What's your view of Life on a Naturalistic level?

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What's your view of Life on a Naturalistic level?

Postby Pneumatic-Coma » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:32 am


From my point of view it's been mostly based on wherever, whomever, and whatever I've been, been with, and have done. I've started from this time in my life. Believing conclusions of belief and strife can't be related towards anybody for good or worse. Although for those who've sensed such pain there's not much you can explain to those around that don't know much else for themselves already, than what, of life? They've experienced it. Although it's a strange time in life as of now. Sadness and glee couldn't have been compared. It's still getting on with how people have been together along this long stream of life and death, love and hate, good and bad, strife and joy. It's still a life worth living not just taking from others or giving but yet there's been monsters that have seen beauty in strange places. Just sharing was caring ya know. Even if somebody comes with temperament over such firmaments like a Utopia of actuality, people whichever have been beaten or have beaten odds consumes either 'Love' or 'Life'. It'll have me to dominate. Although I've accepted my fate, it still seems as though destiny will prevail in this our terminal of indecisive 'destiny'. Representing synchronicity isn't quite correct on my faulty road of living, yet but not having nothing to talk to is more of a nightmare, not having nothing is more a challenge then giving all you have. We'll never have known if it didn't mean something or nothing. Then never having experienced knowledge or never having nothing wouldn't make much a difference.

Choosing life over death is a mission but having just thoughts of death and pain is apart of reality. You have to choose right and life may not have always been correct yet who was correct in life?
What you thought may not have been what others didn't. You must go along with life to learn and experience, yet for the very few that don't grasp the entire scene is what helps and doesn't.
Yet now life puts us more in control over our fates then have any control over others fate. Prodigal determinism. I've only been in life a short time but cause and effect might have been the ultimate challenge in life than any other.
And if NOT. Whatever other lives have you even ever lived? =D> [-o<
(Our object of desire isn't to change current belief systems or complicate already convoluted streams of information; we're not trying to even prove ourselves in anyway. We're just human beings similar to yourself. Not superior, the same. Ancestors of the lost world. The conflicts of beliefs you face in your world, are not only the conflict of self yet life, we cannot compel such conflicts to other's will for any self-benefit. The true goal reached here is there is nothing we can say nor do that can convince anyone else of what they don't know for themselves already. And, when the time calls, and you are ready, the barriers of awareness will expand and such confirmed information will be easily perceived, and known to them! Allow them to seek and find out when they are prepared. All will arrive to light in no time.) Ego sum via veritas et vita;Amesha Spenta;Vohu Mano; Allow all things measurable, microbial and astronomical to remain infinite, unchanged and arrive to light.
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Re: What's your view of Life on a Naturalistic level?

Postby Ermes » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:41 pm

What does the strange language "naturalistic level" mean? It's an unintelligible qualification so far as the reflective part of the community is concerned.
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Re: What's your view of Life on a Naturalistic level?

Postby barbarianhorde » Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:56 am

please forgive me if I'm prying in the wrong direction but did you ever beat a guy up? I'm gonna assume no women under your fist it's not an accusation just, violence is in your mind son.
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