Christine Blasey Ford

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Christine Blasey Ford

Postby Gloominary » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:39 am

Ford could easily be lying (or mistaken).
Because she hates men, republicans (she's a democrat), Trump and anyone remotely affiliated with him.
Because she's a narcissist, looking for sympathy, attention.
Because she's a con artist, thinking she can at some point charge, convict and sue Kavanaugh.
Because she's a pathological liar.

Perhaps she made the whole thing up.
Or perhaps she believes she was sexually assaulted by someone (un)affiliated with Kavanaugh, and decided to use that story to frame Kavanaugh.
On the other hand, she might be delusional.
Just because she's a shrink, doesn't make her immune from having delusions of her own.
Maybe she misinterpreted Kavanaugh's horseplay for sexual assault, because she was young, inebriated, sexually and socially inept and easily spooked.
Or maybe, she mistook whoever her rapist really was for Kavanaugh, because they look alike.

As far as I know, altho Ford mentioned being sexually assaulted by 4 boys in the early 80s to her therapist in 2012, there's no record of her accusing Kavanaugh before the letter she sent to Feinstein this year (which, btw, Feinstein didn't turn over immediately but conveniently sat on until Kavanaugh's nomination), as democrats were attempting to destroy him, desperately scrambling for any dirt they could dig up on him, not because he was a poor, or partisan judge, but admittedly just because Trump nominated him, so this could all just be sheer opportunism, not only on democrat's behalf, but on Ford's.

They've committed to opposing Trump at every turn, because they can't stand that Americans voted their conscience for a change instead of the way the establishment in collusion with the mainstream media demanded they vote, because they have nothing but contempt for democracy, the people and the process, because Trump was the only republican (and so not really a republican) determined to finally challenge democrats on the issues of illegal immigration and (radical) Islam, because he echoed the people's concerns about offshoring and foreign entanglements, nation building, and because they're still sore over Shillary losing to an outsider.

Ford could've made the whole thing up, there's absolutely no corroborating evidence whatsoever.
All the people she mentioned being at this gathering where Kavanaugh supposedly assaulted her, either denied being there, or don't remember, including her friend, and Ford has changed her story many, many times.

Pfft, if you have to go back to highschool to dig dirt up on a guy, what does that say about him, and you?
It's pretty petty and pathetic.
If every man who drank beer and had sex in high school was a rapist...we'd be in real trouble.
I wonder what the hell was in Ford's yearbook, or diary, how many drugs she took, how much sex she had, and how many lies she told...oh, but we're not allowed to subject her to same level of scrutiny we're subjecting Kavanaugh to, or any real scrutiny at all for that matter, cause she's a poor, lil ol' girl who'd never hurt no one.
Cause female privilege.
I wonder about all sorts of things, like her political motivations, and her own mental health, but I guess we'll never get to the bottom of any of that.

Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women, yet the democrats haven't distanced themselves from him.
Because politics...because bias.
Hundreds if not thousands of politicians: congressmen, govenors, senators and so on have been accused of sexual assault/harassment, republicans and democrats alike, and yet hardly anyone ever cares.
Ultimately at the end of the day they don't even really give two shits about sexual assault, they certainly don't give a shit about due process, the rule of law or the statute of limitations, what they really care about is winning, at any cost, especially/particularly against Trump and the American people who elected him.

Democrats, the establishment and the MSM not only refuse to compromise and collaborate with the President, but have declared war on him, his admin and anyone remotely affiliated with him.
Sex allegations, irrespective of their veracity, are being exploited, weaponized and deployed against the opposition.
As we have seen in light of the '#Me Too' movement, they're powerful, far more so than they should be, because we refuse to consider the possibility that women in such instances may be lying for financial, personal or political gain, or else gravely mistaken, because we sexistly hold women and their word in such matters and in general in higher regard than men, because we refuse to ask them tough questions because we feel sorry for them (awww, the dears).
Meanwhile our culture doesn't give a rat's ass about male tears, about the very real possibility that it's the men, who're the real victims in all this.
Instead of rationally judging such charges on a case by case basis in light of the facts and evidence, we're all too quick to throw men under the bus.
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Re: Christine Blasey Ford

Postby Gloominary » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:43 pm

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Re: Christine Blasey Ford

Postby Jakob » Fri Oct 05, 2018 10:15 am

Oh I didn't know her information is sealed off. For a day or so last week I was leaning to thinking Ford might be an honest person. Everything I've learned since is very unfortunately suggesting she is yet another one of these persons the Democrats have so incredibly many of - a professional liar. She would have been the first honest one since way before 2012. But I guess that was just a dream.

Very right about Clinton. The Democrats have absolutely no moral grounds, I wonder if even one of them will ever realise how utterly ridiculous their hypocrisy is.
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Re: Christine Blasey Ford

Postby barbarianhorde » Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:49 pm

Oh man I just saw the leaked pages of her yearbook.

Case closed. Kavanaugh needs to be sworn in.
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