Compromise bill on immigration fails this week

Discussion of the recent unfolding of history.

Does the delay on a vote on immigration make a difference in political outcome?

1. Yes the GOP chances in 2020 will effect the presidential race negatively , probably bringing in a Democrat.
2.Yes, it will effect the no annual congressional races
3. No , it will have not much affect
No votes
4. I have no clue
No votes
Total votes : 3

Compromise bill on immigration fails this week

Postby Meno_ » Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:46 am

Some pundits on both sides of the isle say that today's lack of a vote on the compromise bill, the most important election issue of the GOP signals weakened expected outcome in the November Congressional elections.

If you think this outcome may dampen GOP chances for a 2020 victory, vote -'1' regardless of who the GOP candidate is at that time

Of You think it will , at least , loose enough seats in Congress , to effect a dramatic change there . vote '2''

If you think it makes no difference vote '3'

Of you have no conclusive opinion vote '4''

Error: on the primary menu options table it should read bi annual races, instead of no annual races. Sorry.
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Re: Compromise bill on immigration fails this week

Postby Zero_Sum » Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:35 pm

America's future will be brown.
The temple mount will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and all the nations of the world will be ruled from there. All races, cultures, leaders, and nations will come to bow before the new messiah yet to come. All will come to know the chosen of God who refer themselves as Jews. For every Jew there will be a thousand goyim that will be their slaves as it was ordained by God. Every man, woman, and child will convert to Zionism.
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