is math offensive?..

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is math offensive?..

Postby Amorphos » Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:28 am

is math offensive?

if the universe worked by math, we and everything in it would be like puppets, moving and thinking in exacting terms. yet reality isnt like that, there can be no grand unified theory based upon math.

reality is 'organic' in the sense that there is way to much fluidity e.g. at the quantum and infinite levels. druidic philosophy is such that i can round it up in the saying 'once it is written it is lost'. when i see words on things, adverts especially, i get a strong feeling of revulsion, i feel offense that they are taking my freedom away from me, and trying to say how it is.

if i understand it correctly, christians feel the same in a manner. i remember an most intelligent guy who was driven off a forum because [he was christian] he stated that simplicity is truth. people thought that meant he was unintelligent and mocked him, though this clearly wasnt true.

he instead simply meant that the complexities and prejudices of todays society are a result of the lack of simplicity in our every day lif. i hate computers and would much rather talk to you guys without that medium. so i can understand his ideal of 'eden' and i think the ancients of this land had a similar problem [when the bronze age occured].

thats not to say that i like farming, and i wouldnt want the world to revert to how it was back in the day. i like advancement but i dont like how everything about the system [babylon] does my head in. all we get are endless phonecalls from salepersons, and an endless rhetoric concerning 'customer service', we should act like this n that etc.

satan is a metaphor of 'the deceiver', and it seems like at every turn people are trying to trick us. governments do it in a really frustratingly unintelligent and pathetic manner, as do it seems, everything and everyone we deal with.

maybe its me, but it just seems that the world today tries to shape us and contort every idiology and way of thinking, into something that the system if for or against.

anyone would think life is as simple as 2 n 2 equals four, or one thing is black another white.

perhaps, just perhaps, the people 'educating' and ruling us, are full of shit. the real world is not what they are offering!!!
The truth is naked,
Once it is written it is lost.
Genius is the result of the entire product of man.
The cosmic insignificance of humanity, shows the cosmic insignificance of a universe without humanity.
the fully painted picture, reveals an empty canvas
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