Zero Vacuum (T=0K) is a Physical God.

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Zero Vacuum (T=0K) is a Physical God.

Postby socratus » Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:16 am

Zero Vacuum (T=0K) is a Physical God.
Because – Zero Vacuum (T=0K) gives birth to virtual potential
quantum particles which can emerge from zero vacuum as a
real particles and they can create the Matter Universe .
‘It might even give us some ground to speculate that
the vacuum itself (and hence the universe) is ‘conscious’.
/ Book ‘The quantum self ’ page 208. By Danah Zohar /
‘If we were looking for something that we could conceive
of as God within the universe of the new physics, this ground
state, coherent quantum vacuum might be a good place to start.’
/ Book ‘The quantum self ’ page 208, by Danah Zohar. /
All the best
Israel Socratus
The secret of God and Life is hiding in the ' Theory of Light Quanta.'
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