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Re: Trump Supporter

Postby The Golden Turd » Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:41 pm

Feel free to pm me long, well thought out argument for your views anytime. Really put your heart and soul into it.
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Re: Trump Supporter

Postby Merlin » Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:56 am

Mowk wrote:Merlin, Who are you? And have you in any of your previous incarnations been banned? What sock puppet are you currently operating under?

You would like to disparage socialism and generalize it as Marxist? You can't take a shit without a hundred thousand people being involved. You don't take a drink from tap water without society and socialism being in play. You can't even take an honest look at yourself. Can you start a fire with only your knowledge to rely upon? Do you grow your own food? If this shit and a hand basket were to go up in smoke, you'd be up a creek without a paddle. Or tell me you are a master of self survival.

Shit, you didn't even give me a chance to clean the gun.

Who are you? Are you Merlin, Joker ???? Wtf fellow planeteer? Who are you?

Ucci stated my post history is available for all to see. What about your history? You wanna play games? Dictate the rules. I have no flipping idea how smart I am. You want to play a 'game'?

So here is my proposition. We have a discussion, a conversation, just you and me. I don't want to debate you. I want to learn from you if you've got anything I can learn from. You may ask any questions of me as long as I can ask any questions of you; I agree to answer them truthfully and honestly if you can agree to do the same.

Come on, Joker, shall we dance by the pale blue light of the moon? (sorry that was a bit melodramatic, but it bought me a smile just the same. I admit I can use all I can find.) And you seek to make fun of it? Let's you and I "dance", shall we?.

Question? Are you courageous enough to dance with an idiot? Like I said I don't know you. Let's dance.

Another question, given your view, are you courageous enough to dance with who you feel is an idiot.

Question being, are you a humanist enough that you would be seen dancing with someone you think is an idiot?

If you think you could best Ucci and you think Ucci bested me. You've got some thinking coming your way. Don't worry though, you think I am an idiot.

Can you dance? I'm not looking for someone to just stand there, posing.

Yes, I've had many incarnations on this forum.

You can't socialize everything I would argue which is why socialism as a political organization fails. I no longer go by the Joker. I've retired the Joker in that some of my views have changed.

My views are always changing as I like to see myself as evolving in my thinking.

I always welcome a debate of course.
Civilization is a ship of fools headed to a one way destination of catastrophe and annihilation, its many captains populated by asshole-idiots that all agree it is unsinkable.

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Re: Trump Supporter

Postby jerkey » Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:25 am

Don't et different incarnations shame You into idiocy Merlin. It is the sign of these sorry times. Rather, let those, who imbibe a seemingly particularly distinct view bedazzle their own lack of proper, or, otherwise rick solid foundation.

That is quite passé, I am afraid. The thing is, mainstream doesent distinguis isms any more, basically because, the dead is no longer different DWP from the living. Communism has imploded more than a generation ago, and it takes to live it to know it.
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