Why Mike Pence shaming the cemetery incident was evil genius

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Why Mike Pence shaming the cemetery incident was evil genius

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:25 pm

A few days ago there was a cemetery incident, some vandals went to a Jewish cemetary and wrote anti-jew graffiti on the graves. Mike Pence made a thing of it and said he felt solidarity for the Jews, and that the Hate has to stop. Mike Pence, a religious Xian cuckservative fascist wants Hate to stop?? This statement was evil Genius. Because all the mentally retarded shitlibs started jumping on the bandwagon of "Oh, Mike Pence ain't so bad, Trump isn't a Nazi after all." It's like no shit he's not a Nazi, he's a fuggin' Jew, or that's how brain dead you are...Jews ARE the new Nazis, they don't let blacks or asians into hollywood, Zionist jews are mass-murdering genocidal maniacs, Jews run America to pass fascist draconian orwellian laws, Jews declare war on every country that doesn't support their Zionism...Shitlibs are so braindead and fucking retarded to the point where they still think the world is 1942 germany or something.

The term "selling your soul to satan" actually refers to doing homosexual acts to get in hollwood, John Travolta exposed this actually. Most males have had homosexual sex at least once in their life, they still remain sane afterwards, but when you have sex with a man you aren't even the least bit attracted to, that you didn't want to in the first place, you go insane. And that is why these celebrities are all gay crackheads and insane.
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