If clergy were honest, would religions die?

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If clergy were honest, would religions die?

Postby Greatest I am » Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:21 pm

If clergy were honest, would religions die?

I do not think so. Based on the fact, some clergy are maintaining religions based on telling the truth and have stopped lying to their adherents. Knowing this, I wonder why the clergy of all supernaturally based religions continue to lie to their adherents.

In the more honest distant past, those who sought God; did so at a more intellectual level than most do today. The ancients admitted that nothing concrete could be known about God. God was said to be unknowable, unfathomable and worked in mysterious ways and that no attributes could be applied to God.


Today, the idol worshiping religions, like Christianity and Islam, have given what they still claim is an unknowable, unfathomable and mysterious God, with kinds of attributes; which of course are human attributes taken to the maximum of the impossible and delusional supernatural.

Some religions seem to be returning to the more intelligent thinking of the ancients.

Would the idol worshiping religions like Christianity and Islam, be well served if their clergy returned to telling the truth of what they can know of God, or are the clergy serving their religions better by continuing to lie to their adherents?


What is said here about politicians and business is a good analogy to what I think religions do.
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