The mind is in the superposition...

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The mind is in the superposition...

Postby Amorphos » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:56 am

The mind is in the superposition...

the colours we see are the same light viewed from our perspective, with a thousand people with cameras could look at the same thing seeing a different image. They can zoom in/out and track an objects movement, a denumerable amount of possible perspective views being available to them.

The 'physical' reality is what the minds eye sees. That vision being observed and experienced [or not [i.e. like a camcorder]] exists in a superposition. the light in the world – the primary position prior to superposition.

Essentially, if you agree that our vision [what we are seeing] is in superposition [not the same as in the world], then it must surely follow that the consciousness experiencing it is equally in superposition.

More fundamentally, reality is both positions; imagine a transparent human head and as an instrument a bit like a camcorder, that it is relaying informations to the mind. Now as a perceptual object remove that transparent head to reveal only informations communicating, and the actual image we are seeing.

This analogy is my attempt at revealing the layered nature of reality, remembering that the image we actually see ~ the colours [formerly colour qualia] are 'energy' acting according to informations. Energy changes form according to behaviours, and here I believe the macroscopic perspective based vision [what we lit see], is in the superposition.

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