The things I do that not even I can logically explain.

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The things I do that not even I can logically explain.

Postby FloodAndHeart » Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:11 am

Have you ever heard of a place called Coral Castle? It was built in the state of Florida by one man whose alias was Ed Leedskalnin. When you observe the stone decoration with a keen eye you shall come across evidence that this man knew things a normal human being could not possibly know during his time, herein lies the very ancient knowledge that our species hath forsaken.


Is it a coincidence? That's the main question. When looking at it by itself, there's no way to say for sure.


When you piece it all together into one grand picture, it all begins to make sense why this man did what he did in our world with knowledge not of our world.

Why Saturn?


Florida is connected to the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is not a Triangle, but a Cube. Saturn has a 2-D Cube embedded into its North Pole.


Here you see Ed Leedskalnin conveying an otherworldly message regarding the hyper-dimensional bond between the Cube and Saturn.

What does it all mean?

Well, our ancestors said specifically that '2160 Years' was equal to a "Great Year". According to platonic geometry, the Earth element is 2160° and is the shape of a Cube.
(Keep in mind that Da Vinci, another ancient code we have yet to understand as a species had written that Earth was a Cube, the Moon was a Cube and Earth + Moon = Man.)

Da Vinci was not of this world. The human skeleton has 126 of one type of bones and 80 of another. 126 x 80 = 10080°. Earth + Moon combined diameters = 10080 Miles.
(This would explain why the human body has exactly 360 joints. It itself is a circle of time connected to the greatest circle of time.)

Coincidentally, 2160° is 360° six times, and the Cube has six faces. Moreover, Saturn in mythology is regarded as the Father of Time. It's the 6th Planet. The Cube regards Time.
(Somehow Time itself obeys the laws of the Cube, hence 6+0 Seconds, 6+0 Minutes & 2+4 Hours is equal to 6, 6 & 6, the very number representing the 6th Planet & 6 Faces of a Cube).


Here is a statue of "Saturn" holding a scythe, and an hourglass representing Time and the End of Time (Death).

I would not be laughing at any of this if I were you -- even if I was naive and still unaware of the big picture, I would not be laughing. 666+666+666+6+6+6 = 2016, This Year.

What this all means is that Pac Man is the very sign to the End of Times.
Pac Man is 240° of a Full Circle of Time.
The U.S has been at war since 1776, and oddly enough 2016 - 1776 = 240.
The female statue next to Saturn is the Mother, the Moon.
The Moon's diameter is 2160 Miles, which is 2160° of a Cube, and 2160 / 9 = 240.
2+1+6 = 9.
This is why Saturn was called "Sol", and "Sata" meaning "Sow" and "Satan".
Saturn is the Reaper, the Sower, or the Father Of Death.
Saturn is in cahoots with the Moon, this why Saturn is the Father, and Moon is the Mother.
And somehow, some way, Earth, the Moon and Saturn appear to be separated according to our eyes. But as shown, it's all very connected, and the fate of our lives is governed by it.

Here is a picture depicting the bond between Saturn and the Moon in stone from Coral Castle:


That said.

My numbers "117" and "342" are the same numbers used by Coral Castle by degree.

117 / 9 = 13.
342 / 9 = 38.

13 + 38 = 51°:


How strange is it that in math "9" is the master number, the Goddess is a female and thought the cat to be sacred, which is said to have "9" lives and female is femi"nine"?
(9 looks down at 6 and vice versa.)

This must be why we have Area 51, yet another secret code that our species never bothers to decode and instead laughs it off, when it is all connected to Coral Castle and Da Vinci.
(The number "51" is "9" away from "Time", or "60" Seconds / Minutes. What are the odds?)

Coral Castle used two main numbers that sorely demonstrate this man saw things our era still is unprepared to witness: 24 and 16.

24 x 16 = 1536, and 15 + 36 = 51°.

24 was for the 12 north magnets and the 12 south magnets.

16 was for the Flywheel, which Ed himself called "Sweet Sixteen".


Here is a picture of the "24" magnets to show you that I am not making any of this up.

Here is a picture of the "Sweet 16" to again show you that I am not making any of this up.

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Re: The things I do that not even I can logically explain.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:32 am

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