The Measure

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The Measure

Postby Ben JS » Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:58 am

We're born with a core value set.

These values have been evolving since before we existed.

Look across all animal species (including our ancestors). They all have core values - this indicates how important these values are for the survival and flourishing of an organism.

A lifetime can't kill these values. Not even hell can kill these values - hell can cripple them, but never kill.

These values are the essence of life, and as long as one's body/mind lives, these values will be stored in the flesh - Always resonating (even if only screams).

Everything we do, is a means to find peace and harmony in these resonations. 'God' is the voice of these values, and heaven is being attuned to and in harmony with 'God'.

'God' is the light, the truth.

How will an action affect your relationship to 'God'?
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