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Postby SunSET » Thu Jul 25, 2002 2:47 am


I want my name back Nwandi, Nfume, Amuchi Matumbi. Mboya, Umoh, Kofi, Atundi.

In a land of griots families and roots I basque in the sum and tall grass remembering the Sasa and Zamani admiring my slender body of unblemished ebony, of coarse hair and distinct phenotype oblivious to internal intoxants,external disease.

I live off the land and hunt as needed for I am God's creation, an intelligent being advanced in technology, social and communal attachments, reasonably hospitable and unfortunately subseptible to deceit and bondage.

Shangheid and sold into servitude and slavery I was, devoid of everything that resembled me even my pigmentation...but I can revolt to get my name back.

I want my name back... I'm not Irish - Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick Murphy, O'Reily, McNeal Kelly, McDonald

I ain't English either, Jones, Jackson, Johnson, Williams, Washington, Cunningham

I ain't even French DuPree, DuVall, Broussard, LaRue, Herbert, DuBois

Neither am I Spanish Rodriguez, Garcia, Reyes,Hernandez, Marinez, Rojas Perez, Lopez, Gomez, Gonzalez

Nor am I Portuguese Andrade, Dos Santos, Do Nacimento, Rodrigues, Mendes, Gonsalves

Nor German,nor Dutch Taylor, Synder, Miller,Frazier, Goldsmith, Goldstein,Van Housen, Van Buren, Rosenberg Andersen, Petersen, Walker.

I want my name back Kijan, Mtombo, Nkrumah,Ngogi, Achebe, Soyinka

I want my name back, I want my name back, I want my name back from the Slave Ship Jesus that proudly embarked in America delivering precious Black cargo,

I want my name back from the thieves dressed as employers with promises of jobs, money and other goods with nothing but swords, whips and chains under their righteous hoods,

I want my name back from the massa who usurped my manhood who raped and raped and raped and raped my mother, my sister,my daughter my grandmother;

who whipped my father,my brother, my sons til their name flowed like noble blood into a sea of stormy whitecaps;

I want my name back, I want my name back, I want my NAME back from the priest whose demonic and sadistic oppression forced my bondage for over 400 years

I want my name back from the misinterpretations of Christianity, and the brainwashing of Catholicism

I want my name back from the rejects who stumbled on this land, who straved the native man, and labeled him indian;

I want my name back from the ignorant bastards who scrambled my tongue with their broken uneducated utterances only to create a language that their so called mother country won't even accept;

I want my name back, I want my name back I SAID I want my name back from the politicians who categorize me Black but not of Latin origin, who categorize me Hispanic denying my African heritage who categorize me based on where he stuck his thang for the past few hundred years, who conveniently categorize me a n y w a y he wishes to divvy up the skinny bone of poverty;

I want my name back from the slum landlord who partitioned a one bedroom apartment into a flat for three families, who added one bathroom to the brownstone, two mail boxes in front and one on the side and rented to three more families.

I want my name back from the corner store owner with his credit book on the counter feeding me hardship and economic depression every time I charge a box of grits;

I want my name back from the police who recorded my pseudonym the day I was born, preparing a place for me and my male progeny by the time we reach sixteen;

I want my name back, nina taka jina langu lirudishwe who stole me MANDINGO, YORUBA, IGBO, HAUSA, ASHANTI, TUTU, WATUSI, MAUMAU, IFE, BENIN, DAFUR

I want my name back from the street corner symPHONY, that rocked me to sleep and robbed me of me.

Nina taka jina langu lirudishwe to give to my progeny to witness a sensation of freedom pulsating their body, Nina taka jina langu lirudishwe to sew a new seed in the bleeding hearts of our ancestors

Nina taka jina langu lirudishwe para gritar al mundo que hemos llegado en forma completa,

I want my name back to shout to the world that we have arrived in complete regalia and will vow never to subject our culture nuestra cultura our lives nuestra vida our heritage nuestra herencia to defamation again!

softly) I want my name back to hear the sound of my ancestors offering me as a sacrifice to the only supreme greater than myself

I want my name back to hear the African lullaby that has been stored by my ancestors awaiting for me to come home

I want my name back to wear the sacred robe, to walk the precious land, to drink the soothing water and taste my natural sand.

Yo quiero que me devuelvan mi propia indentidad! Eu quero meu nome original!

Je veux retrouver mon nom identite!

I want my name back!


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Postby HVD » Thu Jul 25, 2002 12:32 pm

OK, there's no need to post the same thing in two forums. Since the copy in The Rant House has replies, I'm locking this thread.
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