Why "Dirty Words" are healthy for life.

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Why "Dirty Words" are healthy for life.

Postby HatingMeIsEasier » Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:09 pm

Do I have to break down why saying "dirty" words is a part of life? Fine.

The words fuck, shit, ass, dick, pussy, damn, cunt (I am using words that aren't censored by the media) and so on are healthy for us because of these things:


On a super-atomic scale: Image

The positive ions and the negative ions do not determine your intelligence. There are geniuses that have spoken a very dirty language; in those words, they cleaned up this world with greatness. These people that spoke the "dirty language" did far more than the people that speak the "clean language". Here's the science behind it.

When you speak dirty, you are speaking a mix of both: clean and dirty. You are honest with both sides of your character and are freely communicating your positive/negative impulses.

When you speak clean, you are speaking only one side of life's two dualistic subatomic particles, which makes you "half of a person". There is a 100% scientific factor behind this that tells me that anyone who is 100% positive, is indeed 100% nothing. Two negatives equal a positive - it's the chaos and the dirty parts of the world that transcends into the peace and the distinctive parts of the world. If there weren't any negatives, there wouldn't be any positives. Thus, scientifically speaking, living the "positive life" is a logical fallacy.

That is why, in my personal sex life, I am very feral, but at the same time, I am very loyal. A mix between Man and Beast; Positive and Negative.

That is why during sex, you dump out your negatives to create one great positive.

These "dirty words" are more important to our lifestyles than "positive people" give them credit for. It's the "positive people" that lose their patience faster than the "negative people". It's not okay to be 100% negative/positive, but it's okay to be both.

Let your inner electrons out! Fuck the positive people - they do nothing positive - they are the definition of "life created from negative particles". We are their overlords! Fuck their damn complaints. They are dicks and pussies that cannot handle higher decibels of sound. They tremble at the sound of ferocity and power! Let them know who's boss! They are just cunts full of shit who cannot give life because they are, well, full of shit!

If you're only "positive", you're not speaking the truth - living half of life is not living life to its greatest extent. Truth is "whole", not "half". Place someone like George Carlin next to a Buddha teacher -

at first the peace feels nice over the chaos, but in the long run, George Carlin would be machine-gunning more truth than the guy in robes because George lived in both worlds; the monk in robes lives, yearns and thrives off of their inner peace, not their inner chaos.

The human experience is based on the design of a tornado; peace inward, chaos outward. Our Solar System is designed as peace inward, chaos outward. Our "peace" is the "sun" and the "eye of the tornado".
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