What consciousness is and how it is 'made'; theory.

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What consciousness is and how it is 'made'; theory.

Postby Amorphos » Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:26 am

What consciousness is and how it is 'made'; theory.

Binary processing = 0, 1, e.g. as in computing.

tertiary processing = -1, 0,+1, e.g. as with brains and possible artificial brains.

Possible back theory:
If consciousness is not initially a physical entity, then it must be one of the three possible objects [-1, 0,+1,] the brain is composed of at root. We have all manner of instruments which can read the frequencies in the brain, and those frequencies are particles acting in a wave which is fluctuating from positive to negative. If we draw a line through all of those frequencies this would represent where the middle ~ the neutral layer of things, are.

However of we read that on an oscilloscope any frequency reduced to neutral would simply be a straight line ~ hence have no reading and no information readable. I propose that as the positive and negative can be read and yet we cannot see consciousness in them, that really only leaves the neutral position of all polarities as being what consciousness 'is'.

The first problem I think of here, is that the frequencies are not flat-lining they are in a wave motion and not a straight one. However, they not spaghetti, they are composed of particles which flick from one polarity to another via neutral axis, they are a motion of empty epicentre's of energy ~ if they have and structure et-all.

Consciousness is a metaphysical entity which is intimately part of the thinking process, it lies seemingly 'passive' existing only as the neutral position between particles in a wave. Life begins with cells merging [being fertilised] in the egg then duplicating in a continual flow. Thus it would follow that consciousness first 'exist' at the point of first division, thereafter being a continual flow of change. This means that the neutral position in amongst all the polarities is in perpetual flow, The consciousness is not a 'part' or collection of parts but is essentially 'un-located' ~ this is why we always feel entire [in normal states of consciousness].

The next problem is; you cannot get something from nothing, there is primarily something which always comes before a given other thing. As everything in the universe has polarity [at least at the fundamental level], and we have placed consciousness in the 'liminal zone' [what I was attempting to describe above] in the brain [between cardinal positions +/-], then we must give a similar attribute to the collective of neutral or liminal places across the universe.

If we reduced all frequencies and other polarities from the universe, such that they would all be flat-lines on our 'scope, it becomes clear that no processing would occur. From this i'd extrapolate that base consciousness is not thinking in terms of processing, yet is nevertheless still conscious [perhaps some manner of pure being].

We can then go on to think that in the same way as in the brain [above], that liminal place exists throughout existence. A flat line may be metaphorically drawn though all things such to imagine an essential universal beingness from which consciousness in our brains derive. we may now equally draw a line through all the positives and through all the negative aspects of universal processing based around '-1, 0,+1,'.

Infinity is '0' prior to any polarity and is the essential emptiness both in and not in all things. We must again say what comes first, 0 [infinity] prior to the '0' in all '-1, 0,+1,' equations, as you cannot arrive at either polarised positions singularly, they always arrive in pairs +/-. it appears that the middle position is also the first position, and must ultimately derive from that which comes before it, which is always going to be the infinite 0. As there is nothing else occurring here, we can strongly assume that the state which is consciousness at the neutral point in local systems e.g. your brain, and that consciousness as pure being [as described above] are both derivative aspects of one another, then the 0 as infinity [and prior to all other liminal positions or states] is also of the conscious ilk – if you will.

My next consideration concerns how this activity/motions waves and spins, can get past this

'can any shape >be< a concept' [or information for that matter].

For a long time now I have been looking for an illusive thing; 'information', as if there was something else which must be bridging the gap between the physical and mental worlds. However, because here I have tied consciousness into the physical and made the native state of consciousness in the brain is liminal, I can now bridge the gap...

due to its direct involvement in the brains processes, consciousness is intimately connected at every level/layer to the brain as an instrument. We can see in technology how the microscopic is quit a different entity at the macroscopic level. Collections of spins, waves and fields add up to an image, and the information is directly transferred. The mass of polarised variations intimately correlate what is going on in the consciousness and of informations. This is intimately connected to the respective qualia e.g. a given colour has its representative wavelength, but the actual colour qualia derives from the arrangement and the second hand nature of the physical to the conscious.
That is to say that colour qualia is arrived at via the intimacy between physical particles and consciousness, but it is not of the consciousness. Just as we have traced consciousness back to infinity at the base of reality, we have also said that +/- polarized energy derives from the neutral or liminal aspect at the centre or middle of every polarity. This means they are a second hand 'x' [lets call it ether] to consciousness and composed from it. This is what colour qualia is. In fact would now take away the notion of 'qualia' and state that colour is just colour – the thing itself, but it is intimate and thus relative to the physical in an indirect yet derivative manner.

Basically as we move into the macroscopic its all about correlations, alignments/arrangements [of polarities],and ultimately language a kind of symphony. This is how we may jump from the physical to the mental, because those two words are just tools of explanation, there is only one reality occurring! ...and that is what I am attempting to say here.

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