in the beginning, there was no beginning...

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in the beginning, there was no beginning...

Postby Amorphos » Sat Apr 29, 2017 5:03 pm

The fastest thing is the biggest thing?

I was thinking about time differences, spaceships traveling at different speeds and what have you, and started to consider Einstein’s ‘all-time’ or more specifically ~ if it has a size. I envision that even if you can go faster than the speed of light, there will be limits to how fast information can be exchanged. Light is not the fastest thing, but whatever is, isn’t much faster. More generally, to inform is to make an exchange will surely always takes time.

Given an eventual limit to the possible differences in relativistic time between any two things, suggests a region of time, rather than an infinite all-time. So you get a kind of space-time ‘bubble’.

As light can be classed as a single entity whilst also containing particles/waves, that the relationship between space - dimensionally and time are the same, then the fastest thing will surely be the biggest thing. The foundations of the universe are thus in an ‘universal now’ a space-time bubble in motion.

Does the light from the background radiation ~ as it was in the beginning when it happened, the same, or is it different now [like what is now observable from anywhere in space]? I think the latter, and so I wouldn’t stretch the bubble back to the beginning. Which kinda of means reality is just kinda floating along there, and that the distant past and its beginnings no longer exist.

Thought of that after reading this…
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