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Postby WendyDarling » Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:22 am

So in October 2020, the Real ID will be required here in the US to enter government facilities that require ID so to fly on a domestic flight it or a passport will be required. I've heard that this ID is part of the globalist agenda with international implications to make this worldwide via facial recognition everywhere. Supposedly, the idea of this ID was created after 9/11 to make flights more secure, but by 2030 the entire world will be required to have a Real ID. For now the passport can act as the document to enter a plane, but once the world is onboard with this, passports may be retired. Instead of showing a stamped passport, your ID will be scanned and the stamp revealed via tech such as a phone.

Right now international security teams have to work together to accumulate info on someone's identity, but once the Real ID is phased in, all governments will have open access to any person's identity and whereabouts. I find that disconcerting and creepy. Facial recognition is already playing out at larger airports.

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