The only thing wrong with the DnA machine is aids.

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The only thing wrong with the DnA machine is aids.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:59 am

So imagine this, we make the dna machine, about to unleash utopia along this land. And some guy who has AIDs uses it and turns himself into a beautiful woman. This is what I call a first strike scenario, and he seduces like 2000 guys and now they have aids.

If the government didn't invent AIDs as part of their eugenics program we wouldn't be in this mess. They are bumbling idiots, buffoons, and bumbling bureaucrats. It is so ironic because The DNA machine is the closest we shall ever get to reaching Genetic greatness and these dumb buffoons in charge fuck it up with their Aids invention. Can't have government without it Fucking up a good thing. The generations just keep getting dumber and dumber.

I believe that it is possible with the DNA machine to cure aids. However this will require us to have limited options for bodies until the virus is destroyed. Once the virus is destroyed we can finally have sex utopia but not a moment before.

I will invest no faith in the science community until they take my DNA machine seriously. The first version of the DNA machine should fix brain size. If a scientist does not recognize the need to double the size of the human intellect then in fact he is a moron. I refuse to endorse the science community until they recognize the need to create a serum or machine that doubles the quality of the human mind. And I refuse to endorse the ethics committee or the UN until they take ugliness seriously and race for a cure to every known disease to man, including ugliness, all solved by the DNA machine.
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Re: The only thing wrong with the DnA machine is aids.

Postby Erik_ » Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:30 pm

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