A Eulogy

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A Eulogy

Postby idioticidioms » Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:12 pm

Dear daughters and sons of the earth; our planet, which has brought us forth into life and has guaranteed that one day that life shall be taken from us.

We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of a few great spirits from this world; the spirit of righteousness, the spirit of justice, the spirit of love unconditional and the spirit of the wild (freedom).

There has been no greater tragedy to have befallen mankind in the past than with the passing of these spirits from our mortal world. We have seen the great deeds of great men, acting in the interests of these spirits, tarnished and corrupted to serve the purposes of those who only wish to enslave under the guise of serving and protecting.

In days past, there would not have been so many wrapped up in idle luxury to the point of not caring about being enslaved. There would have been no question of if it was even worth it since everything is destined to be erase someday. In days past, there would not be so many children raised without discipline and without respect.

The benefits of modern society and our technology that has risen to such superior heights has also been a curse and has robbed us of many of the things these great spirits once brought us. There is always something else to do, another distraction with which to keep us from doing what's hard to do, yet worthwhile; designed to keep us lulled and apathetic and asleep.

And while we sleep, the death of these spirits goes unnoticed by so many; for who among them could say that these spirits ever existed, for never having existed within them? They themselves having been born dead, and worse than any permanent death of the body; these people are dead on the inside; dead in their own spirit.

The Philosopher, the Shaman, the rightful ruler of the land that rules in benevolence, the hard-working, stiff-backed peasant, the working class, the elite; there is no difference between any of us save that which we create our selves and yet so many of us can't see it, for the death of the spirit.

Once, great men were looked up to, but due to peoples wanting the glory without putting in the self-sacrifice to receive it, many exist who would help destroy such men if they were to exist today; and in fact have destroyed such men in the world we live in, today. One only has to look back a few decades to see Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy, and a few centuries before them, Abraham Lincoln. Many men have been killed for simply stepping up to fight for the rights of all to be equal; for all life to be considered equal. Killed by men who feel inferior and so have to exalt themselves above all others to feel the opposite; over-compensation instead of fixing the problem.

The deaths of these great spirits are not permanent; no death of the spirit ever is. While people continue to choose to believe in these things, the spirits will continue to have hope for revival and should there ever come a time when not a single person chooses to believe in them, then they will fade gracefully from the scene for a time, only to pop up somewhere else and for others who need it.

For, we are all destined to die a death of the body; a death of the physical, yet no death of the physical can stop the spirit from soaring to heights unimagined by those bound by the flesh. Spirits only die when they lose the will to keep going, and they only remain dead until they find the will to pull themselves back together. The physical world can never hope to be anything more than temporary. It's very nature is to be ever-changing. Do not hold onto the temporary, but prepare yourself for immortality.

What you choose to do here in this physical realm echoes through eternity; will you soar free and unburdened by your own fears and darker emotions? Or will you allow yourself to be dragged down for failing to fight with everything you had? It's your choice. It's our choice. Individual by individual and group by group until all together stand together, or fall together. When all paths lead to destruction, you choose the one that doesn't have you destroying yourself, it's a very simple matter. That applies on all levels from individual to group.
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Re: A Eulogy

Postby The Eternal Warrior » Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:32 pm

Dear daughters and sons of reality; the reality that so many hate and try to be free from, for all the good that it does them; the reality we found ourselves in without choice, the same reality, that if it is sentient, had no choice in its existence or for us to be here, either.

We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of morality and reason, rationality and logic; we are here today to mourn the passing of good things and the turning from those good things into harsher lessons. Torn by tragedy and trauma, scarred by its long existence; wounded beyond belief, the body of reality carries on but no longer does the mind choose to function, if 'choose' itself is even the right word to use for it.

There has been no greater lack of a loss than the disappearance and death of a mind that many didn't even know or care existed. There has been nothing missed less than the death of reality itself; the self-righteous suicide of it.

In days past and days future, it will largely again escape the knowledge of others just what our reality could have been and what it's unable to be; just as before, and continued into forever and always, reality itself will largely be ignored as a sentient being and miss out on the sympathy and pity and luxuries that so many others that cry the loudest are want and wont to have.

Certainly it was no big loss because it was already dead in so many ways before we came here, before we began our existences and it barely perked its head up at all, if at all, with our arrival and our lives, but it bears mentioning the passing from existence the mind and soul of reality, whether it happened in our time or not.

There is no medicine capable of helping it, no way to cure or heal it; every which way blocked horrendously by those that care more about getting their way than the well-being of others. Not for the first time and not for the last, does it bear mentioning that our bests just aren't good enough and once things are broken, they can't always be fixed.

Once or twice in eternity and existence, it has surely opened up to individuals here and there, laughed and cried and shared good times with them until the inevitable tragedies occurred. Burning its hands upon the stove of what it desires that it just can't have, the same as any of us and yet so much more monumental for what it is and how it affects existence. But don't worry, nothing is expecting anybody to care about it as more than just the amount of caring they muster for everything else they don't know about and don't really care to have known or get to know, so you all can continue your normal debauchery and retardisms without fear of reprisal or consequence.

Today, someone is simply giving 'proper' acknowledgement, in fundamentally rudimentary and infantile human fashion, to the death of a massive being that had already died ages ago for having no road of hope laid out for it. This should, in no way, interrupt your daily business and yet it's fitting that it does anyway.

R.I.P. Reality. While we're still here, even, you sly old dog.
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