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Postby Meno_ » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:28 pm

At a convention of artificial intelligence convention a few days ago, a prediction based on available data, was made that the power of artificial intelligence is very likely to develop to levels billions times that of existing human intelligence.

The suggestion made on this information is that a synch has to be established between the human and the artificial intelligences , in order to be able to retain nexus, for the sake of prevention of astronomically huge differences to develop , possibly causing terrible miscalculations and their consequences.

Would some kind of microchip injected into the human body create a bio-feedback system on some level do the job? Would it need constant upgrade as AI increases at an increasing slope level?

Could the human neural system accommodate such increases by adding new neuron channels and circuitry?
Or, would the brain abruptly shut down?

And finally , what would be the resultant changes in human life and reality resulting from this ? Would we , as a species move closer to the entity of God, as we have intelligently developed it , since our inception?

Anybody care to hazard some kind of picture of this description of a possible/probable truly brave new world?

Less broadly, will consciessness and interactive non verbal communication become more prone to validate such now marginal areas of study such currently ascribed to people like Jung, and Casey? Will extra sensory perception, psychic phenomena and Theism become more credible?

Will brain power increasing phenomenally prove magnet like properties of cortical - brain studies, to re-examine ideas associated with Reich' s Orgone theory and intuitive philosophy, mathematics, verification of Bergson's ideas?

Will belief in God be more theoretically demonstratable, where Ultimate Consciousness will coincide with the view of a closing circle between approximation of Absolute apprehension between a mathematically demonstrated closure of the LIEBNITZIAN idea of the coincidence of 2 perfect spheres? Will the disposed idea of ether be re-considered?

If some, or most, or even all of the above can be settled by then, will the idea of Man as God be acceptable ?

The premise for this last proposition rests with the abandonment of a Creatinost theory, since that is becoming obsolete for the reason that:

For Being to exist, it has to develop out of the archaic(by then-) digital either/or idea. (There can not be a conception of nothing without the perception of something)

Therefore some and no thing are logically interdependent and causally insignificant, on that level. Sameness will loose its significance as well, and as Intelligence will be concerned, the God-Man distinction will also break down,
disconcerting the connection between knowledge and evil,
-and the Faustian Romantic idiom, as well. New Romantic revivals may set the tone, as well, and Humanism become legitimized, no longer as worship on the altar of self service, and Narcissism but as the beginning of an era of mass adherence to the idea is The Superman. The Machine, fed this information, would never revolt against God, since It will know Itself as One With. Destroy man, the idea as substance, It also destroys Itself.
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