, within different contexts that are the parts of this universe. There are moments of hapiness within our lives, just as there are moments of terrible despair. There are indeed nice people existing in the world; there is honesty, compassion, love, and charity. At the same time, there are people who are mean and evil; who inflict pain out of selfish ends. This is part of the duality principle that permeates in us all, ourselves and others.

There are moments of spontaneity and freedom, paradoxed with controlled determinism. It is determined both by human minds and by the influence of universal forces. It is we, who are part of the Great Mind, that have the agency to create and destroy things by our will. At the same time, as individuals in the universe, we must be aware of others and that of the universe itself, which is the Law of Cause and Effect.

It is true that conspiracies reign; that there may as well be a 'grand conspiracy', as conspiracy theorists say. Yet this happens because of our ignorance, which is a great flaw in humanity. The masses (including you and me) have time again been influenced by manipulators that have nefarious agendas.

So a question now arises: what is the endgame to all of this? I guess the answer lies in our will to choose our own lives. It's within ourselves that create our own perceptions; that we learn more and more as time goes on.
The One emanates the All, and the All returns to the One.
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