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Postby Dan~ » Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:21 am

Fighting is part of a code of conduct, even if at many times the code does not seem to be a code. It is a sloppy crappy code, but none the less, it is a code, a system, something like this: We all have entitlements. That is one of the key assumptions. And if someone interferes with your entitlements, you must attack or counter act the someone or persons which stepped on your flower garden. How ever badly they messed up your flowers, that is relative to how much the foes should be punished by you directly or indirectly. Some people have excessive suffering, or are more easily offended. Some people are numb and hard to offend. This multiplies or divides their retaliation. Retaliation changes from person to person. In most cases, fights start out mental then progress into physical combat. On larger scales, there are tribe wars, feuds, gang violence, or in nations with a mass media, it can even become a full on war. This mass destruction is less valuable than a lollipop, but to a common person, everything comes from the subconscious which is not a rational or even a helpful force. Fighting exists because of DNA, in general, not because it is good for the planet or our species or anything else eutopian like that. The more deeply you understand fighting, the less likely you are to fight. Fighting in general, is like attacking a ship as it is sinking, telling it not to sink, and staying on board that ship. Some forms of fighting exist on this forum as well, name calling mainly.
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