Eternal Return. Cyclical Time Theory.

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Re: Eternal Return. Cyclical Time Theory.

Postby encode_decode » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:53 pm

James S Saint wrote:There is an infinity of you present at all times. Exact duplicates of you down below the subatomic level exist throughout the universe. Each one diverges from being identical to you as time passes. But also as time passes, another exact duplicate forms from something that wasn't quite exact yet. You will always be present in the universe, as will I and every other creature ever born. There is no escape from that conclusion once you know the mathematics of it (which isn't all that hard).

So yes, you are "reborn". And even more, you are being reborn every instant into different locations throughout the universe. Your "soul" and also, separately, your "spirit", is truly eternal and ever present. And then of course, you are never exactly identical to how you were, thus you are constantly being "reborn" into a new "configuration", but only through a gradual, cohesive type of process. There are no instantaneous, discontinuitous, or uncaused events. All physical reality flows.

Thank you James, that sums it up really well what I was thinking. I understand the mathematics is not that hard - I have it internalized at present and I intend on externalizing it. The splitting off of us into exact duplicates is a bit more difficult for me to imagine but I imagine the externalization of the mathematics can shed light on that. Hopefully I am fully interpreting you correctly.
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