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Beacons of Light

Postby TheShortCut » Fri Aug 30, 2002 3:28 am

Was it the Platonic Theory of Ideas, Nietzche's teen age blasphmies, Descartes mind blowing reality mind set, or Locke's brilliant political theory that kept you up nights reading and thinking..

Who were the Beacons of Light that turned you on..and why?
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Postby JP » Fri Aug 30, 2002 10:49 am

Well it was learning of Descartes' "axiom of doubt" (I believe that's the correct terminology) that initially sparked my interest in philosophy, but it was Camus and Satre that kept the flame alight.

I think - in hindsight - Camus was more an literary author than a philosophical one, but his theory of nihilism and the absurd as presented in L'Etranger were amongst the first philosophical ideas I came to know and understand. Then, by association, I got into Satre, though it's only know that I am beginning to appreciate the complexity (and confusion at times) of his ideas.

Still though, the way he seems to dictate his philosophy to the reader in clear, direct passages - and the obvious passion he has for his philosophy - make reading one of his pieces an utter joy, and entirely illuminating. I'm about to start on Being and Nothingness (just bought a copy) so I'll see how well I can stumble through that.
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