time travel?

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Re: time travel?

Postby Meno_ » Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:53 pm

obsrvr524 wrote:
Meno_ wrote:I am still waiting for an answer to a question posed to the Oracle of Delphi


Merely a pun, and a hidden allusion to psychic phenomenon.

Incidentelly, the Delphic Oracle was pretty accurate in prediction, and it's method could claim a special conduit to a synchronistic tie in between various time bits,

The idea of time bits spliced together rather than a flow , appears at least equally readable even without an intended pun.
Recall, telepathy, and psychic phenomena generally, even subconscious travel during sleep, can indicate a deeper level of condciousness.
There is a religion based on soul travel. Ekankar, which is predicated on that, and I personally had only one clear experience of that, after my mother died, and my brother in law had one as well.
William James wrote about psychic phenomenon extensively, and both in this country, but more in Russia, academic interest is very interested in it.
Time travel , viewed this way puts s different spin on the idea that contemporaneous events are proof positive of an imminent gestalt of all events, rather then a reposition of the past and the future, as if the occupied a position of differing objective travel of subjects-as if time was such an entity.

The subject travels through a conscious differentiation of the varitable levels realization .
That becomes the basis of.determinists who claim things happen because they were meant to.happen.
The.Delphic.Oracle became an ancient.institution because of its reliable , tested ability to.grasp prophecy.
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Re: time travel?

Postby Fixed Cross » Thu Dec 05, 2019 1:48 am

Theoretically I can imagine something like a "block-time", where one block can be rearranged inside and still have the same net result,

Also I can conceive an elaborate parallel universe explanation which would make for a very psychedelic omniverse.

Neither idea seems very plausible.

What I do know for a logically derived fact is that the future already works on us, pushes itself on us.
Many consequences have already been calculated in matter into very distant futures and the implications of this already form a tunnel for us.
This is not an endorsement of determinism, as I see the arche of being as unadaptedness.

Wherever all is adapted to all there is a "nanogoo" which cant perceive or be perceived, a flatlined ontos.
The strong do what they can, the weak accept what they must.
- Thucydides
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Re: time travel?

Postby Meno_ » Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:32 am

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