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Joseph's Inspirations!

Postby joseph_jialiang » Mon Oct 28, 2002 9:28 am

Joseph’s inspirations!

1. The first truth about Homo sapiens is every man is selfish!

2. No pain, no gain!

3. Try your very best before you ask for help from others.
Before you offer help or giving promise to others, please make sure that it is not beyond your ability!

4. The world is so cruel that no one is equally the same and the existence of discrimination is a true fact that we must accept and live with it. So, here, I pronounced that every man on earth is dirty because their eyes and mind is far from their origin!

5. The purpose of life is to be in control of your life whether you are alive or dead!
Life is unpredictable and everything is changeable and nothing stays forever. Don’t waste your time!

6. The last truth about Homo sapiens is that they don’t know how lucky they are and they don’t know how to appreciate their life. Don’t take life for granted!

7. Life is an illusion! So nothing to gain as well as nothing to lose! Just go ahead and do it! Remember… Don’t try, Just Do It!

8. There are ‘things’ that impossible for you to forget, but life still going on and on!
Treasure today, as the past is like the ape, which can’t change to human while the future is like the alien that we don’t know when, is their arrival!

9. “Hard work” is useless as there is something in your body works more efficiently and is the most powerful tool you ever know!

10. The “Energy” is with and within you! The greatest and the mightiest you will ever feel!

11. Idea is good but it can’t make you move unless you have the enthusiasm!
The first step is very important than anything else! I hate cheap talk!

12. It is nothing wrong for someone to be realistic in life by saying that love is money or money is love. But it will be better if you realize that neither love nor money will give you the eternal happiness!

13. Love is an obstacle but without love, life is meaningless. Money or love is more important? To me, I can hardly live without money but I can’t live without love. That’s what true love is all about!

14. To always stay in peace and serenity, ones need to practice “none-self”, “without you” and “without me”.

15. Do not scare to stand on your own logic, as the majority is nothing special but just people’s thinking!

16. The hardest thing on earth for us to do is to forgive and forget. We always think about ourselves only!

17. We are always forgetful but not thankful! We do not know how to appreciate what we are now!

18. Life is a process of learning and improving towards perfection!

19. 99% of knowledge & intelligent + 1 % of wisdom & horse sense will make you an unsuccessful person!

20. 99% of wisdom & horse sense + 1% of knowledge & intelligent will give you the whole world!

21. Knowledge and intelligent is what you get it from books; while, wisdom and horse sense is from your own experiences and lots of exposure!

22. How to get rid of stress? Be ignorant!

23. The richest person on earth is not how much he earned, how big the house or how many cars he owned but is who are still besides of him!

24. A friend who never jealous of you is indeed a true friend.

25. Life is so short but we have so much that we had not yet accomplish, what should we do? To me, just live my days without regret and always be a repentant sinner!

26. There are no true and pure friendship between man and woman!

27. Nothing belongs to you except your soul.

28. There are so many things that cannot be explained by science but it doesn’t mean that there are not existences.

29. Love is just a spark of fire where two rocks hit together.

30. What is your first reaction if you know that you will be dead? Feel blank and don’t know what to do? I think I will take it as a motivation for me to move even higher. Take the word “dead” seriously as it is my inspiration towards life! No dead, no life!

31. Things or incidents may be fated to you, but you are the one in control of your life as you are the one and only to make a decision in life.

32. Life is so fair that everything has it causes and effects!

33. The more powerful you are, the more you need to sacrifice!

34. Never ever comment about your own looking as you are not only insults yourself and your parent but also God!

35. Never ever comment about how others look to you too, as everyone has their own beauty.

36. Never ever try to convince people to believe in you or what you have said, as the more you said, the least they will believe in you!

37. Word is the most powerful weapon on earth!

38. You are what you think you are! It is not just saying, but is a reality! How you think will make what you are. Ideas make up the whole world!

39. Everything is changing, the world is changing; I hope the change won’t bring to the end!

40. The world is too realistic to live about, as nothing concern about people but just money!

41. Money is just a tool, but somehow, we are not using the tool anymore but we are the tools to work for money!

42. The greatest moment in life is to stay in peace!

43. The happiest moment in life is to see others in happiness!

44. The most challenging work to do in life are to rushing with time!

45. Nothing is more important than your very true self. Don’t cover yourself be original!

46. If you feel that you are selfish or unwilling to help others when they need you, please change your mind by thinking that how they treated you before. Be gratitude and be the first to do something for others!

47. It may be true that keeping your routine life is nothing wrong but it will be much better if you realize how good the life will be when you change to a better one!

48. No one will ever like to hear critics finger at you, but the great gentleman would love to be the listener and always learn from others! Neither thinks you are always right nor wrong!

49. Everyone will feel uneasy when others say something you don’t like to hear. What you can do is recalled back how you talk to them before.

50. The last will be the first and the first will be the last!

51. What is friendship? To me, friendship is like the water we need to drink everyday. The body needs the water to survive but the water is not belong to anyone or you only as the water is independent and universally available.

52. If you ask me about my future, I can tell you that I don’t know at all.
But I will grab any chance or opportunity that given to me.

53. Everyone wish to be outstanding in his or her field but the harder they try, the biggest disappointment they will get.
The outstanding is not always the best. Just do your very best!

54. Life is just a process of repetition as you are almost doing the same thing everyday. By staying out of dull and boring life, keep on your routine but don’t keep on your mood and feeling. Try to feel the difference everyday!

55. What you like and what you don’t?
I don’t like to explain but I like to hear; I don’t like to hear but I like to see;
I don’t like to see but I like to say; I don’t like to say but I like follow;
I don’t like to follow but I like to think; I don’t like to think but I like to do;
I don’t like to do but I like to experience; I don’t like to experience but I like to feel;
I don’t like to feel but I like to try; I don’t like to try but I like to do;

56. What you love and what you don’t?
I don’t like to admire but I like to love; I don’t like to love but I like to be love;
I don’t like to be love but I like to be in love; I don’t like to be in love but I like to be deeply in love;

57. If you think you are somebody, the truth is you are just nobody.

58. The best way to motivate yourself is to use the word dead.

59. If you think you are just nobody, the truth is somebody is waiting for you.

60. There are so many things in our mind that we wish to do, but sometimes we don’t have the gut to do it. So how? Just wait for the moment to regret about it!

61. The truth speaker is the one who look into your eyes when talking to you.

62. I feel sad to be hurt by others, but I hate myself if I hurt others.

63. Don’t say sorry as you do nothing wrong; don’t say thanks as I do nothing for you;

64. The happiest person on earth is someone who knows how to appreciate, knows who to be thankful and knows when to feel content.

65. Knowing when and how to let go and let it be is something ones need to learn in a lifetime.

66. Desires cannot be control, because the harder you try to stop it, the greater it will become. Try to transform the desires to formless.

67. If you ask me what are the origin of life? My answer is desires.

68. I cannot remember because I don’t want to.

69. You are how you feel you are.

70. Our feelings are so easily get fluctuated and influenced by people, words, sayings, and thoughts and are we really live the way of ours or in the eyes of others.

71. Don’t try to lie to yourself or others, as there are no secrets in this world.

72. The greatest entertainment I enjoyed is to discover and exploring the nature and the universe.

73. Don’t always say sorry because if you really feel sorry, do some action.

74. Silence is the best answer.

75. Do not believe but understand.

76. Understand, practice and experience. Then follow your own experience to do what is good and not doing bad, serving others and achieve perfection via purify your mind.

77. Never ever try to convince or change a person because it is impossible to get two persons in the whole world who have the same thinking and understanding with you.

78. How to get along well between husband and wife?
If your husband is hot-tempered, do not disturb him; While if your wife is too sensitive, do not let her suspicious you;
You can’t change a person to your liking because he is what he is, but you can always change yourself.

79. The mind: problem itself is not a problem unless you yourself created it.
For instance, real live examples: Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda was discovered by doctor to have cancer but the cancer just gone in two months, his secret was he didn’t take the cancer as a sickness or problem but not to think about it or worry at all and continue his routine life daily.

80. The most painful moment in life is when you like someone but you cannot love her. (23’08’02)

81. There are so many things we can do but we didn’t, while there are things that we are not allow to do but we still doing it. (23’08’02)

82. No matter how good you are or how many good deeds you have been doing, only just one mistake is more than enough to make you down. (01’09’02)

83. We are not ready to change unless there is something happened to us. (01’09’02)

84. It is so nice to spend a few minutes everyday by closing your eyes and think back the past memories whether it bring you happiness or sadness;
While, when the moment you open your eyes, you will realize that it was just a dream. (01’09’02)

85. A guy is handsome when he is fully concentrated at his work;
A lady is beautiful when she is concerned and cared about you; (02’09’02)

86. The hardest thing on earth is to always hold our principles and decisions without changing it. (03’09’02)

87. If you are single, that’s great because you owned your heart fully;
While, if you are not, that’s good also as you have given half of your heart to the one you love; (03’09’02)

88. What are the most important moment in each and everyday? Knowing how to make happiness for yourself and others and also not hurting yourself and others too. (03’09’02)

89. Ones ability is out of our imagination.

90. A man with responsibility is a man to respect.

91. If achievement is a success, then failure is the mother to success.

92. A leader is the one who make action, while a follower is the one who make suggestion.

93. We always like to admire others, but what about ourselves?

94. Ambition is good but fulfil it is even better.

95. A true person doing things not for awards but self-improvements.

96. Luck or fortune is something we dream about, tell me when will you satisfy with the luck that had been given to you now.

97. Life is just a choice for you to choose.

98. I believe in fate, but I trust myself.

99. Habit is good in many ways but stubborn is the disease. (03’09’02)

100. The most conscious person is the one who knows when to stop. (07’09’02)

101. The best way to forget things, persons, incidents or the past is to remember them well and clear. (07’09’02)

102. Every man is superb when facing crisis. (07’09’02)

103. Everything has two sides. (07’09’02)

104. If you want to believe in others, let the belief be a saying first, and remember nothing is the truth unless you yourself are understood. (07’09’02)

105. The truth is there are no truths. (07’09’02)

106. If you think money is everything, then I think “doubt” is the gold and “the answer” is invaluable to me. (07’09’02)

107. If you can do what you wish to do then your life is not valueless. (07’09’02)

108. To solve a problem, ready to face is like the moment you take a glass, facing it is the moment you drink the water, finding solution is when the water being absorbed in your body and the result is the moment you go to washroom. (07’09’02)

109. The great person is the one who follow their heart. (07’09’02)

110. I might be wrong, but I will never repeat the mistake again, can I really do it? (07’09’02)

111. Habit is stupid only if there have no changes. (07’09’02)

112. Nothing will go to the end. (07’09’02)

113. 7 things most people are afraid of: (1) hunger (2) poor (3) ugly (4) aging (old, sick & dead) (5) failure (6) changes (7) lonely – don’t worry, you still have me!

114. 7 things you must do on your birthday! (1) pay respect to your parents (2) appreciate those who are around you and don’t forget them (3) be grateful and thankful to everyone; those seen and unseen; known and unknown; as well as the universe; (4) worship to yourself, your very true self (5) make a wish (6) buy yourself a present (7) accept friends’ blessings – accept my blessings for you too

115. 7 ways to be happy: (1) do not think of good or bad (2) do not hesitate, don’t try, just do it (3) always be thankful of who you are (4) knowing how and when to let go and let it be (5) do not believe (in anyone or anything) but understand (6) do your very best, let He do the rest (7) always appreciate those who are still around you

116. The best way to forget is to remember; the best way to remember is to forget;* (09’09’02) *(The truth behind my own truth about this very special inspiration is that it is impossible for us to forget our precious memories; that is why if we really need to forget something that had been hurting us, the best way is to remember them. The theory behind it is when the moment you try to remember them, the time you used is shorter than the time you trying to forget them. For instance, you had met an accident, the moment you try to think about the accident, your mind will try to stop it by itself. While, if you try to forget them, my own experience is that there will always there pop up in your mind. Which one is hurting you more?) *(The best way to remember is to forget, why I say so? It is because you will not forget a thing unless you have an idea what to forget!)

117. 7 things about life: (1) Life is an illusion as everything is changeable, unpredictable and nothing stay forever (2) Life is like a guitar as you always need to fine tune it (3) Life is a choice for you to choose (things may be fated to you but you are always given a chance to make your own decision) (4) Life is a process of learning and improving towards perfection (5) Life is nothing but memories (6) Life is indeed a suffering, but there are no happiness without suffering (7) Life is no life but not without love

118. 7 things about friend: (1) A person who can talk about everything and anything (as he/she will keep the secret) (2) A person who can share all your happiness or sadness (as he/she will never jealous about you) (3) A person who will always be free for you (as he/she treasure you) (4) A person who is willing to help you when you are in trouble (5) A person who will talk and share things with you (A true friend is a not a selfish person) (6) A person who believe in you but not really understand you (you may know a friend in one day but it will take a lifetime to understand and knowing his/her true self) (7) A person who knows when to forgive and forget

119. 7 best about love: (1) Happiness (2) Romantic (3) Trust (4) True (5) Feeling (6) Caring (7) Understanding

120. 7 bad about love: (1) Money (2) Time (3) Sacrifice (4) Suspicious (5) Tolerance
(6) Hurt (7) Short

Philosophically speaking, love is romantic and wonderful. (The best moment about love is to fall in love with someone you like and at the same time he/she fall in love with you too; there is no true love with only one side.)

Psychologically speaking, love is a need to survive. (Love is the purpose of life; there is no life without love.)

Practically speaking, love is a responsibility. (The way to express your love is not from your heart; but is with both hands.)

Honestly speaking, love is a suffering. (Sometimes we are so near, but sometimes we are so far apart.) (17’09’02)

122. What is Buddhism?

If you say Buddhism is a religion, I do not agree because, to me, Buddhism is not a belief, Buddha never asks you to believe in him.

If you say Buddhism is a teaching, I do not agree because, to me, I didn’t follow the rules and teaching in Buddhism blindly. Teaching is something you need to follow but in Buddhism, I am absorbing the knowledge only I give a deep thought into it before it becomes my own wisdom.

If you say Buddhism is a practice, I do not agree because, to me, it is the whole of my life. Did you named life is a practice? You need to understand Buddhism before you going to practice Buddhism. But once you understand Buddhism, Buddhism is not a practice anymore but is just your life. I didn’t practice Buddhism because everything I do come straight from my mind and heart that I didn’t follow anyone or any practice but just myself only after I fully understand what Buddhism is all about.

If you say Buddhism is a guidance, I do not agree because, to me, Buddhism is so free that it is not belong to any group or give you any feel of dominate or even any feel of discriminate. There are no leader or follower in Buddhism as everyone is the same. There are no teacher or student in the real understanding of Buddhism as Buddhism is a sharing, a sharing of wisdom.

If you say Buddhism is spiritual, I do not agree because, to me, Buddhism is so real that you can feel it. Is it that everything gone through your five senses then it is real to you? Did you called love is spiritual? Can you touch or see love? We feel love, that is why Buddhism is not spiritual but I will say Buddhism can give you the strength and energy.

If you say Buddhism is useless in life, I do not agree because, to me, Buddhism lead you to serenity and peaceful. Your mind will become so pure and clear that even problem is not a problem anymore. Buddhism will let you see through life, the truth of life, the purpose of life, the meaning of life, and the life, which is not just a life.

What is Buddhism? I don’t know how to define Buddhism but to me, Buddhism is not Buddhism anymore but myself.

If you believe in something, you can get lost;
If you believe in nothing, you are lost also;
If you believe in yourself only, you may get lost;
If you believe in a person only, you will get lost;
Do not believe but understand, as your own understanding will never get you lost.
Understanding is something you had to experience and you yourself feel right about it.
No one or anything can make you understand, unless you yourself are there. (18’09’02)

124. We are survived with our memories; life will be meaningless without memories.

125. How to release stress or tension for man and woman?
The best way is to stand in front of the mirror, talk to yourself, look at yourself, and count how many more wrinkles will appear. (22’09’02)

Beginner (Love fever)
When the moment you know is her, you are just strike by virus.
When the moment you go after her, you are falling sick.
When the moment you think about her, you are like living in hell or heaven.

Intermediate (Crazy Love)
When the moment you can’t see her, you are going to blind.
When the moment you miss her, you are losing your soul.
When the moment you can’t be with her, you are losing your mind.

Advanced (Ultimate Love)
When the moment you both are together, you just make yourself a bond.
When the moment you both living together, you both are handcuffed.
When the moment you both going but not together, your heart are broken.

127. If you spend 1 dollar to buy 4D, I think it will be much better to spend 20 cents more to get today’s newspaper. (23’09’02)

Life is so colourful, like a rainbow; there are 7+1 colours in life;
*The moment we born – our origin, the origin of life = white

My childhood was so special that it made what I am now. I will give it a blue because I was dealing with unfinished business that brought together with me from my past.

My earlier teens were so playful and ignorant but it was all my happiest moment in life and was the most unbelievable. I give it an orange because it was my growing period like the sunrise from the sky.

My teens were so serious because facing all kinds of exam. I hate exam and I hate to be so serious in life, so stressful, so suffocated and there are down and high moments, which I appreciated and regretted. I will colour it as red because that’s the period of warning in life. Your every move will determine what will you be in the future.

My earlier twenties were so much to learn and unlearn. This period is the moment of adjusting myself. I was so lucky in this period because I met so many “Teachers” in my whole life. They taught me so many things that some I understood and some now I only understood and still many I don’t. I love this moment, so I will colour it with purple, my favourite colour.

Now, I am in the twenties, I am enjoying this moment, because it is so steady that I can’t find my peaks and lows. I am so eager to jump over this period, I will across it with indigo. To me, indigo represent inner strength and energy. I am now dealing with myself, my very true self. Now is the moment for me to feel, my feelings are so strong now, all my senses are open up and so wise that I can receive so many kinds of unknown matter. It is amazing!

So, I wish my earlier thirties to my sixties will be yellow, a very mystery period and that will be the most important period in my whole life because that period will make me a very matured person whether what career will I achieve, will I get married, will I be a responsible son to my parents, will I be a lovely guy, will I be a successful man and will I still alive and so on.

Lastly, I think I will go to end up my life in green, a very serene and peaceful moment in life. I love the nature, and that’s the moment I am looking forward to. While, after the 7 colours, I don’t wish to end up with another white because that’s the starting point and the ending point in life. I am going to disappear, can be in nowhere and anywhere. That’s what my life is all about.

129. Looking for girlfriend is like looking for trouble; but when you are lonely, you are bored because no one troubles you;

130. Never ever predict things that you would like to do, because you don’t know what will happen next.

What is your goal in life?

It is a must to set a goal in life or else life will be meaningless.

While, if you set your goal too high, you will not enjoy the process of climbing because you will ignore people or things around you.

If you set the goal you can easily achieved, then life is so bored because you won’t appreciate it and you will surely take it for granted.

132. Always maintain a heart to do things in life; do not care how long it will take you to achieve that.

133. What is and is not important to me?
I can lose everything but not my loved one especially my one and only parents.
We always know how to make ourselves happy but we do not feel the importance of parents if we are in happiness and richness; we will when only we are in trouble!

Spiritual achievement may not be so realistic if compared to car, cash, credit card, condominium or house, but that’s the main course in life for me while others just the subsidiaries.

Career - doing, developing, maintaining, giving away, and gaining for others and myself.

Drink when you feel thirsty;
Prepare when you feel worry;
Relax when you feel stress;
Do when only problems arise;
Don’t when problems are unknown;

135. Helping is not an easy word or saying but once you are involved in it, you are carrying one more bag on your back for others.

136. Keep your door open when you are able to help, while shut your door if you feel you are interrupted.

137. Believe in possibility is always better than knowing that it is impossible.

138. Quality or appearance is more important to you? People will give you a chance to prove yourself only if you give them your best at the first impression.

139. With only looking into good points of others, you can make friends.

140. Continuous of encouragement is needed to maintain a good relationship and friendship.

141. The best courtesy is to praise from the bottom of your heart. (08’10’02)

Which of the following is the truth?

The rich will be richer; the poor will be poorer.
The rich will be the poor; the poor will be the rich.

143. I learned that people love to keep things to themselves especially those who are very near to you. I “hate” them because I was a human and was born with sixth sense, you can definitely smell it even though it has not been told. To conjecture ones feelings and thinking is so hurt and tired.

I don’t like to hide my feelings because the moment you doing that you are just putting stones on the grass, you can surely suppress it for a moment but once the stones are moving away, it is just like the moment you activate the volcano, hurting those who are closest to you. Don’t forget the grass is still alive and growing.

144. There have been so many people wondering and asking me why I named myself Joseph even though I am not a Christian but a Buddhist. The name, Joseph, means God increased. I called myself Joseph because of you people. God belongs to no one. I am so sad to discover that people differentiate each other by religion; some saying that your God is not the God and my God is the real one; if you really know and understand God, you will realise that we are all come from the same source.

145. I don’t think it is a wise move to use your position and show your anger to your subordinates so that they respect and listen to you because it is disgusting! (12’10’02)

146. Everyone has a sickness to represent you.

147. The best service you received is the best gift you should appreciate.

148. We can share everything but not anything.

149. The most touching moment in life is you are no more live for yourself only.

150. The past is dead, the future is unpredictable, now is what you can change.

151. We have feelings towards a person or something through our senses but no reason.

152. Don’t like someone because he/she is in your dream; love someone because he/she is at your side.

153. I was being told that your wife might not be the one you loved most, then why should I get married in the first place?

I don’t know when is the moment to do the right thing at the right place,
I don’t know who is the right one and when is the fruitful moment to fall in love.

But I do know that when I feel I am happy when I am doing something or with someone,
Do not think so much but follow your heart.

155. When you know the truth but it is not to your liking is the most suffering moment in life.

156. Things always happen in an unreachable way.

157. We must learn to unlearn things that we already know.

158. A person who never makes a mistake is a great liar.

159. People praise you here but comment you later.

160. A great learner is someone who never runs out of troubles.

Compliments are poisonous snake because it will make you proud,
Critics are the lights that will shine you in the future.

162. The bad is the good; the good is the bad.

163. We always seek answer from others but we didn’t ask ourselves.

164. The wise will get up when fall down; the fool will choose to sit there.

165. I am such low class that I can mix with anyone.

166. Smile is free.

167. Father or mother is more important to you? Father likes to feed you with ropes when you are small, money when you are big, hope when he is old. While mother likes to feed you with love when you are small, nagging when you are big, blessing when she is old.

168. We all have nothing but 3 credits – comment, complaint and critic.

169. A dream without proper preparation is a failure.

170. What do you think about my sayings below? Is that the contrary or the truth?
We must not live for money but we need to search for it,
We must not be proud but we need to be confident of ourselves,

We must not extravagant but we need to spend,
We must not stubborn but we need to have our own stand,

We must not picky but we need to follow our taste,
We must not angry but we need to show our passion,

We must not materialistic but we need to have the essentials,
We must not say too much but we need to open our mouth,

We must not look for branded but we need to have the quality,
We must not think too much but we need to be rational,

We must not hesitate but we need to know the consequences,
We must not impulsive but we need to make our decision fast,

We must not be yes-man but we need to follow,
We must not discriminate but we need to know the difference,

We must not suspicious but we need to be careful,
We must not be stressful but we need to be responsible,

We must not afraid but we need to respect,
We must not be sensitive but we need to feel,

We must not care too much but we need to be in control,
We must not be pessimistic but we need to know the truth.

171. Everyone has the anger; the one who easily show it is the coward.

172. It is not fun to be lover but friend is.

173. There is only one key to success – never give up.

174. Expectation is equal to disappointment.

175. To taste the flavour in life, you need to mess up your life.

176. One will never grow up if one never fails.

177. The same thing will sound differently on other occasion.

178. No one likes to force to do something just to protect our dignity.

179. Men dislike women when they always like to talk about someone who owned the big car, big house or big money.

180. I will forget the name but I will not forget the kindness.

181. The greatest food you will never forget is not how good it taste but how nice it smell.

182. I will never meet another of me.

183. Like or dislike is beyond our control.

184. People use their eyes to see but I use mine to feel.

185. Good health is not what you wish for but what you did before.

186. Prosperous means everything to you but means nothing to me.

187. Prosperous is not what you owned but what you give.

188. Success is not a comparison but self-satisfaction.

189. If good luck is your only friend then bad luck is your saviour.

190. The place to know your very true self is the casino.

191. Don’t take chance for granted as you might only get it once in your lifetime.

192. The best radio station you will ever found is woman.

193. You cannot change my mind unless you can touch my soul.
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Let me tell you, my man, you take reality too seriously. You should revise some of those you have written.
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