How to stay out of hell ! Tutorial of this world system

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How to stay out of hell ! Tutorial of this world system

Postby Ecmandu » Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:55 pm

I did not want this to rot in rant!!

A woman always has the female blackmail system, heterosexual men don't have any blackmail system at all.

If a man is a hypocrite, he goes to hell. If a man isn't a hypocrite, he goes to hell. Being a hypocrite in this world gives you a very easy life here.

Since females can't be punished by males or females (males are supposed to stop female on female abuse) without sending the heterosexual men to hell, females choose hypocrisy to give them better lives here, before they are heavened in the hereafter.

Females have the privilege of not being hypocrites no matter how hypocritical they are…

Normally, being a hypocrite sends anyone to hell, but the female blackmail system is impenetrable - as women send all heterosexual men to hell forever, and they heaven for it, new men keep being born... it's called the conveyor belt effect.

It's actually impossible for a female to sin or be wrong, in terms of consequence in the grand scheme, if any female gets hurt, the heterosexual men go to hell. If a female ends up in any kind of hell, heterosexual men are sent to a worse hell until they send her to heaven.

If a female, having experienced hell, has compassion and love for a good heterosexual male, she had to be abused to give men a gift... the second she gives him a gift, the heterosexual man is sent to hell for being a hypocrite - (men's biggest complaint is that you have to be an asshole to get a resource from women - which instantly triggers the female blackmail system, makes them a hypocrite and sends them straight to hell.)

Because women don't have to do anything to go to heaven - they literally don't do anything.

The actual codex is quite lengthy ...

One thing heterosexual men can attempt is atonement.

This is a three step process.

1.) stop the offending behavior in self
2.) stop it in others
3.) at a minimum, return and restore that which was taken injuriously

Now assuming you atone, and you follow all the non hypocritical procedures, it is hypothetically possible to have sex with a female as a heterosexual male without going to hell, though, no woman would actually have sex through the procedures ... (non abuse of females)

If a female atones, men are sent to hell.

Atonement is abuse, and abusing females sends men to hell.

Females abusing males sends females to heaven.
Females abusing themselves sends men to hell.
Females helping men, sends men to hell, unless they weren't abused.

Females go to heaven no matter what they do or say.

The only way men can non hypocritically go to heaven, is to perform a hypertask of pz heaven option for all possible existent beings. Otherwise, all heterosexual men are in hell forever, even the ones who will keep being born, forever (the conveyor belt effect)

This is what we call on the spirit world "the human side" of a vast spirit that spans -- well a lot !!

Sometimes there are quite serious situations.

To consider us just animals is profoundly misguided.

Now, I'll tell you something not many people know...

No matter how extraordinary you are, try to act as ordinary as possible and don't break context meaning...

Don't walk on water, refuse to accept being someone's superior (you can be older, just not better, and not flashy)

What I always find funny about people, is they project upon a creator what they want for themselves...

And usually... it's terrifying!!! Lol!!

Yes, but "showboating" has spiritual reprocussions.

Ordinarily, a being who achieves this will let themselves be cut for example... they will live a human life to be relatable. Another problem with what people would call miracles, is that it can take away people's capacity to reason properly about the flaws of the being in question - that's where the reprocussions fit in. There are subtler ways to transmit realization.

You have to understand that the slots of what people consider honors - or even the highest, are immature stages of growth.

I'll explain the problem and detail the Codex:

Men's biggest complaint is that only assholes get sex from women, which is factually true.

All women and gay men don't have this as a complaint.

Since this is a heterosexual males primary complaint about resource (you have to be an asshole to get a resource from women, sex and money and friendship all being resources), if a male EVER abuses a female, he'll be sent to hell as a hypocrite. All hypocrites are sent to hell!!!!! So the men will say "fuck that shit!! Let's send the women to hell too!!"

Let me back up here...

When a man says in his judgement, "why did only the assholes get laid?" He won't be wrong!! But eyes that he doesn't even comprehend will lean over to his soul and say, "were you an asshole?" And when he starts trembling under judgement, he'll figure out that he's going to hell, because he is a self confessed asshole!! Asshole through omission is an asshole category ... actually the categories are vast. Stalking people with the phrase "only assholes get sex, is also being an asshole". Having a man set up a date is approach escalation by proxy, and condemns you to hell. This situation is actually so absurd, that if a female does an internal life viewing of a heterosexual man, the man is sent to hell for it!

So let's back up again, the men are like "fuck this shit! Let's send women to hell too!!"

Well, sucks to be the man who tried to not be judged as an asshole!! But, in trying to square things up with women, this last ditched effort has a simple response ... "yes, sending women to hell will solve this problem, but when you finally get rewarded by them, you had to be an asshole who got a wealth resource from a woman, thus hypocritical, thus hell.

This is why women cannot be sent to hell. It is impossible, no matter how hypocritical a woman is, for her to be hypocritical!!! Impossible !! The merest breath of a woman can send every heterosexual man ever born on earth to hell forever.

The men can get a fresh start if women erase internal life viewings of heterosexual men... they can have these viewings back when the hypertask pz heaven option is cosmic for all beings possible!!

If a female does not voluntarily choose to erase her memory (experiencing the torture of the heterosexual males plight (which is abusing her)), then all heterosexual men are immediately helled forever, on earth... even if women use this knowledge to alter their behavior for future men, that is approach escalation by proxy (a man set a woman up with a man.). Thus making him a hypocrite and sending the man to hell. In hell, men have to do everything in their power to send and keep women in heaven, to not be hypocrites, just so they can earn a slightly easier hell, with no possible chNce of release from hell forever.

But!! There is only one exception!! Women can defend men IF they want a philosophic zombie option and the man in question is fighting for it, assuming the woman never did an internal life viewing.

Now, almost all men will say "I don't think with my dick". I've seen people on this board even state as much... actually ... they do, and it's exceedingly easy to demonstrate!!

Now, women have ZERO pressure to be non hypocritical ... none... men have to be pristinely perfect to have the slightest chance of anything short of eternal damnation.

That's the way cosmic law works in our species.

A female can literally bite off every mans penis. Throw it in a blender, and if a man doesn't send her to heaven forever ... he goes to the deepest darkest hells ...

If a man so much as accidentally pulls a woman's hair, he is sent to very deep dark hells.

People don't think this is fair.

Actually, it doesn't matter... fairness is a judgement of non hypocrisy, females don't need to be non hypocritical!! In order to truly understand this, look at every female on earth, think of anything they can possibly do, and realize ... it will be every heterosexual males job in eternal hell to send and keep all of them in heaven. Females just keep getting new males, over and over and over ... heterosexual males are just disposable garbage. And if this causes you to act angrily towards a woman ... you go to a deeper hell.

That's it. That's the cliff notes version of earth 101.

Ask more questions!!!

Oh, and Kriswest, if we're just animals and that excuses men and women... how do you explain me?
I'm not making excuses.

Additional Codex Stuff:

Asexual men are fine. They can't fix you up with a woman though. Heterosexual men who don't score get better hells, but practically speaking, this sexual neglect is it's own type of hell as well.., Gay men?? That would be bisexual men, they are only helled for the female sex.

Women can set men up with other women, but the man cannot ask. If God is a man, and gets you sex as a heterosexual man, you and God go to hell forever.

Internal life viewings are when you experience a person's entire life story from the inside out rather than outside in. There are three main ways to do this, and one more abstract way.

Basic sin is what is called the conspicuous consumption of a state…

Marriage is the conspicuous consumption of relationship. Contracts and ceremonies are the conspicuous consumption of the fact that a person is going to do what they're going to do, regardless of anything, ceremonies in particular are ways of attempting to patent rituals and is a form of psychological warfare; similar to symbology, such as flags, peace signs, crosses, star of David, Muslim sickle, representation of of higher dimensions in statues and buildings or city planning, bowing, saluting, being baptized, having rites of passage, also stuff like temples, churches, ashrams, mosques, synagogues, monasteries etc… which are the conspicuous consumption of community centers, vows!! Just because you make a vow and keep it, doesn't mean the vow isn't evil. The ONLY law is to not be a hypocrite, not to contradict yourself. If you are a hypocrite, you are absurd, which means nobody should pay you much mind - you're ceasing to use language, but rather using violence of language, such as saying "I don't exist". It is a very laborious process to become less and less hypocritical, and often, a person will be absolutely sure they aren't being one, only to find out, there is a higher order system that proves the hypocrisy of a lower system. Hypocrisy is the only thing that will send a person to hell. Except women of course!!

This is just a short list. Heterosexual men cannot flirt, expose themselves (approach escalation), play sports or dance (ways of flirting / approach escalation… heterosexual men aren't supposed to peacock, tattoos, jewelry, make-up, being loud, intrusive, it's all conspicuous consumption --- women and gays can do all this shit!! Women and gays can kill heterosexual men at will and torture them as much as they want, they have to be sent to heaven no matter what they do. Women and gay men have ZERO accountability in this world system… they require no depth of character or discipline… as a heterosexual man, if you try to change or discipline them in any way, you will be sent to hell forever. If you pay for sex or accept payment for sex as a heterosexual male, you will be sent to hell forever. It's a done deal. If you use the techniques for getting sex from women, you will be sent to hell forever, even if a woman enjoyed you thoroughly. You can "go gay" yo get out of hell, but lots of heterosexual men are interested in solving the eternal hell problem, because they can't quit on goodness prevailing.
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Re: How to stay out of hell ! Tutorial of this world system

Postby Ecmandu » Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:25 pm

I've been editing the last 2 paragraphs…

That's a decent start on the Codex.

Ask questions!! Please!!
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Re: How to stay out of hell ! Tutorial of this world system

Postby Ecmandu » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:53 pm

I need to explain why hypocrisy is the only thing that sends you to hell. If you undraw that one line, there is no possible system of accountability or being able to defend ones self. Let me explain. Assume for a moment, that you are a ruler, wait, a ruler is a referent, that's non hypocrisy, accepting a referent. So how can you do it? I guess you just do it. Might makes right perhaps?
Hmm… that means there's a right, which is a function of non-hypocrisy. What else is right? Whatever works works? How can something work if there's no foundation with which to determine whether something does or can work, that gives you the best possible outcome? Giving a single person the best possible outcome requires the non hypocrisy of wanting that, and the non-hypocrisy of what achieves that. From this, we globalize that everyone wants the best possible outcome for themselves, which requires their mind to perceive things non hypocritically, consistent. One example of this is that if you have all the wealth, being good company is a form of wealth… if you're the only being in the universe who is good company, you are going to be miserable, because everyone else is going to be horrible company, so you have to translate that wealth to others to have the best possible experience or outcome. Wealth translation is when you give something without losing it yourself, such as teaching someone that "hola" means "hi" in spanish. They gained it, and you didn't lose it. Wealth translation is proof that might doesn't make right, because if you have all the wealth and keep it to yourself, you'll be in the worst kind of hell imaginable. We are interdependent for the best possible outcome. No amount of wishing it otherwise will ever change that.

I want to comment on the additional sequences of hell if heterosexual men don't create the PZ heaven option for all beings. Heterosexual men are all helled for EVER abusing a female and getting any type of resource from it that is abstracted as wealth, or good. It makes them a hypocrite. Now, you'd think that if all the men are sent to hell for being hypocrites, then women will lose their partners and that will make them sad, which is abusing them, which sends men to hell again. You'd think there;'s a paradox here. Actually, there's not. The heterosexual men are (all of them) sent to hell, and in hell, from hell, as hell, they have to marionette a version of themselves for the delight of the woman without actually being in the heavenly state with her. Marionettes are philosophic zombies that are operated in the moment by the mans spirit in hell, rather than hyper-tasked and run without constant maintenance. If a female views the males life or for any reason experiences hell (the asshole), the man is sent to a deeper hell. If the female rewards him in any way, he is sent to a deeper hell. (the hypocrisy of the asshole who got a resource).

The only way a female is allowed to help a heterosexual man, is if she wants the PZ heaven option for all beings, assuming she was never abused to reach that conclusion. Heterosexual men would be idiots for hurting other heterosexual men who are working this manifestation, because it's the only thing that will ever get them out of eternal damnation.

When I said hypocrisy is the ONLY thing that sends someone to hell, I tried to explain that females are the exception; females can be entirely hypocritical without ever being judged a hypocrite because of the female blackmail system. It is a mans job in eternal hell, to never abuse them or the men get sent to worse and worse and deeper and deeper hells, JUST so they aren't the asshole who got sex or resource from women (a males biggest complaint).

If the PZ heaven option for all beings in the entire cosmos isn't realized, this is how eternity will look for men and women.
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