Homosexuality,"Asexuality& Heterosexuality.

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Is homosexuality wrong?

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There is no wrong or right.
It's a biological wrong
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Homosexuality,"Asexuality& Heterosexuality.

Postby Natsilicious » Thu Aug 08, 2002 3:36 am

I didn't know where to post this, so I figured that since the philosophy board is already off on a tangent, why not here.

I am not a homosexual, but I was thinking that at least 2 out of the hundreds that are members on this site must be.

Apart from the religious reasons that state why she shouldn't conduct thses acts, why do we REALLY not participate in them. WHy do we see it as disgusting and shun others who are homosexual?. Why is there a wrong or right thing to do when it concerns sexuality.?
If animals can do it, why can't we. Is there a biological rule that states that male should be with female?.

Now to masturbation. WHy is it seen as low , desperate and disgusting?. In some urban countries, it reduces the spread of STD's.
If there are any brave "guests ":wink: who are homosexual , I would love to know your opinions on both three forms of sexuality.

*asexuality is used loosely.
I'm not sure what I'm really asking, but if this stirs something in you, reply.
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Postby cba1067950 » Thu Aug 08, 2002 8:33 am

I don't think homosexuality is bad. I think it's biologically wrong. I mean if the world was gay we'd all die but it isn't any more wrong than any other form of pleasure I'd assume.

I don't think masturbation is seen as low desperate and disgusting. I remember health teachers encouraging masturbation actually. I've also heard a few stories of kids masturbating in front of friends.

I wonder why just sex in general is unacceptable in society. I mean it's wrong for people to walk around naked especially kids. But sex is supposed to be good. It's even built into us to be pleasurable. I don't get that. And then the age deal where it's wrong for adults to be fooling around with kids doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe in the sense that they aren't matured sexualy but besides that statitory rape doesn't make sense. If both people are willing anyway. I'm probably going to be looked at as some weirdo for that one. I'm just saying logically not basing it on what society has to say. And yes I'll probably still go ew when I see an old man check out some 18 year old girl.
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Postby HVD » Thu Aug 08, 2002 2:53 pm

cba, i agree with you on some points, but not others.

I think it's biologically wrong

Im not quite sure what that means. Do you mean that it violates some kind of "natural law"? If something is against the laws of nature thaen it cannot exist, since all things come from natural processes. While it is true that if we were all gay then we would become extinct, we are not all gay, only a small minority are (at least until that spiderman thing spreads)

I really dont have a problem with homosexuality. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

I agree with your third paragraph completely. Bt you have to realise that sex for some reason is mainly seen as taboo in Judeo-Christian societies, as well as those culturally influenced by them.. For example,. Indai was higly liberal about sexuality until the days of the Raj, when Victrian morals were adopted byt the population, and nowadays Indian films cant even show kissing, let alone anything else.

Why is it wrong for everyone, including kids, to walk around naked. In some societies everyone is naked, and there is no problem, no sexual tension, nothing. Because nudity has no mystique there. In a society where everyone is clothed, then of course nudity will be seen as different, and depending on your views, either exciting or dangerous.

I have to go, Ill be back to finish this off.
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Postby Githa » Thu Aug 08, 2002 10:53 pm

"I would love to know your opinions on both three forms of sexuality."

Homosexuality: I'm not into it because I don't want to be and I find guys appealing. I do find it disgusting, but I hardly think that I would shun somebody that's that way. I'd still love to see two guys kissing, don't ask why.
"Why is there a wrong or right thing to do when it concerns sexuality?" I think that lines are drawn (by society) in every aspect of life, sexuality is no diff. but I draw my own lines, I think you need that for direction sometimes... "If animals can do it, why can't we." we can, we are, some of us anyway.

Masturbation: ever since that song by missy and tweet, masturbation isn't so appaling or low and desperate (or so it seems here)...

"...nowadays Indian films cant even show kissing, let alone anything else." not true, things are changing.
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Postby Youngman18 » Thu Aug 08, 2002 11:34 pm

Masterbation is having sex with someone you love... :wink:
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