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Postby Some Guy in History » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:24 pm

I'm sure I missed out on a wealth of experience and knorredge by not watching your youtube video. Poor Mario still reeling from his bad pipe dreams and princess peach's preference to Bowser and not him. I mean, bitch gets kidnapped once or twice, that's a kidnapping. 52 million times, that's not accidental, she's into turtle dick.

Behind the mask is nothing; just an ideal, an idea, a hope. It is undying, impossible to hide. Anonymity isn't something you feign or pretend at, it's where your life takes you as you walk down a road you had no choice but to walk down. The mask isn't something to hide behind, nor a cover for a visage burned, but what the world forces you to wear to become their version of you.
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