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Which is better

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Classic Rock
Rap is better and Carleas demonstrated this
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Rap is better but Carleas failed to demonstrate this
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Classic rock is better and Pav demonstrated this
Classic rock is better but Pav did not demonstrate this
None of the above, because I'm deaf you insensitive bastards.
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Re: Rap vs. Rock

Postby PavlovianModel146 » Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:55 am

Already have done!

When I go, "View New Posts," I go from bottom to top.

Anyway, your lyrics were strong and your rhyme scheme was excellent. You did a very good job in staying with the beat of the music.

Perhaps you should deepen your voice a little, though, when you rap. Even though the rapping itself was very good, you could tell it was a Caucasian Non-Hispanic individual rapping.
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Re: Rap vs. Rock

Postby Oughtist » Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:40 am

Carleas wrote:Oughtist, I'm particularly interested in the distinction between the two kinds of the's/a's. Or is that "a distinction between a two kinds of a's/the's"? I don't know. Also, Why?

Debatable Thes didn't include, for instance, "the sounds", or "the many rhymes", i.e. determinant indicators of a plurality; but included "the shortness springs" or "the old", where it might be argued that there is more than one of such types. In that vein, it may be debatable whether, for instance, "the times" is debatable. A debatable A would be "a bridge"; a non-debatable A would be "a bit hard" (though that's, perhaps, debatable). It's good to have debatable As because it highlights how an a can do a the's job; it's bad to have debatable Thes because there are far too many of them in our language already.


Well, I hope to develop a meaningful answer to that question (independent of how it created a real easy means of judging for me... I'm a terrible, terrible ditherer 8-[ ). But here's a basic overview:

Part of my manner of judgement, then, was to create a nonspecific result (whereas a tie would be a specific result).

Again, though, it's been a long winter and my capacity is admittedly diminished... :-?
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