~ Metaphor of Self-Consciousness ~

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~ Metaphor of Self-Consciousness ~

Postby BillWiltrack » Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:41 am


A few days ago a bird hit one of the large sliding glass doors at the gym that I pray in.

I stepped outside and sat, sort of leaning upon a short ledge, about 12 inches from the bird itself.

I formed a sort-of half circle lounged around the unusual feathered pile.

At first I thought the bird was dead. Then I noticed a shallow breath & it's eyelids were moving slightly. I was certain it had a broken neck.

I just sat there.

I did not touch it. I really didn't even move.

15 maybe 20 minutes passed.

The bird eventually gathered itself and flew onto the trunk of a tree that was perhaps 7 feet away. It was then I realized that the bird was actually a type of woodpecker.

I wonder if our relationship to self-consciousness is somewhat a similar metaphor.

Ouspensky always claimed that higher consciousness already exists for us. In a perfect state.

And that we just need to adjust ourselves to experience it. To come to.

Frogs have evolved to where much of it's thought processing happens within it's eyes not in it's brain.

Looking at a human as being a factory of sorts we relate much of our processing within our brains.

We do that rightly or wrongly.

Consciousness; self-consciousness may have nothing directly to do with our brain functioning; our processing.

Self-consciousness might just come based upon unrelated or as yet undetectable reality that we might necessarily be blind to.

Occasionally, some of us just, come to.


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