Hard Questions: Civil War Between The Left and The Right

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Re: Hard Questions: Civil War Between The Left and The Right

Postby Meno_ » Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:07 am

The Balkans were always if major concern, even Hitler was preopluied with it . The region has been a wasp's nest of trouble, the beginning of the World Watsoriginated from there, and it has been Kosovo, and Yugoslavia's breakup during the Bush ad administration that continued to be a source of unending strife.

What is it about this region that has seemingly vested interest in trouble making?

The Balkan Wars lead to WW1, as the ultra nationalism of several countries clashed with the Ottomans, the Sustro-Hungarians, the Brits and the Russians. The territorial claims extended well into the Second World War, and Yugoslavia under a Communist Regime seemed to suppress nationalistic-identity politics under Titi, until the fall of Communism.

NIW, with Trumpism cutting EU political unity, the wounds reappear in firms of ma y immigration issues be setting EU, very similar to what is going on in the US.

With Hungary, situated in the middle, and having a very strong historical precedent, it is not surprising that the current Hungarian regime puts it's self dead center into the role of immigration arbitrator.

At the same time, She is geo-politically as vested as deyermenitive in population influx and as an overwrought keeper of a gate, which traditionally filtered political and social mixes at the forefront of their agenda.
Real-politically, Her political ambitions, declassed to this role, defined not merely a pragmatic definition of existential security, but was pronoun ed excessively by partnership through Germanic , Svabian, and Austrian involvement and colkabiration: resulting with long lasting immigration populations intermixed within their territories.

No wonder, as the Balkan, northern bound immigration colluded with the problem of immigration in general, corresponding with 'udentity politics generally, a motive developed, alongside universal traits.

Such general trends, indicate the depth of presumptive claims to identification of population indexes within national boundaries, now relaxed under EU.

That such boundaries" would create sentiments of varying conflict, especially in Germany, where the Romantic reactive sentiment still vests within large pockets of social guilt, exposes overt and subtle rationaluzatuonss to attain a better social climate, through cleansing of any genetically debased identifiable trait accountability

How deep this goes through a sink hole within a protestant ethic, has yet to be demonstrated as sufficiently strained.

However, the US economic breaks in the EU, have sufficient breaking power, as of yet, to lower a reductive understanding , far above a critical level neccessiating econo-political breaks, as for example, were directed at s rather politically naively organized national entity, as China.

The China prologue as in part, most probable meant as a warning shot above the now, positioned in a far east type understand ing in terms of having been a battlefield of secondary, importance,.

This was and still is a symbolic secondary due to shifting political regional associations , in as shifting primary deibgs between the cold war direct confrontations between the superpowers, US and USSR.
That grey, mostly colonial and pre-colonial areas, have mainly reticence, rather then direct involvement on their agendas.

That can be well understood by pointing to the well differentiated agendas, between China and the USSR, well prior to the US accession to both: the Korean and the Indochina South East Asian conflicts.

The Balkans, have retained those furebix features, much more in terms of identity conflicts, then other regions such as the Asian ones.

The Middleastern arena hase a closer geo political resemblance , to the Balkan gateway, hence presents an opportunity to refocus policy therebt6, taking away the impression of strategic importance, as regarded by identifiable features of consideration.

However, the gate remains as symbolically relevant as any other monument to critical difference, be it tied to heroics, as the Arc'de Triumph or to much more complex gates of political reconstruction, as the:Brandenburg Gate.
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