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Forum Philosophy Update

Postby Carleas » Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:57 pm

The ILP Forum Philosophy has been updated, please take a look to remind yourself of our noble aims and administrative practices.

Most of the changes were updating links and formatting, but one significant policy change is worth pointing out: the schedule of warning/banning has been updated:
1st warning: board warning, no further action
2nd warning: 48 hour ban
3rd warning: 7 day ban, with the possibility of a permanent ban based on moderator consensus.
Any further warnings: permanent ban.

The previous version ramped up much more slowly, and never resulted in a permanent ban. This was hard for moderators because it meant issuing more warnings and keeping around disruptive users for longer. It was also unfair to users, since it made intervention feel arbitrary and uneven, and allowed disruption to proliferate.

Feel free to berate me about this change or any other grievance in this thread, or, if we're cool, carry on.

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