China, the next created superpower !?!

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China, the next created superpower !?!

Postby Meno_ » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:01 pm

Is it conclusive to declare China the next overall superpower, or not.
The basics are predicated on the following:

The US is for the most part is responsible for setting up the Chinese sudden ascendancy by dividing and conquering the geo-military political field that existed following WW2.

This was successfully achieved by the carrot or stick routine, which anomalous societal entities were prone to swallow. The idea was later exemplified by a general term: goulash democracy.

By radicalizing the socio economic wants of an undernourished population, also eased the ideological bouden against which Mao Tar Tung operated, as renewed Soviet Sztalinist purges started to backfire, probably because of the alleged Beria inspired coup against Sztalin.

Set in motion, the Chinese economy took off like a follower of the Japanese, albeit with much greater caution, for Japan did not suffer the effects of the Communist/capitalist conflict.

Moral apathy suffered a great deal, and as a result saw no reservation about not abiding to international standards of commercial or military fidelity, and the rationale can be askewed unto various poles dug into ambiguous claims. Ambiguity and mystery in China will be always sustained, caused by the sheer population size, and just guessing that 1\2 of earth population is gearing to be approximate demographics.

There are Chinatowns everywhere, and a lot of them front illegitimate sources of operation.

In essence, it has been a necessary projected oversight, which came home to roost, perhaps a lot earlier than it was bargained for, way before such calculations could be projected longer yet. However, as world wide geopolitical planning and execution became matters of think tank AI capability, projections suffered from much greater deviance.

The transactional, dialectically transcendence of those early days, did not, could not encompass the downturn, which the de jure loss of the Viatnese War tendered on far reaching Chinese expansionist policies.

The defacto dialectical shift, within the last two generation exorbited an unaffordable price to the west, in terms of the astounding volume of overseas investment brought upon the West. The Chinese are an enormity of investing agent within the US 'free economy's which caused, so far, a geopolitical strangle hold upon this now still leading empire.

So far so good, maybe. The Chinese can not afford to defeat the US economy in Toto, that would suicide them, the reserves of US assets serves as a guarantee for that.

However Trumpism did surprise them, however, the may figure that the sleeping dragon can afford yet, some more time to snooze, and patiently, with a self derelickted historically patient awareness, find the time to act more assertively.

So what do You think, can the US regain autonomic political, financial, and social-psychological rein on a political stalwart child , whose age old imperium consisted primarily on a really repressive social control? Is the New World Order a satisfactory super antithesis to Her efforts?
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