Time Travel Psychology

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Time Travel Psychology

Postby idioticidioms » Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:42 am

I know this is labeled as 'Time Travel Psychology', but it's in philosophy for a reason. If you look throughout humanity, you can't help but notice a balance of sorts within groups ranging from Saintly to Devilish. The problem is that people are seeking balance on an individual basis; which shows an instinct to do so; such instinct having not been bred without reason which tends to suggest that we were, at one point in time, a species together in evolution and keeping each other in line.

This begs the question of 'what set us off to begin with?' There's a lot of various theories and accusations people could throw around, but let's entertain time travel. You would have an advanced species interacting with its own past representative, whether either one is cognizant of it or not. Now, once time travel is began and a loop is created, the loop will always exist and can be traveled often. This would theoretically breed, over time, the balance that we see in modern societies.

How? Let's look at it. If you have X amount of people coming from an undisclosed event in the future to a certain point in the past, then you have Y amount of people already at that point in the past; you are introducing two groups from separate places and times and there becomes a discord that remains there regardless of how much time has passed. If Time Travel is possible not just from the one point in the future, but various points throughout time that would synch with certain times at times and other times at other times, then you would see a filtration effect as one sees it in society coinciding with the balance that is created.

Imagine; and keep in mind that this is rudimentary; that our balance once existed on a horizontal plane and we took it and created a cycle with it that instantaneously created time, space, etc.; what we know of the material reality. The filtration effect is not just the balance, but also the disappearance of certain people and objects from the face of the planet without explanation and the appearance of certain objects and people throughout history that should not have been where they have been.

I'm sure many of you have experienced looking around for something you have lost; knowing full well where you set it down at; only to have it pop up later on in the exact place where you knew you set it down at. This could be attributed to many things including faulty memory, but it could very well be temporal displacement.

The fact that we're hitting an era where Time Travel becomes such a dominant theme in our media shouldn't be avoided either. The Time Travel theory would begin with the first layer or 'run' through life. At one point time, people were connected in their languages; I think through their minds, a mental connection. There is a story of a tower of Babel that man sought to create to bridge the gap to the Gods.

Mankind was separated into races; different colors and languages. Of course they would have to find some way to communicate other than their minds and language would become a matter of popularity; being that he who is most popular is most followed when it comes to linguistic traits. Each culture around the world having to develop their own language.

The Tower of Babel may be an actual physical tower, but I think it was more of a mental tower that people sought to build to go the place where the Gods came and went from; their perception of advanced beings who happened to find themselves within a zone where time did not exist; an access point to all of time and space.

Now, the first run through the entirety of existence would have humanity and whatever Gods chasing their own tails trying to figure out wtf is going on and thinking that what is working against them is a devil or enemy. Cue the fighting, the religious conversions, etc.; everything you can list off in known or unknown history. The second and possibly third runs would be where time travel is fully realized as people are forced to develop it for whatever reason.

Those reasons most likely will be the end of the world or a perceived end of the world. With the realization of Time Travel, the second and third runs through life would undoubtedly be ones of self-indulgence; people would avidly work against religion and everything else having given their full devotion in the first run. Note that I understand I'm not talking about the same people repeated over time, though that becomes possible, too; if you take into account the idea of a spirit pool or something similar to Aeon Flux.

These people would live alongside the devoted and callously work against them having given up hope almost entirely; until a realization is hit somewhere along the line that with having gone through time 2-3, possibly 4 times, there was still a force that they could not rectify or define that was constantly working against them while they constantly worked against all of humanity by getting their fill and controlling the world of men. They go back a 4 and 5th and 6th time.

And what they find on those final runs cemented the purpose that spawned religion in the modern age; the science experiment that spawned Adam and Eve amongst the scatterings of civilizations upon the Earth. Given that the people who Time traveled to the second and third runs were most likely running from something and less likely to lead; they would generally go to an era of time that would be free from every pain and suffering except the hardship of natural life; probably somewhere between the existence of the dinosaurs and the full emergence of animals; or perhaps even during the existence of dinosaurs.

You would have to take into account that perhaps they weren't aware of traveling in time; they may have been escaping Earth via space or some other means and got caught up and transported back in time and thought they were landing on another planet. By the time they realized their mistake; if they realized it; it wouldn't have mattered.

The second and third and possible fourth runs would be purposeful movements through time, yet still crude and unrefined and would have them chasing their own tails while having fun until they realized something was working against them; something they couldn't analyze or detect even with their advanced technology. Because this would be the fourth and fifth and possible sixth runs of human evolution interacting with us all and returning the peace and working against themselves to do what is best for all mankind.

Theoretically, this would grant a breeding ground of mostly sheep-like individuals who feel prone to following others who seemingly lead better than them, who are seemingly smarter; the variations between people becoming even more apparent as the calling cards of evolution, from the more brutish to the less; creating the pyramid-like balances that all interact.

And with in-breeding, this would cause mass confusion until evolution caught up in every single person to return them to an individual by individual balance. Every mental retardation would theoretically be attributed to advanced genetics mixing with genetics that are more raw and unrefined.

The end and ultimate result is the true creation of God through the compressing of time within the loop of those that have been through it enough and the creation of artificial Gods claiming to be God that are mere mortals. Every alien sighting could be then attributed to future evolutions of the human body in various forms and divisions, etc.

Given that this is all overlaid over each other; the only ones to have any true idea what is going on are the end results that aren't really talking to anyone. They've learned their lessons as a species, keeping underground, in a manner of speaking and continuing to be what they will be.

Which leads us to wonder what happens once we hit the looping point and what lays on the other side of it for us? And, if our psychology and our balance is dictated by such interactions, when do such interactions end and when; if ever; would our balance revert to what it was, or would we continually be stuck with our current balance of aggravation? I think that it would revert, given the results of certain experiments, as they all would keep ticking until they got back into alignment with each other. And, it would look like chaos to most observers, yet it would get the job done and all would be in alignment eventually.
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