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Another bible therapy thread

PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:31 am
by Ecmandu
The god of the Bible claims to "have known us before we were born"

One way to think of this is "the mother of existence"

Well duh, you have to exist first!!! There is no "mother of existence"

For the biblical god to know us before we existed, is to dilineate between imagination of God and the actualization of the imagination of god... but in order for these to be created, there must be a "mother of existence" to end the chain... the point where it didn't simply become, but was an act of God as the finality, does God have freewill? Was God, "the mother of existence?" Can a being who doesn't fit this description be said to have freewill? The capacity to say that it chose actuslization of imagination over just the imagination itself, and thus can say to us that it made us in its own image?

Re: Another bible therapy thread

PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:09 am
by Ecmandu
Let's be more precise!!!

Imagine a realm of imagination where nothing has an affect... because of it did have an affect, even upon you, it would exist in some way....

But let's go further... for the very first time EVER, you made something exist that wasn't just imagined (even though you would have no way of knowing what that was!!) and surprise it is actualized for the first time ever, but you'd have no way of knowing what an actuslized imagination was if you hadn't done it before (you wouldn't even know that actuslization existed), so... being as you couldn't know how to actualizr an existent because you never have before, it's impossible to do. Now if everything you imagine simply exists, them there is no way to know beforehand who someone was BEFORE they existed!!! So the Bible says that god says "I knew you before you were born". That means god knew you before you were imagined, and then before you were actualized. When Tesla invented the cellphone, did he REALLY know the difference between his imagination and someone actually holding an iPhone?

No! They are different types of knowing. Each type being a birth that cannot be known before it occurred!