does the self persist through time ?

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Re: does the self persist through time ?

Postby Tab » Sun Mar 08, 2020 7:23 pm

The physical self, as Magnus says, is a hammer->new-shaft->new-head->same hammer..? problem, ie. strictly materially no, symbolically, as in 'this is my body', yes.

The more ethereal 'self' hmm. Perhaps yes, as a recurrent theme embedded in a piece of music. However, anaesthesia. That's a real stop button. Utterly lost time, as compared to the awareness of time passed during sleep upon awakening. However as we do regain consciousness aware that we are still ourselves and no other, something must have persisted throughout that dead time. Scary conclusion, our 'self' and our 'consciousness' are not the same thing.

The venerable impenitent says "are you the same as you were 5 years ago..?" And yes, parts of us are. Values, loves, likes etc. There is continuity.
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Re: does the self persist through time ?

Postby Meno_ » Mon Mar 09, 2020 6:10 am

north wrote:well does it ?

It can, but it doesn't have to.
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Re: does the self persist through time ?

Postby Ierrellus » Sun Mar 29, 2020 2:34 pm

The self is the state of experienced isness or being. What we can say about the self as something that can be explained is that it is the bedrock on which we construct identifying personae while experiencing becoming. The trinity of being is being, becoming and belonging. We name the self as experiencer of the dramas of changes, the I or me who is experiencing. There is something of the self that does not change through time. That is basic for our stability.
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Re: does the self persist through time ?

Postby Meno_ » Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:28 pm

The self is a construction. What level o of reification inheres within the personality, is a matter of conjecture, but backwardly its mostly simulation.

The point is, though, the present architecture exists. That which enables consciousness to always build and reformulate the sense by which the architecture-or the natural process to construct a self is eternally a sine qua non
Now it the spatial temporal relative field, such requisite natural inference, is leading approaches to absolute necessity of the such aspect-( without which life as we know it presents an impossibility) , proceeds to prove hyperbolically the approa h to this absolute.
Within the relative field, this recognition from transcebdentally held objectivism( the belief in the Eternal God) to the non sensible reality acquired through modern science, completes the circle, by a need for a 'grand assumption' an assumption supported by the need of overcoming the uncertain, Jump from .999999999999999999>1.0v to necessarily presume the break in space time: to allow that infinitely small connection to turn the construction of that infinitessimal cognitive abstraction into reality.
Ting and Yang then become transactional as they are sensibly transcendent.
The question narrows down to the hypothetical : how close to the absolutely small does a particle can get toward non- existence, before it becomes a non particle?
Not to confuse the essential with it's essence, for that would open up the inquiry to charges of semantic play-but does a real transfer. ( such as Fourier) play a key role ( Hilbert), for Von Neumann create a sustainable architecture that really reinforces a modern sense of a continuous process made up of partially differentials bits?

In some sense there is a nexus if uncertain states, I'm that connect with the interpretation, to sense data -, as incomprehensible it seems, and cosmological problems associated with black holes reaffirms this: the behavior of them at their horizon- .

Therefore, it is overwhelmingly becoming clear, that it is much more likely, that the very characteristic of a cognitively transcendental self presupposes it's needed architecture and construction by description: only possible by a metaphors: a self fulfilling prophesy.
The self full fills It's self , through an existential jump unto the eternal architecture, individually, by an act of fate that presents a gap in that faith- as small as the one which approaches zero.
A zero that never exists, but is always in the sense of becoming.

That is why faith is so overburdened by even a microcosm of doubt, upon a point on which a thousand of angels can dance!
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