Rain of Truth Faust vs. RealUnoriginal

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Rain of Truth Faust vs. RealUnoriginal

Postby PavlovianModel146 » Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:44 am

The following epic battle of the wits between Faust and RealUnoriginal can be found at:


Ladies and Gentlemen, the following rematch between Faust and RealUnoriginal is to settle a draw in the previous Debate between the two. Faust's terms are as follows:

Ernst Werklempter famously wrote, in "Epistle to Molly G.", "I know what I know. You keep talking, and I'll know what you know, too. Then I'll be smarter than you."

This was, of course, the aphoristic expression of his doctrine that knowledge is finite, that there is only so much knowledge in and of the world, and that it is not linear but cyclical - much like the water cycle of planet Earth. There is a vast Sea of Knowledge, but it is accessible to us only a little at a time - it "evaporates" from its sea, accumulates into the Clouds of Doubt- vague, hazy clouds of potential knowledge - which blow in on what Werklempter called the Winds of Learning, and, from time to time rain down on us.

Because knowledge accumulates and disperses in the Rain of Truth, this thesis is more formally called the Cumulo-Nimbus Theory of Knowledge.

My claim is that this is correct - that

1. Knowledge is finite.
2. That it can rain on your parade.
3. That there is nothing new under the sun, even on cloudy days.
4. That it is from the Clouds of Doubt, drawn from The Sea of Knowledge and brought to us on Winds of Learning, that the Rain of Truth originates.

And finally,

5. that knowledge is not evenly distributed throughout the Universe - to wit - some of us are very dry, and others of us are all wet. But that most of us live with a bit of inconvenient and embarrassing dampness.

I will call upon Realunoriginal to refute these claims, and to defend his Experimental-Telescope against the Cumulo-Nimbus Rain Theory.

Just remember, if you should be so bold as to accept this challenge, Realun - Werklempter also said, "Rust never sleeps. And neither do I, if I eat after nine at night."

Okay - I will explicate and defend my five points ((and any ancillary points that I A) forgot to mention, B) discover along the way and C) think sound particularly cool and erudite)). My first point, which, if you will notice, I enumerate as 1) (one):

1. Knowledge is finite.

Now, Realun will probably say, "Knowledge-is-finite = K//now//ledge = *now*, *ledge* *is* *fine* - //ite (?!?!?).

Or, No-ledge-is-fine, but you left out *k* and *ite*, which means you forgot your kite out in the Rain of Truth, which is *meta-physical*, and so is not believing in ledges when they are all over the place.

To which I would answer that the kite is struck down by the Lightening of Empiricism, becasue k + ite = kite is mathematics, which is purely analytical.

Here are the Rules:

1.) As far as I can tell, Faust has five major points that he wishes to Defend in this Debate. Therefore, Faust will be declared the winner if he is successful in Defending/Proving a simple majority of his points (Three or more). In the event that RealUnoriginal prevents Faust from proving at least 3/5 points, or he himself disproves 3/5 points, or a combination of the two, he will be the winner.

2.) The posting structure for this Debate will be free posting. However, each individual must make a minimum of five posts, not including the conclusion.

3.) No individual may make in excess of two consecutive posts prior to his opponent making one post.

4.) Once made, a post may not be edited by the poster.

5.) This Debate will take place from now until November 1, 2009, 21:00:00 EST. I believe that Faust and myself share a time zone, and that would be 18:00:00 for you if I am not mistaken, RealUnoriginal.

6.) All posts after the deadline (except conclusions) will be deleted until the Debate has been Judged. After that, the thread may be used for whatever purpose either of you deem appropriate.

7.) Faust will conclude first. Faust must post his conclusion (not to exceed 1,000 words) within 72 hours of the ending time of the Debate. RealUnoriginal must post his conclusion (also not to exceed 1,000 words) within 72 hours of the posting of Faust's conclusion.

8.) There will be a separate conversation thread for this Debate. Any posts made here by anyone other than myself, RealUnoriginal or Faust will be deleted with extreme prejudice. In other words, I won't even read them.

Let's get it on.

You may talk about the Debate either here, or the Discussion thread over there.
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