Role of Church in Modern Society

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Role of Church in Modern Society

Postby Urwrongx1000 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:39 pm

It's not so simple, unfortunately, that a man and woman have sex, lust for, and love each other as it would be "naturally", or in other words, without others peeking and watching, curious or with envy, perhaps even wanting to intervene, or join in.

Because man and woman is far removed from "Nature" when there are billions of other men and women on the planet. Therefore, a man and woman does not "just have sex together", because society gets involved, and is involved, and has been involved for a long time now. It's not the decision of only a man, only a woman, or only a couple, to have sex. Or to have children. Or to make any decisions among themselves. Rather, there is a third party, and that acts to regulate, legitimize, and JUSTIFY sexual unions.

A man and woman have sex, but do so secretly, privately, hiding away from the rest of society. Why? Because if society does not approve of what they're doing, or outright deems it a threat, then society will find them out, perhaps kill them both, and perhaps even kill their children. Thus it has long been established that a man and woman, individually, perhaps even those reading this, that it is not within the power of individuals to reproduce, but the power of the rest of society.

There is a difference between men, women, sex, and society. If you go "against society", if you are truly "anti-social", then society will respond in kind, stopping, preventing, or abolishing a sexual union.

This post is somewhat cryptic but that cannot be helped. My point is, this "third party" between men and women has long been established, and it's no so simple to have sex in life, or even admit to desires, or even to recognize and define beauty. Thus, to even be "sexually attracted to" this or that, him or her, is to admit culpability, potentially, to crimes and thought crimes.

You know what I mean, intuitively though. How many sex acts are illegal? Not just in one country or society, but around the world, and why?

The roles of churches, third parties (of sex), can be beneficial to a man and woman, or, it can be detrimental. But few words are spoken about, "that third party". And maybe it's time to open the door to it. In what way can a third party be beneficial, or detrimental, to the sexual affairs of common people?
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