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What's _actually_ written in the stars

PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:55 pm
by Fixed Cross
The original explanatory text, as first published last year, goes as follows below - in follow up posts I will choose less dramatic prose, or more dramatic prose, but different prose to further imprint all this onto your religious faculties, which are so dried up of having to deal only with martyrs and never with stormgod aspects.

October 2015

As no man before me would raise himself to uphold this evident gift, I will do do what majestic Jupiter asks of this Earth, so as for the disparately despairing Earthlings to receive what he offers, and rebuild... or anew.

The aim is the connect the realm of self-idea to the power of archetypical, i.e. numerical progressions, in order to create balanced increase of reality.

To make communal spiritual growth, gradual ascent or approach to coherence a constant, i.e. ground it, giving it Earth, stabilizing circuitry.

Time as the works of Hercules.

It is based on the cycle of Sun-Jupiter conjunctions. The feast moves one sign every year.

This gives us a cycle of 12 years and 12 signs, which makes you wonder why this doesn't already rule the processions of pilgrims on Earth.

Venus and Mars will this serve as deities under the auspices of their father, where they belong and are properly known.

The religion could consist in the formative years of the study of the behavior of Venus and Mars during the time of the festival, which lasts 21 days, of which the central one is the suns conjunction to jupiter. Jupiter moves one sign every year, so roughly speaking, the conjunction will shift every year with just over one month. Concentration on that time. Pattern making. Discovery of a spiritual season, hidden just above the fixed path of our Earth Sun Axis.

The first 21 days the congregation will name those days and give them guardians an symbols. Protocol is ancient, why toss it. Continuity is the magic, word.

The standard of what's good around this time is not that life is good, but that philosophy is good, does well. I've installed this calendar out of gratitude for what we as philosophers accomplished the past month or so.

This religion is thus essentially dedicated to us, to the act of philosophizing in unison, which must come to rule man in one way or another.

What Heidegger didn't properly realize, fixated on building, dwelling, thinking, as being in time, is that one builds in time, so that one can dwell like a god - namely, think, transform, cohere within a resonance cage of Earthly prosperity.

It's an aim too 'decadent' to posit - but thats Jupiter.


Season of Law

Sunday - September 25
september 15 to october 5

Thursday - October 26
october 16 to november 5

Sunday - November 25
november 15 to december 5

Friday - December 27
december 17 to januari 6



Re: What's _actually_ written in the stars

PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2018 12:25 pm
by Fixed Cross
the Sun just crossed its halfway point of the Scorpio year, a few days ago.