Morality again

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Morality again

Postby Dan~ » Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:03 pm

Morality is nature.
Nature is nature.
Truth is nature.

We, if honest and clear, must admit we barely understand nature. We know some principles, some mechanisms, some things like that. I think morality is naturally a part of knowledge. It's an aspect of our mind, but it also came about by a very deep and complex process that we do not have full record of. I'm not referring to a magical morality, or a "subjective" styled brain in a vat morality. I'm talking about real forces shaping how we think and survive. Our morality values life, usually, especially survival of life, profit for life forms, etc. Good and true morality is human life-ism. This is common, obvious, and caused by nature. People who can not see that seem foolish to me. But, nobody is born equal. Some minds are amoral, or immoral. This is also natural. If the amoral minds survive better than the moral ones, morality would disappear. However, we value friends and family. We work as a team. We want to live long and be unharmed. That's something that "works". It exists for that reason. That's basically my argument for natural morals.
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