Christians are psychopaths.

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Christians are psychopaths.

Postby lordoflight » Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:51 pm

At night I feel like a psychopath filled with violent thoughts. In the morning I feel like a violent empath, tormented by all my mistakes and the voices of bullies loop in my head. All the negative hurtful things they said to me stab me like a pin in my brain. Like they are all circling around me laughing at me chanting horrible thing like that episode of my little pony where they all turn into demented bullies. I think about all my mistakes and missed opportunities on relationships, had I just played it more cool or said the right thing, had I known then what I know I would not be so alone right now. I wish I could go back in time and undo all my mistakes and not be victimized by the people who want to make me victims, by bullies who are probably living the good life, who I am paranoid are spreading vicious hate filled gossip about me for all I know.

Anyway the point is last night I was filled with violent thoughts. But it wasn't of me doing violence to others. It was a of strong men who were 15 feet tall. With muscles and doing brutal violence to the weak. I didn't know why they were doing violence. But they kept bashing weaklings head in, each impact to the ground deformed their bones. This satisfied me greatly. As a psychopath I felt feminine of center. I did not feel anhedonic (anhedonic is masculine.) Something about the violence just filled me with evil soothing energy, making me salivate within my mouth. Also I saw American Psycho, he puts on 20 different hair cleaners which I believe is feminine. Therefore I think psychopathness is feminine.

The point is, usually I am an atheist who isn't bothered by hell. But in this psychopathic mode of mind, I suddenly started thinking about God. And what if Hell is real. And what if I was going to burn there for eternity for being a sinner and not believing. I think all Christians are evil psychopaths. Because only a psychopath can believe in God and Hell. I'm not a fag and I don't want a society where everyone is gay. That being said I don't believe fags deserve to burn in hell for eternity. And yet I see hateful Christians who say God hates fags and that they will burn in hell for eternity. That is just evil beyond even psychopaths. There are one or two gays I hate in real life who I thought about doing violence to. Yet even I would not wish them to burn in hell for eternity, that is just evil. Christians are literally worse than psychopaths.

This line of thinking continued. What am I? A soul? Why am I alive? Why am I here? Does my dog have a soul? What is it like to be a dog? I started imagining what it was like to die. Imagining someone shooted me in the head and as I die I utter my last words. Brains oozing around the floor. And what would it be like. Would it be the end. Or the beginning. And then I started to fear, what if hell was real. Turning me into a coward afraid to die. No longer was a Noble asian not afraid of death. But I became very much afraid, wanted to prostrate myself to an alpha Male god and hope for mercy.
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Re: Christians are psychopaths.

Postby beautifuljose » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:58 am

Look at this with LOGIC

Would you get answers to your questions?
Why do you keep torturing yourself?

And even if you get answers - what will change in your life?

It's like to eat a soup with a spoon, you get me?

Don't waste your time and life
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Re: Christians are psychopaths.

Postby Jakob » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:21 am

If you see two crows being arrogant, watch. In my opinion, this is what, rudimentarily, a soul looks like.
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