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Affectance 2.0

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:32 pm

If me and James are the only people who believe affectance, that means this world is 5000 years behind the times am I am from the future probably, who timetravelled to the year of 2000's, a barbaric age of biased bought out science.

We have various roles in this saga...James role is to create the Affectance theory, he is the saint of Affectance. Trixie's role is the role of the genius. But there is a role left that is crucial, the role of the Understander. Let me explain how a Genius is not actually an Understander. A genius is like a sage, oracle, magician, wizard or mage. A genius can tell you wise wisdoms, spells, incantations, and how to do something. A genius could tell you the scientific explanation of how to turn a prince into a frog from RNA molecules, but it could not understand Why the RNA molecules are sentient or why a prince would want to be turned into a frog in the first place. A genius could also tell you wisdoms of why a prince shouldn't turn into a frog, but instead turn into a beautiful princess.

IQ. The way I see it, IQ is like the speed of a race car. High IQ is good for basic ovals, controlled and structured surfaces. Like a 180 IQ is good for basic ovals, might not be good for rally roads, offroad driving, or complex roads or situations. But at the same time, an IQ as low as 90, (90 kmph) isn't good for much roads anyway except for dirt roads. What I'm trying to say is, I've met and studied people in real life who have 170, 180 IQs...most of them were retards, had inferior logic and reasoning skills equivalent to that of a simpleton. And I met a guy who only had a 120 IQ and I met a guy who only had a 110 IQ who seemed more inherently more intelligent than them. I think IQ is a flawed test actually because it only tests basic skills, it doesnt test adanced skills like creativity or unusual problem solving. Now for high IQ people who aren't idiots, like a synthesete savant, they may have an intellectual handicap, there is probably an evolutionary reason why they are rare and do not survive in natural scenarios often. Imagine for a moment that you were born a savant with a 190 IQ, who hallucinated numbers all the time. If you see the world in numbers and equations, you see the world as a representation of what it is in one single frame of time, you don't percieve the world as a continuous stream of what it actually is. You see the world as a distorted, simplified copy of what it actually is. More importantly, you don't percieve the world as a realtime stream, you percieve it as relating to static word memories...Ie. if you see a rock going down the cliff, you'd pull up a bunch of various words and equations associated with the behavoir, and memories of the history and names of the cliff, and latin names of the rock-types it was from. You wouldn't see the rock going down the cliff as it is, but as a desociated static collection of related associations to the rock. You would rarely understand the rock "is what it is", the words "it is what it is" would be words rarely uttered from your lips. If I went to a high IQ society, and told them "Make a great game for me in 1 week" I doubt many there could do it. If I even removed the emotional component from it, and just said "Make a great simulation in one 1 week" I doubt many of them could actually do it at all. It's like Mr. Reasonable is a mensa member with a 160 IQ, and he's one of the worst philosophers here actually. One time I met a girl who said she had a 153 IQ, I smoked her at strategy games, she was a total idiot and her philosophy and understanding of the world was the same as a simpleton actually. It's like, I log in and register to Marlyn Vos Savant's forum, because everybody says she is the smartest person in the world with a 220 here I am thinking finally I have someone I can relate to and understand my philosophy...Then she bans me and deletes all my posts like she is some kind of Simpleton from the catholic church of 1600's...It's like...Who deletes someone's philosophical insight posts...Are you some kind of preist who burns the writing of heretics...Turns out the so-called "smartest person in the world" was just a simpleton brute living in the 1600's who had no value of intellectual expression or common civilized some priest from the 1600's who went around murdering scientists and burning their writings who disagreed with their religion...It's a sick sad world. Fuck Marylyn Vos Savant...I am the smartest person in the world. I am not even from this era, I am from 5000 years in the future...I am a vegetarian who cares abut animals, something none of you evil, disgusting brutes can comprehend because you're actually 5000 years in the past... Way I see it, the smartest people in the world are me and James because we believe in affectance...if you dont believe in affectance you aren't smart...It's really that simple...

There is a certain sense of superiority that is needed for clear thinking...You have to look with scorn on all your old teachers...I've had many teachers and mentors, all were insane....If you want to evolve as a person you have to value truth more than nice feelings towards people... I went to the genius forums...half of what they say is bullshit...they underestimate the intelligence of women and the feminine....You can't just sit and accept the dogma of gurus, even if they say they are anti-gurus...If you want to evolve as a person, you have to consider the possibility that everyone is full of shit....It's like, half of the shit at KT is just regurgitated memes...If you actually want to evolve as a person, you should abandon your feelings of respect towards anyone... And yeah, there is a certain healthy narcissism of feeling holy about it too, if you really want to find truth you have to be in touch with your feminine pure self and feel a holy sense of wanting nothing more than to find the ultimate truth of existence and to become clean and filled with pure beauty...And to also accept the possibity that some things you believe might be wrong, and so you should abandon those beliefs like it was nothing and drive out of there smoking the road like youre leaving a drunken homosexual experience behind a cloud of dust, wiping your hands from the guilt of the event and not even feeling bad about it, just viewing it as a mistake, and moving on towards a more positive and brighter future...Of course Genius forums would keep regurgitating the dogma that all women are idiots...Wasn't it a woman who discovered DNA though, and all her male collegues were idiots?

I've been thinking about Affectance in my mind, and I've begun to picture it in more HD than James green renderings of it. The essence of it is, to slow it down. The more slow-mo a camera is, the more fluid it appears, if you slow-it down extremely, it will become clear what affectance is, which is like an ocean of waves. And in terms of this I think I can and finally solve the puzzle of perception and free-will, but I need the serum of genius. I think the key here is to get a deeper understanding of Affectance and formulate an Affectance 2.0 theory, which may fix some of the potential gaps of Affectance 1.0. With the serum of genius I think I am the only one on this planet capable of finally figuring out the meaning of life and existence, and how consciousness ended up in bodies, but of course, nobody will ever design a serum of genius, because you are all idiots, who only cares about what sports team you will watch on TV and doing silly IQ tests to tell yourselfs how smart you are, so you can ignore the fact that you are all deeply idiots.

And as to my unhappiness, I was thinking about the other day of someone giving me the magical ability to become female, I would finally feel free and like a real person, and finally feel true joy and hapiness. I would be on my knees crying and thanking them everyday until they had enough of my thanks because I could not go one minute without thanking them. But of course this will never happen, noone cares about me and they just want to put me on a path of misery and ignorance.. They do not care that I am trying to solve the meaning of existence and consciousness theory, they could care less, they'd rather give all their funding to NASA and trivial shit. Here I am, a real-life Socrates, and they could care less, they would rather give billions of dollars to Brittany Spears than give a true scientist and philanthropist any real cash. It's insane and it's idiocy.

Ignorance really bothers me, I was reading in a business magazine how this girl wants America to become friends with China...That is a very ignorant thing to say...people are so ignorant these days...people don't have any morals...In China they torture animals and are a fascist nation of george orwell 1984, but we are supposed to be friends with these evil people? It's insane and it's ignorant. I am 5000 years ahead of my time stuck in world of brutes and odious evil disgusting people. If I was world leader I would put all my support to Japan and force China to submit and obey Japan and surrender their government to Japan, and then Japan would rule the entire territory of China. Japan is the only civilized nation in this pathetic world, they would still be vegetarian if the west didn't taint them with their influence. The Emperor of Japan betrayed Japan and betrayed his own samurai and sold out to the west. The west is racist of Japan, they automatically rate great Japanese games like Smash Bros only 7.5/10, but rate garbage western games like Call of Duty 9/10...They are biased bigots who like garbage games of American no-culture like Call of Duty...they are degenerates who praise games for not having culture or class.

Anti-racists are ignorant and bother me. Anti-racists are more racist than racists...For example my grandma talks to me on the phone for hours about how she hates racists and wants to punish racists, and wishes people would be less racist and grow up. But then at a nursing home she says she cant's stand the nursing home because all the nurses are phillipino and have phillipino accents...Anti-racists are nothing but hot gas...they are a joke. It's like those white girls who complain about needing to stop racism against blacks and transsexuals, yet have no black or transsexual friends in real life...It's total bullshit. It's like how the people of KT will still talk to me like I am a human being, even though they are racists and one of the races they hate, yet a so-called "anti-racism" boards hates me and bans and censors the only minority on the boards. It's like how if a half-black person says something politically incorrect, anti-racists will fire them and not let them have a job, while saying they support minorities. Total bullshit and a sick sad joke, like spongebob cops. I see through people's bullshit facades, like I said I am from 5000 years in the future stuck in a garbage world full of garbage people I don't take seriously, because 99% of the population are fuckin' retards. Funny story, I was at the library, and this librarian is talking about racism, and is like "How could these people be so ignorant and racist all these years....There is obviously no such thing as race." I just shut my mouth and didn't say anything...there is nothing to say when 99% of the world says shit that is 5000 years retarded.
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