The Universal Love of things, part 1

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The Universal Love of things, part 1

Postby Truthseeker » Fri Nov 01, 2002 5:45 pm

Hello everyone. I hope you understand the views and opinions expressed here are none but mine and I welcome your opinions with open arms and unless you can prove OTHERWISE, the words which I will use will remain the same throughout all messages. Also, everything here is centered toward America, not any other country.
I am planning on doing a topic a day, since it would take up so much room and time. If you reply more, I will wait longer so that I can read and try to re-evaluate, etc..
I'm not posting this message trying NOT to get people to look at them, it seems to me, the more the messages have NOTHING to do with nothing, the more people want to post on them. I understand a lot of people here already don't like me, for what reason I do not know. Maybe it's cause I am different, and I am affecting their thinking a little :)

Whatever the reasons, here we go:

Part one:

The love of money

For those of you who refuse to beleive you are a number in this world, just as someone replied in one of my last messages, think again. Money makes America go around and the NEED or LOVE for it makes people do things they do. People here have sex, eat, laugh, play, fight, kill and horde all for the love of money.
Now some of you may think that they may have other reasons for doing what they do, but you all know the truth! In the end, everyone has at least in ONE time in their life lusted after money so bad, that they would kill someone for it. Needless to say that families exist where money ISN'T the center of a relationship, but then again, is that true also?
You all are familiar with domestic desputes, most of your parents are divorced and even though now you probably could care less, think about what would have happened if money wasnt an issue for them? It usually always comes down to money, which LABELS us as a number.
Our government uses social security as a means to label us, if you beleive you are NOT labeled by this, then you are being ignorant. Also you have to pay taxes on EVERYTHING and what does the government do for you?

Now, lets take a look at the way the media operates with money, shall we?
I was watching the"Daily Show" and a certain corrispondant from another news station was present, talking about how the media covers the stories that the majority wants to hear. Why do they do this you ask, for the love of money! They needed the better ratings for MONEY, it's as clear as that. Why do you think every news channel is covering the same crap about the snipers in the Washington D.C. area? That's all you ever hear about now and you probably won't hear a change until the end of the month. First it was Sept. 11th, then it was Bin Laden, then it was Sadam, and now it's the snipers. Don't you want to know WHAT is happening with Bin Laden?

The news and media knows a lot more about things than they will admit, for some occasions they actually went beyond anything I thought they would.
While the media changes it's stories, America is kept in the dark about things. It's a nice plan see, keep changning stoies and nobody gets nowhere, nobody worries about the REAL issues happening in the world. I believe the government is behind EVERY media-based organization in America and they tell them to say ONLY what they want US to hear
Since all of you think I am "religious" I will clarify that I am not by the next string of messages. Also let me point out that the true creator of the universe (or higher being) never created a religion, man created religion.

This is an article from about churches and their "mission" statement.

A Christian church in the Northwest adopted one of the strongest mission statements I have ever read. Among many other good things, it said, "We are committed to helping people discover, refine, and use their spiritual gifts." "To reach as many people as possible...we commit ourselves to a multiple offense in evangelism." "We believe people experience spiritual growth when they are entrusted with specific ministry tasks and given the responsibility to accomplish them." "We are committed to a stewardship focus that emphasizes others, not selfish interests."

When I got to the church to begin my consulting work I asked the pastor, "What are you doing to carry out these wonderful statements?"

The pastor could point to almost nothing the church as a whole was doing to carry out its good intentions. Though this church claimed to be committed to equipping people for evangelism, they offered no evangelism training. They said they wanted to help people develop and use their spiritual gifts, but they had no specific way to help people identify or test their gifts.

All that, for the love of money! You already can see the multitudes of people being deceived! You must think what force is behind this, surely if a ministry could use their mind instead of money, they would. Since that doesn't exist friends and what is real is real, they need to beg for money, which is wrong and the creator never intended for this to happen, but he gave us a "free will" instead. (I changed my mind since last time about "free will", however I still don't think you can move objects with your mind)

After reading that, I think the next universal thing that everyone loves is power, thus, money brings forth power and people also love power :)
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